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  • DJ TiestoAnd I Love You And I Hope You Love Me Too And I Need You And I Hope You Need Me Too Babe, I Just Hope That You Know To Never Let Me Go Cause When It Comes To Forever We Should Be Together When We Meet Up The Whole World Stops The Musics Louder, Tem05:05

  • Mariusz KryskaJust Want U To Know (Lessovsky Remix)06:40

  • Sander Van Doorn Feat. Carol LeeLove Is Darkness "... I Can Tell By Your Face That You're Leaving Me Again You Don't Know What You Want But You Just Need Some Time To Think I Know It's Over But I'm Still Waiting For Another Chance One More Change Of Heart" 03:18

  • SldghmrI Just Want You To Know (feat. You Love Her Coz Shes Dead)04:12

  • Kerris DorseyThe Show (I'm Just A Little Bit Caught In The Middle Life Is A Maze And Love Is A Riddle I Don't Know Where To Go)03:15

  • G.otye Feat. KimbraNow You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know(cut)02:30

  • Mariusz KryskaJust Want U To Know (Lessovsky Remix) [Snippet]02:38

  • MatinI'd Just Like To Know04:08

  • Linkin Park Cover Numb Dubstep RemixI'm Tired Of Being What You Want Me To Be Feeling So Faithless Lost Under The Surface Don't Know What You're Expecting Of Me Put Under The Pressure Of Walking In Your Shoes (Caught In The Undertow Just Caught In The Undertow) Every Step Tha04:12

  • F.R.David This Is Just A Simple Song That I've Made For You On My Own There's No Hidden Meaning You Know When I When I Say I Love You Honey Please Believe I Really Do Cause Words, Don't Come Easy To Me How Can I Find A Way To Make You See I Love You Wo03:26

  • Dj Tiesto - I Love YouAnd I Love You And I Hope You Love Me Too, And I Need You And I Hope You Need Me Too, Babe, I Just Hope That You Know To Never Let Me Go, Cause When It Comes To Forever We Should Be Together06:34

  • SLDGHMRI Just Want You To Know04:12

  • Wearing ScarsJust Had To Let You Know04:34

  • BusshunterIt's A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It Does Do I Care ? I Just Dont Know How To Run It's A Saturday Night And I Hope You Believe My Heart Is Calling Your Name So Hear Me Out When I Say I Can See It In H03:14

  • Lionel RichieI Know All About The Hurt And The Problems In The Past I Know Why Youre Scared Of Love, Cause You Think It Just Wont Last Long Well, Im Here To Tell You What Im Saying Is All True There Aint Nobody Else In Life That Can Take The Place Of You 03:55

  • Cultured Pearls Just To Let You Know (Nayio Bitz 2013 Remix)03:57

  • Glee CastI Can See It In Your Eyes I Can See It In Your Smile You're All I've Ever Wanted, And My Arms Are Open Wide 'Cause You Know Just What To Say And You Know Just What To Do And I Want To Tell You So Much, I Love You ... 03:29

  • Rachael StarrTo Forever (Moonbeam Remix) __ I See You And You See Me, There Is Only One Thing This Could Be, I Think You Know Just What I Mean, When I'm With You I Feel So Free..) 04:13

  • Your Favorite EnemiesI Just Want You To Know04:44

  • ♥ ℓ ﻉ√٥♥ Rachael StarrTo Forever (Moonbeam Remix) ... And I Love You, And I Hope You Love Me Too. And I Need You, And I Hope You Need Me Too. Babe, I Just Hope You Know To Never Let Me Go. Cause When It Comes To Forever We Should Be Together. 04:50

  • .ιllιlιSyntheticsax & Maria Saad No I Just Don't Care Cause I Don't Need You Since I Know You;ve Changed I Want To Leave You \ Нет, ты не со мной, я тебя забыла Ты ведь был другой... чувства изменила .ιllιlι04:35

