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  • HmotAnd Then We Lost Ourselves In 03:34

  • Imagine Dragon I’m Waking Up To Ash And Dust I Wipe My Brow And Sweat My Rust I’m Breathing In The Chemicals I’m Breaking In And Shaping Up Then Checking Out On The Prison Bus This Is It The Apocalypse I’m Waking Up I Feel It In My Bones Enough To MaRadioactive03:07

  • Susana Feat. Omnia & The BlizzardCloser (Original Mix) (touch The Agony In Me Then Bring Me Here The Melody...all I Ever Was, All I'll Ever Be When You're Near I Feel I'm Closer)04:37

  • Pierces-SecretGot A Secret,Can You Keep It?Swear This One You'll Save,Better Lock It, In Your Pocket,Taking This One To The Grave,If I Show You Then I Know You,Won't Tell What I Said,Cause Two Can Keep A Secret , If One Of The Them Is Dead.03:47

  • •••Christopher Wilde(Sterling Knight)•••-Hero••• Сause I, I Can Be Everything You Need, If You’re The One For Me, Like Gravity. I’ll Be Unstoppable. I, Yeah Believe In Destiny.I Maybe An Ordinary Guy With Heart And Soul.But If You’re The One For Me.Then I’ll Be A Hero.02:34

  • William Fitzsimmons -- Fade In And Then Return (Lexer Remix))06:06

  • Embers In AshesThen You Came03:22

  • CataldoIn Now And Then03:31

  • Britney SpearsAnd Then We Kiss (Original Version) (In The Zone)03:59

  • In My SilenceThen And Now03:22

  • Matisyahu, One DayONE DAY!!! Sometimes I Lay Under The Moon And Thank God I'm Breathing Then I Pray Don't Take Me Soon Cause I Am Here For A Reason Sometimes In My Tears I Drown But I Never Let It Get Me Down So When Negativity Surrounds I Know Some Day03:27

  • DJ Chuckie & HardwellI-Alarm (Munchi's Back Then Schurende Faze In Holly VIP)03:01

  • One Less ReasonA Day To Be Alone ...If I Could Shrink It Down And Put It In Your Hands.We Made It Hurt So Much I Can't Forget The Past.Just Tell Me What To Say,show Me What To Do.Then I Could Forgive Me And I Could Forgive You...04:32

  • ♥Mariah Carey - HeroAnd Then A Hero Comes Along..With The Strength To Carry On.. And U Cast Ur Fears Aside..And U Know U Can Survive..So When U Feel Like Hope Is Gone..Look Inside U And Be Strong..And U'll Finally C The Truth..That A Hero Lies In U04:20

  • Lana Del Rey [Children Of The Bad Revolution] Run For Your Lives They Got 'em In Chains Let's Hope That We Merge Create Our Own Games Dj's,Rockstars,posers,we Are Then The Politicians That Surrender The Additions And It's So Pornographic Then It's Tragic Nothing Magic Mak03:25

  • BLANSHThen (In Rough 2012)06:25

  • Ariana Grande Feat The Weeknd Love Me Harder(M&N PRO REMIX) {2014} ~( Me Something I Need To Know Then Take My Breath And Never Let It Go If You Just Let Me Invade Your Space I'll Take The Pleasure, Take Away The Pain And If In The Moment I B04:58

  • Nagi No AsukaraNagi No Asukara Ost 2 27 And Then In Love03:40

  • In Death It EndsThen We Die04:01

  • Lana Del ReyWest Coast Down On The West Coast, They Got A Saying «If You're Not Drinking, Then You're Not Playing» But You've Got The Music, You've Got The Music In You, Don't You? Down On The West Coast, I Get This Feeling Like It All Could 03:48

  • Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself (Zonar Studios Rmx)It's Only When I Lose Myself In Someone Else, Then I Find Myself...Did I Need To Sell My Soul For Pleasure Like This? Did I Have To Lose Control To Treasure Your Kiss? Did I Need To Place My Heart In The Palm Of Your Hand? Before I Could Even Start To03:55

  • Dual SessionsRadoactive02:44

  • Poets Of The Fall Sleep Sugar Hear Your Heartbeat Beat A Frantic Pace And It’s Not Even Seven AM You’re Feeling The Rush Of Anguish Settling You Cannot Help Showing Them In Hurry Up Then Or You’ll Fall Behind And They Will Take Control Of You And You Need To Heal The Hurt04:56

  • To Do Things You Have To Believe In It, If You Don't Believe And Think You Will Fall Down Break Your Leg, Then Don't Do It.- Zlatan I.Zlatan Ibrahimovic ● Craziest Skills Ever ● Impossible Goals08:18

  • The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope ForFrom These Pains Wings Are Spurting And Then Vanishing In The Midst Of A Dance14:08

  • Katy Perry"Hot N Cold"..Cause You're Hot Then You're Cold..You're Yes Then You're No..You're In Then You're Out..You're Up Then You're Down..03:27

  • **Only Girl (In The World) (Mark Pride Remix)I Want You To Love Me, Like I'm A Hot Pie Keep Thinkin' Of Me, Doin' What You Like So Boy Forget About The World Cuz It's Gon' Be Me And You Tonight I Wanna Make Your Beg For Ya, Then Imma 05:44

  • A Day To RememberIf You Can Wait ’til I Get Home, Then I Swear To You That We Can Make This Last. (La La La) If You Can Wait ’til I Get Home, Then I Swear...никогда!!. Come Tomorrow, This Will All Be In Our Past. Well It Might Be For The Best.La, La La La, La La L04:03

  • Leanne MitchellIf I Knew Then (Acoustic Live In London)03:20

  • [] Enrigue IglesiasWhen The Two Of Us Are One, Theres No Place Id Rather In Your Love Wilder Then My Wildest Dreams []03:56

  • Emma BuntonWhat Took You So Long 03:59

  • Brokencyde-Get CrunkLets Go! Chorus If You're Down Motha Fucka Then Throw Your Hands Up Get Loose In The Club Were Gonna Tear The Party Up Get Crunk! Get Crunk! X4] X2 YAHH! Get Crunk! Get Crunk! Act A Fool Up In The Club Gonna You Goin Get Fuc05:12

  • Then Comes SilenceShe Lies In Wait03:00

  • PitbullYou Aint Know (ft. Lil Scrappy & Bohagon) (I Got A Lot Of Loot And I Ain't Lookin' For A Lady And You Can Never Pay Me I'm From Uptown Baby I Wake Up In The Mornin' Take A Piss And Wash My Hands Take A Knee And Thank The Man Then Ge04:53

  • The KopWhen The Reds Go Marching In (The Reds Are Coming Up The Hill, Boys, They All Laugh At Us, They All Laugh At Us, They All Say Our Days Are Numbered Victorious Are We, If You Wanna Win The Cup, Then You`d Better Hurry Up, Cos Liverpool FC)00:37

  • One Less Reason A Day To Be Alone (If I Could Shrink It Down And Put It In Your Hands We Made It Hurt So Much, I Can't Forget The Past Just Tell Me What To Say, Show Me What To Do Then I Can Forgive Me And I Would Forgive You)03:23

  • A Night In HollywoodIf Nick's Right Here, Then Who The Hell's Driving?04:19

  • ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶Katie MeluaFirst Of All Must Go Ur Scent Upon My Pillow & Then I'll Say "good-bye" To Ur Whispers In My Dreams. & Then Our Lips Will Part In My Mind And In My Heart, 'cause Ur Kiss Went Deeper Than My Skin...03:21