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  • Green Day - 21 Guns (Grammy 2010)One, 21 Guns Lay Down Your Arms Give Up The Fight One, 21 Guns Throw Up Your Arms Into The Sky, You And I..04:46

  • The MaineInto Your Arms03:59

  • Vance JoyStraight Into Your Arms03:37

  • FerrazInto Your Arms (Feat. Cocco)03:34

  • My Dying BrideUnder Your Wings And Into Your Arms05:57

  • 人以上VANQUISH組み込ま利益あなたの腕の中に実行 RUN INTO YOUR ARMS03:17

  • Ferraz Feat. CoccoInto Your Arms (Original Mix)03:11

  • The LemonheadsInto Your Arms 02:44

  • Capital KingsInto Your Arms03:48

  • Acumen NationPistol Whip Me (Back Into Your Arms)04:08

  • FaydeeInto Your Arms03:43

  • The MaineInto Your Arms03:59

  • KeywestBack Into Your Arms04:18

  • BastilleFall Into Your Arms (Bastille Vs. The Gemma Sharples Quartet)01:49

  • Ferraz Feat. CoccoInto Your Arms (Extended Mix)03:34

  • NightcoreInto Your Arms03:23

  • LiebeInto Your Arms04:07

  • Into Your ArmsCapital Kings (2015)03:22

  • Six. By Seven09 Fall Into Your Arms05:42

  • GlxcxxrsClimb Into Your Arms (ft. Bob Dudno)03:46

  • Kate KeyInto Your Arms03:54

  • ThelightshinesTo Fall Into Your Arms05:43

  • Josephs PerceptionInto Your Arms (Original Mix)08:12

  • Bonkers 17 - Rebooted (CD3)12 - Scott Brown & DMO - Fall Into Your Arms03:25

  • Orange Yellow Red Into Your Arms04:00

  • ElectrobelleFalling (Into Your Arms Again)04:35

  • Vance JoyStraight Into Your Arms03:38

  • The MaineInto Your Arms04:00

  • Little Kim & The Alley Apple 3As I Slip Into Your Arms03:08

  • Capital KingsInto Your Arms (Eli Ramzy Remix)03:32

  • Johnny LimaInto Your Arms04:33

  • Ashana - All Is Forgiven (2006)Into Your Arms10:01

  • The MaineInto Your Arms (Acoustic)03:58

  • The City HarmonicInto Your Arms03:57

  • Pop DisasterInto Your Arms03:44

  • AshanaInto Your Arms10:01

  • Niall Mac Giolla Rua LIFT ME UP INTO YOUR ARMS 02:42

  • Nick CaveInto Your Arms04:13

  • NightcoreInto Your Arms03:23

  • My Dying BrideUnder Your Wings And Into Your Arms05:58

  • Starmarket1. Into Your Arms 03:36

  • Sarah J HylandFly Into Your Arms02:40

  • Eternal SummersInto Your Arms02:19

  • The Frozen AutumnInto Your Arms05:10

  • IAN VAN DAHLTry --- Give Your Heart Feel Like A Bird In The Sky Flying On The Wings Of Love Come Into My Open Arms03:43

  • The LemonheadsInto Your Arms02:43

  • Static MovementInto Your Arms04:56

  • Scott WeilandInto Your Arms (The Lemonheads)02:49

  • Planetshakers (Phenomena)Run Into Your Arms05:28

  • Messianic Jewish Alliance Of IsraelRun Into Your Arms04:01

  • The MaineInto Your Arms (An Acoustic Evevning With The Maine)08:14

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