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  • StingI Burn For You05:38

  • NargarothI Burn For You (Lord Foul Cover)02:58

  • Lord FoulI Burn For You02:52

  • DJ Fenix & Black McI Know? You Know! (Danny Burn Remix) ▪★▪Electro For Club4268331 ▪★▪[track At- 03-03-2011] ▪★▪Теги: Electro, Electro, 2011▪★▪04:46

  • Danny Pack & Nancy ShanksI Burn For You (OST The Secret Of My Success) 198704:41

  • Rick Pino/Cindy Jacobs/Dutch SheetsI'm Gonna Burn For You05:30

  • Stone SourTaciturn Across The Sea To You… I’ve Left Myself Deserted Here Again Across The Sea To You… My Pieces Are Too Broken Now To Mend In The Middle Under A Cold Black Sky The Sun Will Only Burn For You And I In The Moment Before I Lose My Mind These Hou05:25

  • My Chemical RomanceCan I Be The Only Hope For You, Because You're The Only Hope For Me And If We Can Find Where We Belong, We'll Have To Make It On Our Own, Face All The Burn And Take It Out, Because The Only Hope For Me Is You...04:34

  • The Brendan HinesOccasions [Don't Think That I Don't Think That You Won't Be Here When I Return I Was Too Cautious But Now I'm Just Nauseous And I'm Getting Ready For The Burn]02:22

  • Sting - Songs Of LoveI Burn For You05:18

  • Madonna - Don't You Feel Sorry For Me? 'Cause I'm Right Where The Universe Wants Me To Be A Lesson That I Needed To Learn But That Doesn't Mean That It Doesn't Burn. 03:20

  • Sting & Last ExitI Burn For You02:42

  • NargarothI Burn For You (Lord Foul Cover)02:58

  • TreatI Burn For You03:30

  • The PoliceI Burn For You04:49

  • IsgaardI Burn For You03:14

  • Lord FoulI Burn For You02:51

  • StingI Burn For You05:26

  • IkonI Burn For You03:21

  • Doug KeithI Will Burn For You05:07

  • Kirsty McGeeI Burn For You03:15

  • NargarothI Burn For You (Lord Foul Cover)02:56

  • LindisfarneI Burn For You (Lord Foul Cover) Rec 200904:40

  • LiriaI Burn For You (oh, My Maitre!)04:26

  • NargarothI Burn For You02:43

  • StingI Burn For You/Mariposa Libre/From Me To You14:45

  • IkonI Burn For You03:44

  • Danny Peck And Nancy ShanksI Burn For You04:41

  • I Will Never Let You Fear The Dark..We’re Gonna Burn For A Million Years..03:09

  • Bob Belden & Jimi TunnellI Burn For You07:40

  • StingI Burn For You05:26

  • StingI Burn For You (Brimstone & Treacle)04:44

  • I BELIEVE IN LOVE AND POWER OF LOVE ... . - I'll Wait For You Forever, My Love, I'll Remember, Believe, Live And Not Give Up, When You Do Not Wait, And The Rain Is A Wall, I Know ... I'll Be Thinking Night And Day That You, Like A Candle Light, Burn One, Under A Sky Blue. When The ..03:26

  • TreatI Burn For You03:30

  • TreatI Burn For You (live)03:56

  • Nihilistic DelusionI Burn For You (Lord Foul Drum Cover)02:37

  • RxMxAxYou Burn. But Dont Worry, I Wanted For A Long Time That You Have Died08:21

  • StingI Burn For You05:38

  • Gate 4 For You I'll Smash And Burn00:25

  • StingI Burn For You (Brimstone & Treacle)04:44

  • ♫Lord FoulI Burn For You02:45

  • Рудак Михаил АнатольевичYou Burn. But Dont Worry, I Wanted For A Long Time That You Have Died (Speedrem)04:53

  • The PoliceI Burn For You04:51

  • IsgaardI Burn For You (Original Version)03:54

  • Defyance/I Burn For You04:32