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  • [It's Okay, That's Love] [OFFICIAL] 다비치 (Davichi)괜찮아 사랑이야 (It's Alright This Is Love)04:04

  • Perfect MusicUrban Love Feat. Benjamin - This Is What It Feels Like (DiscoRocks Remix)05:33

  • 1997 HIM (GLS Vol. 666)05 It's All Tears [Drown In This Love]03:43

  • David GreyThis Years Love( This Song Is Simple, And Beautiful. No Matter How Many Times I Hear It, I Get Goosebumps Each Time.)04:05

  • Elton JohnCan You Feel The Love Tonight (King Lion)There's A Calm Surrender To The Rush Of Day When The Heat Of The Rolling World Can Be Turned Away An Enchanted Moment, And It Sees Me Through It's Enough For This Restless Warrior Just To Be With Yo03:59

  • The StylisticsMaybe It's Love This Time04:11

  • Tough Love Do It Like This Vol. 01 (07.05.13)01:18:15

  • David Guetta Feat. Chris Brown - Yeah 3хMove Your Body, Out On The Floor Put Your Troubles Aside And Start Living Anybody, Can't Let Go, Throw Away All Your Problems, Cause Right Now It's Party Time Girl Dont Feel Outta Place Coz I, Im In Love With This Feelin' Now, Now Ahhhahh03:13

  • Alex Band-One Very Beautiful Song! You Do Not Love Such, Will Say That It Is Sad, But Make An Attempt Listen The Words Of This Song And Understand About What It! Not Look In A Translator! Successes, Colin Wh)03:38

  • ღVivien Ohara Feat. Adrian Sana And Akcent - Too Late To Cry (4.10.10 Европа Плюс) ღAll This Time When I With You Was Cryin.My Heart Was So Blind All This Time When I With You Was Cryin It's Too Late To Cry...Layin Down On The Floor I Try To Cry For You No More Layin Down On The Floor Still Love You, Still Lovin YouLayin Down On The04:13

  • [Просто это любовь OST 2 (Inst.) / It's Okay, It's Love OST] - Davichi (다비치)It's Alright This Is Love (괜찮아 사랑이야) - Inst.04:04

  • Tough Love Do It Like This Vol. 02 (23.07.13)01:03:35

  • Sum 41 - No BrainsCan't Step In The Way Head First In Your Love And Dismay It's Like Beating The Dead (I Guess That's How It Is) I Can't Stop Going Out Of My Head Whatever This Could Be I'll Never Know I Never Said It'd Be The End All To Be All I H02:46

  • In This World We Are Alone You Know I Love My Island Home Take This Ride Find Our Way Through This Mystery I Just Wanna Be Swimming In The Sea Now It's Just You And Me Forever-ever-ever I Just Wanna Be With You Feeling Free It's My Destiny Fore- I Just Wanna Be01:13

  • ATBMy Everything ... I Want To Tell You, But Words Fail Me At This Time. I Want To Tell You, That You’re Always On My Mind. From The Moment That I Wake, To Last Thing At Night.I Want To Show You, This Love Is Deep Inside. I Want To Show You, You See It In My05:06

  • ♥ Lady GaGa Ft. Madonna - KaBoom ♥ KaBoom Be Talking To Me, Like Imma Could Be ‘cause I Could Bare It, He Wanna Touch My Boody We Are Pop In This Club, I’m Tryinna Leave So Soon Re-talk No Drink, Like In My Club, Where In, We Could Smoke, Do Rock. Don’t Wan’ Love, Just Gimme You Blin, B02:58

  • DJ M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. Ft B.K.Make Your Move (Record Mix) I Can Feel Every Bit Inside My Mind I’m Gonna Fly Up To The Sky Don’t Be Shy And Make A Move Into This Groove It’s My Life, It’s The Rhythm That I Make Some People Love, Some People Hate I’ve Been Dancing All The 03:04

  • Urban Love Feat. BenjaminThis Is How It Feels Like (DiscoRocks Remix)05:38

  • And More Than Ever I Hope To Never Fall, Where Enough Is Not The Same It Was BeforeCome Feed The Rain, Cos I'm Thirsty For Your Love, Dancing Underneath The Skies Of Lust. Yeah Feed The Rain, Cos Without Your Love My Life Ain't Nothing But This Carnival Of Rust04:19

