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  • ♥ DJ Leonid Rudenko♥ Baby I Don't See You Around (You Can't Let Go) But You Know That My Destination Is On This Road Going Down 'Cause I Got To Be With You Now03:42

  • ♥Mariah Carey - Its Like That ♥ I Came To Have A Party Open Off That Bacardi Feeling So Hot Tamale Boy I Know You’re Watchin’ Me So What’s It Gonna Be Purple Taking Me Higher I’m Lifted And I Like It Boy You Got Me Inspired Baby Come And Get It If You’re Really Feelin’ Me B-Section Ca03:24

  • FergieA Little Party I Ain’t Got Time For You Baby Either You’re Mine, Or You’re Not Make Up Your Mind Sweet Baby Right Here, Right Now’s All We Got A Little Party Never Killed Nobody So We Gon’ Dance Until We Drop, Drop A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Right03:12

  • Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce- TelephoneHello Hello Baby You CalledI Can’t Hear A ThingI Have Got No Service In The Club,you See?see?Wha-wha-what Did You Say Huh?You’re Breakin’ Up On Me Sorry I Cannot Hear You I’m Kinda Busy Sorry I Cannot Hear You I’m Kinda Busy06:34

  • Sonny And Cher I Got You Baby03:14

  • Beyonce - ✭Baby Boy✭Crazy In Love✭ (X-SIVE Special For Mari By Anton (c) )Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind, I Think About You All The Time!! ✭ Lookin So Crazy Your Love's Got Me Lookin.. Got Me Lookin So Crazy Your Love!!)04:02

  • Katerine♥♥♥Ayo Technology Baby It’s A New Age, You Like My New Craze Let’s Get Together Maybe We Can Start A New Phase The Smokes Got The Club All Hazy, Spotlights Don’t Do You Justice Baby Why Don’t You Come Over Here, You Got Me Saying Aayooh I’m Tired Of Us03:38

  • Супер МузоН)I Feel Like I've Just Seen The Sun For The First Time You Make My Life Bright Cuz You Shine It's Me And You Baby, It's Our Time I'm Livin My Dream Girl Cuz You Mine You Got Me Skipping Down The Street And Singin Love Songs All Outta Key I 03:54

  • Etta JamesI Got You Baby (OST The Last Of Us Left Behind)02:26

  • ●Cherish-Like A Drum●You Got My Heart Beating Like A Drum. Tell Me Where Did This Come From? Thinking That I'm A Have Your Baby. Now You're Telling Me Something Crazy. What Am I Suppose To Do? How Do I Live Without You?03:39

  • Позитивная песенкаYou Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round Like A Record, Baby Right Round Round Round You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round Like A Record, Baby Right Round Round Round Yeah I, I Got To Know Your Name Well And I, Could Trace Your Private Number Baby A05:17

  • Текст песни Electric Lady Lab - Hurts (текст песни №1) Oooh Oh Oooh We Gotta Stop This Lie, Say What's On Your Mind I Know You Got Something Inside Of You Baby, I'm Not Blind So Don't Waste My Time And Breath In, Breath Out I Deserve The TElectric Lady Lab - Hurts03:34

  • Тимати Ft. Snoop Dogg |Альбом: The Boss|14 - Groove On (Give Me Some More Get On The Floor And Baby Just Stop Take A Minute And Look At My Watch Look At These Diamonds I Got Some Are Little Blue Some Are Red Some Are White From Afar You Would Think I Was A Cop As Soon As I Stepp03:53

  • Lana Del RayI`ve Got A Burning Desire For You, Baby04:33

  • Savage GardenI Would Fly You To The Moon And Back If You'll Be If You'll Be My Baby Got A Ticket For A World Where We Belong So Would You Be My Baby...04:13

  • Enrique Iglesias Wish I Was Your Lover ♥”*°•.°*”♥I Watch You When You Smile I Watch You When You Cry And I Still Don’t Understand I Can’t Find The Way To Tell You I Wish I Was Your Lover I Wish That You Were Mine Baby I Got This Feeling That I Just Can’t Hide03:23

  • PitbullYou Aint Know (ft. Lil Scrappy & Bohagon) (I Got A Lot Of Loot And I Ain't Lookin' For A Lady And You Can Never Pay Me I'm From Uptown Baby I Wake Up In The Mornin' Take A Piss And Wash My Hands Take A Knee And Thank The Man Then Ge04:53

  • Britney SpearsYou're The Best..Baby, Got Me Obsessed..And I Can't Catch My Breath..Baby I Must Confess You Got Me..When You Come Around..Got Me So Damn High, I Can't Come Down..Every Time You Touch Me There..You Make Me Feel So Hot, I Love It..03:02

  • Mariah Carey-Its Like ThatI Came To Have A Party..Open Up The Bacardi..FeIf You're Really Feelin Me...eling So Hot Tamale..Boy, I Know You Watchin Me..So What's It Gonna Be?..Purple Taking Me Higher..I'm Lifted And I Like It ..Boy, You Got Me Inspired..Baby, Come And G03:23

  • Miller Baby I've Got News For You02:58

  • ..ιlιlι.. Lady Gaga - AlejandroShe's Not Broken She's Just A Baby But Her Boyfriend's Like Her Dad Just Like A Dad And All Those Flames That Burned Before Him Now He's Gonna Firefight Got Cool The Bad You Know That I Love You Boy Hot Like Mexico, 04:30

  • Amatory - Don't Fuck With My Heart (Black Eyed Peas Cover)I Wonder If I Take You Home Would You Still Be In Love, Baby (in Love, Baby) Girl, You Know You Got Me, Got Me With Your Pistol Shot Me, Shot Me And I'm Here Helplessly In Love And Nothing Can Stop Me You Can't Stop Me Cause Once I Start I03:46

  • Тимур РодригезGo With The Rhythm, Baby You Got Me Will Never Stop Me, I Want It More A Thousand Kisses All Over Your Body I Know It Makes You Feel Like Never Before Welcome To The Night! Now You Want Me Too Take Me Over Baby, I’m Coming For You Welcome To The Nigh02:58

  • Radio RecordDuke Dumont, Jax Jones, W&W - As Long As I Got You Baby03:21

  • RihannaShut Up And Drive-Catch Your Way Wanna Flower, If You Know What I Mean.Got A Ride That?s Smoother Than A Limousine.Can You Handle The Curls Can You Run All The Lights.If You Can Baby Boy, Than We Can Go All Night.Cause Its Nearly Sixty And Three Fourty Fi03:33

  • Хаус)Faith (..I Know Not Everybody Has Got A Body Like

  • Cheryl Cole - ParachuteI Don't Need A Parachute, Baby, If I've Got You03:19

  • Duke Dumont Feat. Esther Veen I Got U Baby (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

  • Joe DassinSi Je Dis 'Je T'Aime' (I've Got A Thing About You Baby)02:33

  • Joe DassinI've Got A Thing About You Baby02:42