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  • Nacey Ft. Angel HazeI Own It (Denis Phenomen Remix)02:19

  • CascadaI Need A Miracle (orginal) Boy Meets Girl You Were My Dream,my World But I Was Blind You Cheated On Me From Behind So On My Own I Feel So All Alone Though I Know It's True I'm Still In Love With You I Need A Miracle I Wanna Be03:37

  • [FiW 8 Song]It'll Be OK (I Always Wanted My Own Brother)02:23

  • Nacey Ft. Angel HazeI OWN IT (TINCUP REMIX)03:36

  • Nacey Ft. Angel HazeI Own It (TINCUP Remix) 04:33

  • Horixon Feat. MayaHold It Like I Own It04:19

  • Jay-Z Feat. RihanaRun This Town Tonight Life's A Game But It's Not Fair I Break The Rules So I Don't Care So I Keep Doin' My Own Thing Walkin' Tall Against The Rain Victory's Within The Mile Only Thing That's On My Mind Is Who's Gonna Run Th04:35

  • MLP: FiMI Can Do It On My Own02:04

  • One DirectionMaybe It's The Way She Walked, Straight Into My Heart And Stole It Through The Doors And Past The Guards, Just Like She Already Own It I Said Can You Give It Back To Me, She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams And We Danced All Night To The Be03:05

  • EBASH TRAPNacey Ft. Angel Haze-I Own It (TINCUP Remix) [Free BB By AGENY]05:12

  • Kaskade Ft. IlseyDisarm You (Illenium Remix) Let Me Disarm You Позволь мне успокоить тебя. I'm Not Trying To Own You Я не пытаюсь завладеть тобой, I Just Wanna Know What It Feels Like Я лишь хочу знать, каково это – To Have Your Body So Close Ощущать твоё тело так бли04:19

  • Loic Nottet I Don`t Know The Name. It Is HIS OWN Song 03:14

  • TheDoctor Team | My Little Pony Russia MLP: FiM - I Can Do It On My Own (60FPS) [Flutter Brutter / S6EP11]02:02

  • Nacey Ft. Angel Haze I Own It (TINCUP Remix & Cut) 02:33

  • Denial MethodOwn (I Need It More)02:47

  • СереброWhats Your Problem [Stand On My Own (You Got It?) I Make On My Own (You Got It?) I Fight On My Own (You Got It?) So Daddy, What's Your Problem?!]03:27

  • Nacey Feat. Angel HazeI Own It (Meed Diggo & Max Lazarev Remix) (

  • Horixon Feat. Maya Hold It Like I Own It (This Soft Machine Remix)07:05

  • David GrayThis Years Love (ost "The Girl Next Door") This Years Love It Better Last Heaven Knows Its High Time I've Been Waiting On My Own Too Long And When You Hold Me Like You Do It Feels So Right Oh Now I Start To Forget How My Heart G04:04

  • Julia JonesI Can Do It On My Own03:41

  • Ben CocksOh, You Can Hear Me Cry See My Dreams All Die From Where You're Standing On Your Own. It's So Quiet Here And I Feel So Cold This House No Longer Feels Like Home. Oh, When You Told Me You'd Leave I Felt Like I Couldn't Breath My Aching Bod03:11

  • Неизвестный исполнительBreathe In, Hold It Hold It Go On, Begin To Let Go, Cause There's No Reason I'm Turning Myself Into Somebody Else Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down I'm Holding A Heart Here In My Hand Hey, Hey, Hey My Own Work Of Art Here Where I Stand Hey, Hey,03:32

  • Horixon Feat. MayaHold It Like I Own It04:20

  • Eminem & 2 Pac - When I'm GoneYeah... It's My Life... My Own Words I Guess...03:09

  • (Рингтон) NaceyI Own It (feat. Angel Haze) - Solovey.su00:38

  • Teairra MariYeah, Ah Ha, You Know What It Is Everytime I Do It, I Do It Big Yeah, Ah Ha, You Think That's Stuntin? You Gotta Get That __ Dress Back, Stop Frontin I'm In My Own World, And I'm Getting Everything The Way I Want It [x4] Ooohh And Now I'm 03:42

  • Linkin Park - BlackbirdsI Shiver And Shake The Warm Air Cold I'm Alone On My Own In Every Mistake I Dig This Hole Through My Skin And Bones It's Harder Starting Over Than Never To Have Changed With Blackbirds Following Me I'm Digging Out My Grave They Close In, Swa03:21

  • Alyssa Reid Feat Jump Smokers Alone Again (Voodoo & Serano Radio Edit)Till Now, I Always Got By On My Own. I Never Really Cared Until I Met You. And Now It Chills Me To The Bone, How Do I Get You Alone? [ I Sit Back And Reminisce, It Hurts To Think About It All. We Were On Top Of03:16

  • Ice Cube Feat. Doughboy & OMG - I Am The West[2010]She Couldn't Make It On Her Own02:59

  • Wiz KhalifaI Own It!04:35

  • SUGABABES & STING-SHAPE OF MY HEARTI Live My Life In Chains Got My Hands In Chains And I Can T Stick With The Cards That I Got With A Deal Like This I Must Insist That A Girl S Got More To Do Then Be The Way You Think A Woman Should I M Taking It Into My Own Hands In This Man S Lan04:06

  • NaceyI Own It (instrumental)03:09

  • Vbots.ruMy Dick, Is Big, My Dick Is Very Big My Dick Is Big, It's Big, My Dick Is Very Big I Suck His Dick, It's Big, It's Very Very Big I Lick His Dick, It's Big, It's Very Very Big My Dick So Big It Needs Its Own My Dick So Big It Lives Next Door00:15

  • Vessie SimmonsI Can Make It On My Own05:04