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  • IdayWe Live In Your Dreams03:46

  • The 69 EyesWrap Your Troubles In Dreams04:31

  • Евровидение 2009 - (Албания)Kejsi Tola - Carry Me In Your Dreams03:02

  • Thomas RobertsIn Your Dreams (Original Mix)07:32

  • Sunset Feat. Diana LeahIn Your Dreams (Original Mix)07:18

  • Tina Turner F. Barry WhiteIn Your Wildest Dreams03:52

  • •Cascada[...I Still Hear Your Voice, When You Sleep Next To Me. I Still Feel Your Touch In My Dreams. Forgive Me My Weakness, But I Don't Know Why Without You It's Hard To Survive...]03:15

  • Sunset Feat. Diana LeahIn Your Dreams (Radio Edit)04:15

  • Dark Dark DarkIn Your Dreams03:19

  • XzaltaciaYour Voice In My Dreams Demo Cut02:35

  • Anatoly Ice & DARIYAIn Your Dreams04:09

  • Thomas RobertsIn Your Dreams (Original Mix)07:32

  • Kejsi TolaCarry Me In Your Dreams03:06

  • Glee Hello (Lionel Richie Cover )I've Been Alone With You Inside My Mind And In My Dreams I've Kissed Your Lips A Thousand Times I Sometimes See You Pass Outside My Door Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For? I Can See It In Your Eyes I Can See It In03:26

  • Solid Base []In Your Dreams03:52

  • Kate TuckerIn Your Dreams04:07

  • Зарубежные хиты 80-90х Eurodacer - Sweet Dreams In Your Mind04:50

  • Michael Andrews & Gary JulesMad World,, And I Find It Kind Of Funny, I Find It Kind Of Sad, The Dreams In Which I’m Dying, Are The Best I’ve Ever Had, I Find It Hard To Tell You, I Find It Hard To Take, When People Run In Circles Its A Very Very, Mad World, Mad World, Enlarging Your03:02

  • Xzaltacia Your Voice In My Dreams (Original Mix)05:27

  • Dreams In StaticYou're On Your Own(TUM Remix)03:44

  • Heroin And Your VeinsIn Dreams I Offend Myself03:40

  • Once In A LifetimeChase Your Dreams (feat. Ben Zamore Of Horizons) (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:46

  • Antoine ClamaranWhen You, Live Your Dreams, Live Your Life (Who Do You Follow When You’re Lost In Your Dreams )03:17

  • Jay Z Ft Alicia Keys-EMPIRE STATE Of Mind(New York)One Hand In The Air For The Big City Street Lights, Big Dreams, All Lookin' Pretty No Place In The World That Could Compare Put Your Lighters In The Air Everybody Say 04:36

  • Adventure GalleyIn Your Dreams (Magic Sword And Noah Hyde Remix)06:05

  • Stevie RPainkiller (Nick Devon In Your Dreams Remix)07:22

  • Sunset Feat. Diana Leah In Your Dreams (Original Mix)05:19

  • One DirectionMaybe It's The Way She Walked, Straight Into My Heart And Stole It Through The Doors And Past The Guards, Just Like She Already Own It I Said Can You Give It Back To Me, She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams And We Danced All Night To The Be03:05

  • Magnetic Brothers, Foggy WayYou Meet Us In Your Dreams06:15

  • Emmet RayWrap Your Troubles In Dreams02:53

  • SelloRekT /LA DreamsSee It In Your Eyes05:02

  • Suran In Your Dreams (OST "Entertainer")03:50

  • Tina Turner F. Barry WhiteIn Your Wildest Dreams04:04

  • Andrew Rayel Feat. FlayaAlways In Your Dreams (Original_Mix)06:53

  • Лиричные песни для спокойного сна малышаDreams Are The Flowers (That Bloom In Your Heart)/

  • MorandiBaby Close Your Eyes And Come With Me… In My World Of Dreams Where Love Is Free… Come And Hold My Hand Let`s Get Away From This Crazy World We Living In Today04:16

  • Abandon All Ships!In Your Dreams Brah!03:15

  • M83Oblivion (Since I Was Young, I Knew I’d Find You But Our Love Was A Song Sung By A Dying Swan And Even Now You’ll Hear Me Calling You'll Hear Me Calling And In Your Dreams You’ll See Me Falling, Falling Breathe In The Light I’ll Stay Here In The Shado05:56

  • Adrian GianniIn Your Dreams08:04

  • FestucaIn Your Dreams05:16

  • Maxim LanyBelieve In Your Dreams (Original Mix)05:51

  • Victoria BeckhamIn Your Dreams03:52

  • KissSee You In Your Dreams02:29

  • Martian LoveWake Up In Your Dreams04:28

  • Baby FoxIn Your Dreams05:19

  • Christina MarieAye... Hmmm... Dreams Are Like Angels They Keep Bad At Bay Love Is The Light Scaring Darkness Away I'm So In Love With You Make Love Your Goal The Power Of Love A Force From Above Cleaning My Soul Flame On Burn Desire Love With Tongues Of Fire Purge02:10

  • The Key AppDid We Meet In Your Dreams?00:06

  • Andrew Rayel Feat. FlayaAlways In Your Dreams (Radio Edit)03:42

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