  • Wearing ScarsJust Had To Let You Know04:34

  • Yaki-DaI Saw You Dancing And I'll Never Be The Same Again For Sure I Saw You Dancing Say Yaki-Da My Love I'm Waiting For A Chance To Get To Know You To Ask For A Dance Just Look Into My Eyes And I'll Take You To Paradise 03:48

  • ♫ Ramzi Ft. Ash King & Massari Love Is Blind! He Does Not Consider You Seriously, And Do You Know .. The Only Thing That Remains ... Just Go Away You Do Not Have To Live With Someone In A Lie When Deep Inside You Know That He Is Not The I Do Not Know What Else To Say ... I Want To 04:16

  • |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅]Baby Let’s Take Our Time And You Always Be Mine. I Want The World To Know, That Everywhere I Go, I Gotta Girls Guarantee To Be Down For Show, Nothing Can Come Between Us, No One Can Separate Us, Just Take My Hand I Wish, That We Can Be Forever!04:02

  • NickelbackCould Be Our Only One, You Know It's Only Just Begun. Every Single Day, Maybe Our Only One,what If Tomorrow Never Comes? Time, Is Going By, So Much Faster Than I, And I'm Starting To Regret Not Telling All Of This To You. So If I Haven't Yet..03:47

  • Ariana Grande Feat The Weeknd Love Me Harder(M&N PRO REMIX) {2014} ~( Me Something I Need To Know Then Take My Breath And Never Let It Go If You Just Let Me Invade Your Space I'll Take The Pleasure, Take Away The Pain And If In The Moment I B04:58

  • Nickelbackღ I'd Come For You ...I Finally Know Just What It Means To Let Someone In Just See The Side Of Me That No One Does Or Ever Will So If You're Ever Lost And Find Yourself All Alone I'd Search Forever Just To Bring You Home..ღ04:22

  • ❤Plumb-Сut I'm Not A Stranger No I Am Yours With Crippled Anger And Tears That Still Drip Sore A Fragile Flame Aged Is Misery And When Our Hearts Meet I Know You See I Do Not Want To Be Afraid I Do Not Want To Die Inside Just To Breathe In..04:04

  • Stage RockersI'm Waiting [Original Mix] [SM] If You Ever Need Me (You)Know That I Will Sing For You Every Step Have Let Me Took My Dream About You And It's Anything That You Would Find Me I'm Pray For Just To Waiting..wait If You Ever Need Me I Will Be 06:32

  • Kaskade Ft. IlseyDisarm You (Illenium Remix) Let Me Disarm You Позволь мне успокоить тебя. I'm Not Trying To Own You Я не пытаюсь завладеть тобой, I Just Wanna Know What It Feels Like Я лишь хочу знать, каково это – To Have Your Body So Close Ощущать твоё тело так бли04:19

  • Glee - Hello (Lionel Richie Cover )I Can See It In Your Eyes, I Can See It In Your Smile. You're All I've Ever Wanted And My Arms Are Open Wide. Cause You Know Just What To Say And You Know Just What To Do And I Want To Tell You So Much.... I Love You.03:29

  • BlytzI Just Want To Know You05:17

  • InnaIf You Cry....I Don't Know What You Feel Today I Just Woke Up From A Dream That I Slept And I'm So Far Away And I....can't Belive How Time Has Past We Were Moveing To Fast These Moments We Live..... Hold Me Closer You Said All The Time But I&#03:41

  • No More TomorrowOh, My Loving Babe, Girl, I Fail To Stay. You Just Make Me Do Things You Want Me To, While I Don't Have A Clue. Why Don't You Let Me Go, Cry, Wanna Let You Know, Girl, Im Going Sick, Feeling At This …, I’m So Tired To Complain. Refrain: No More To03:21

  • Nicole ScherzingerYour Love - SoundvBoy, You Don't Know How Much I Like You It Is So Hot, Nice To Bite It Just A Little, Know You Like It I'll Do Whatever You Want Somethin 'bout You So Enticin' Even When I Try To Fight It Knock Me Out Like Michael Tyson I&04:04