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  • Nicole ScherzingerYour Love - SoundvBoy, You Don't Know How Much I Like You It Is So Hot, Nice To Bite It Just A Little, Know You Like It I'll Do Whatever You Want Somethin 'bout You So Enticin' Even When I Try To Fight It Knock Me Out Like Michael Tyson I&04:04

  • Nicole Scherzinger - Try With MeWhy's It Feel Like You're There When You're Already Gone Why's It Feel Like You Care When I Know That You Don't Everybody Needs A Chance At Love That's All We Need If You Wanna Have A Chance At Us Then Try With Me03:59

  • ♥ Craig DavidIt's So Unbelievable, And I Don't Want To Let It Go, Something So Beautiful, Flowing Down Like A Waterfall. I Feel Like You've Always Been, Forever A Part Of Me. And It's So Unbelievable To Finally Be In Love.♥ ♥ ♥03:22

  • ⎷⎛♥♥♥Sara Connor♥♥♥ ⎷⎛We Meet In The Night In The Spanish Café I Look In Your Eyes Just Don't Know What To Say It Feels Like I'm Drowning In Salty Water A Few Hours Left 'til The Sun's Gonna Rise Tomorrow Will Come An It's Time To Realize Our Love04:00

  • J.B.O.[2009 - I Don't Like Metal: I Love It] - M.E.T.A.L. (Ottawan Parody Cover)04:19

  • КоксI'm Missing You So Much Can't Help It, I'm In Love A Day Without You Is Like A Year Without Rain I Need You By My Side Don't Know How I'll Survive A Day Without You Is Like A Year Without Rain03:28

  • The Verve|The Drugs Don't Work| All This Talk Of Getting Old It's Getting Me Down My Love Like A Cat In A Bag, Waiting To Drown This Time I'm Comin' Down And I Hope You're Thinking Of Me As You Lay Down On Your Side..05:05

  • Dok A.M.It Seems Like I Love Some Troubles But I Really Don't01:34

  • Vbots.ruI Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, The Taste Of Her Cherry Chapstick. I Kissed A Girl Just To Try It, I Hope My Boyfriend Don't Mind It. It Felt So Wrong, It Felt So Right. Don't Mean I'm In Love Tonight. I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It. I Like It.00:17