  • Tough LoveDo It Like This [Vol03]59:52

  • Snow PatrolJust Say YES Just Say There's Nothing Holding You Back It's Not A Test, Nor A Trick Of The Mind ONLY LOVE I Can Feel Your Heart Beat Through My Shirt This Was All I Wanted, All I Want Its All I Want..03:58

  • Christina AGUILERA - You Lost Me (минус)I Am Done Smoking Gun We've Lost It All, The Love Is Gone She Has Won, Now It's No Fun We've Lost It All, The Love Is Gone We Had Magic And This Is Tragic You Couldn't Keep Your Hands To Yourself I Feel Like Our World's B04:18

  • HIMIt's All Tears (Drown In This Love)04:32

  • InnaI Wanted You [Lately I've Been Thinking About What I Can Do I've Been Stressing To Fall Back In Love With You I'm So Sorry That I Couldn't Follow Through But I Can't Go On This Way. I've Gotta Stop It Babe You've Been Wonde03:48

  • Glen MedeirosIf I Had To Live My Life Without You Near Me The Days Would All Be Empty The Nights Would Seem So Long With You I See Forever Oh So Clearly I Might Have Been In Love Before But It Never Felt This Strong Our Dreams Are Young And We Both Know They'll 03:47

  • Jennifer Paige Feat. Nick Carter-Beautiful Lie If This Isn’t Love What Did Feel Inside It This Ain’t Love How Could You Look In My Eyes Cause My Heart Is Breakin’, Not Falling This Time This Can’t Be Love Now I Know You’re A Beautiful Lie03:19

  • David GrayThis Years Love (ost "The Girl Next Door") This Years Love It Better Last Heaven Knows Its High Time I've Been Waiting On My Own Too Long And When You Hold Me Like You Do It Feels So Right Oh Now I Start To Forget How My Heart G04:04

  • ..ιlιlι..GALAFARAWAY (It's Your Name I Hear Inside My Head Sweet Like The Many Tears I Shed It's Your Name I Call Your Name I Read My Prayer, My Creed It's Your Name I Hate Because I Love You Still And I Can't Live This Way It's Yo03:15

  • Ажур-one More NightI Just Feel So Right, 'cause I Get You, Baby Till The Morning Light, This Is Moment Crazy I Can Hold You Tied, Can You Love Me One More Night O-o-o-o! 'Cause I Get You, Baby O-o-o-o! Love Me Take It To The Sky O-o-o-o! Can 03:11

  • L-radio 104.9FMUrban Love Feat. Benjamin - This Is What It Feels Like (DiscoRocks Remix)03:56

  • ✔ Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot This Is Why I'm Hot, I Don't Gotta Rap I Could Sell A Mill, Sayin' Nothing On The Track I Represent New York, I Got It On My Back Niggaz Say That We Lost It, So I'ma Bring It Back I Love The Dirty Dirty, Cause Niggaz Show Me Love 04:15

  • Late Night AlumniThe City Feels Clean This Time Of Night, Just Empty Streets And Me Walking Home, To Clear My Head, I Know It Came As No Surprise, I'm Affected More Than I Had Guessed, On What Was Said, If This Love's Not Meant To Be, If A Heart's Not Ready To05:05

  • Armin Van Buuren & Trevor GuthrieThis Is What It Feels Like Feat. Trevor Guthrie David Guetta Remix ~I LOVE TRANCE~05:30

  • The StylisticsMaybe It's Love This Time04:04

  • Masterboy - Greatest Hits Tracklist: 1. Feel The Heat Of The Night 00:01 2. Everybody Needs Somebody 03:54 3. Generation Of Love 07:48 4. I Got To Give It Up 11:23 5. Is This The Love 15:21 6. Show Me Colours 19:00 7. Porque Te Vas 22:29 8. Mister FeeliMasterboy - Greatest Hits36:37

  • 梁静茹可惜不是你 One Of China's Most Popular Love Songs. NB: This Song Will Make Any Chinese Girl Tear Up If It Is Heard Just After A Break Up. 04:45

  • Nicole Scherzinger и Will.I.Am ♥ Baby LoveFirst Kiss And I Knew You Changed The Game... You Had Me, Exactly, Where You Wanted... And I'm On It, And I Aint Ever Gon Let You Get Away... Holding Hands Never Made Me Feel This Way... So Special, Boy Its Your... Your Smile, We So In Love♥04:29

  • [OST It's Okay, That's Love] DavichiIt's Alright This Is Love04:04