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  • System Of A Down - AerialsLife Is A Waterfall We’re One In The River And One Again After The Fall Swimmin’ Through The Void We Hear The World We Lost Ourselves But We Find It All? Cuz We’re The Ones That Want To Play Always Want To Go But You Never Want To Stay03:52

  • GwamegiIn To The Void02:16

  • N Rock Star-незаконченная несовершенность!You See In Sky The Sun Could Never Coming After You Die Someone Will Save Your Memory You Cry Again And Look Into The Void Escape Myself Save Yourself That There Are Forces Not Need To Lie I Can Forgive You Errors 01:14

  • Alter BridgeSlip To The Void (Live In Anaheim)05:04

  • Various ArtistsA Duck In A Tree 2016-01-02 | Look To The Void58:46

  • Black Sabbath With Rob HalfordIn To The Void07:06

  • Woods Of DesolationTo Exist In The Void03:53

  • SepulturaEscape To The Void (Live In Sao Paulo - 2005)04:30

  • The Void's Last StandAn Ode To Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud: Poesy In Asylum01:35

  • Way To The VoidShadows In Our Blood (Dark Tranquillity Cover)03:49

  • Right To The VoidIn Oblivion00:55

  • LokabrennaFall In To The Void (minus)03:46

  • Quantum JumpTake Me To The Void Again (incomplete Work-in-progress Mix)03:41

  • BrudywrLost To Wander In The Void05:05

  • The Void's Last StandAn Ode To Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud Poesy In Asylum01:35

  • VaultingTo Dig A (W)hole In The Void02:07

  • HindsightStuck In The Void You Left Me Here Trying To Avoid The Atmosphere. Caught In The Crowds Your Voice Is So Loud But Then It Seems To Disappear. I Bought The Last Thing That I Fucking Need Another Bottle To Wash Away This Awful Dream Reminding Me That I Wi02:19

  • KAOS SACRAMENTUMIn To The Void (Intro)01:40

  • BestPulsarIn To The Void (Black Sabbath Cover)05:51

  • SkullflowerIn To The Void30:27

  • Grande Luxe In To The Void05:51

  • Into OblivionTo The Throne In The Void03:27

  • TortharryReturn In To The Void02:46

  • How To Destroy AngelsThe Illuminating Void (The Space In Between) Mix03:39

  • Black SabbathIn To The Void (Live 2016-07-12)07:37

  • Aubrey HodgesLost In The Void (Level - The Door To Chton)11:44

  • Олег РеулецIn To The Void01:54

  • Woods Of DesolationTo Exist In The Void03:53

  • Nord And Craig WalkerIn To The Void04:04