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  • Ryan FarishHopes And Fears05:25

  • Ryan FarishHopes And Fears05:25

  • LTNHopes And Fears (Original Mix)05:22

  • KeaneHopes And Fears02:30:34

  • 03. Neal AcreeHopes And Fears02:54

  • KeaneSomewhere Only We Know(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)04:12

  • LIVWHopes And Fears01:41

  • UnknownProjectAll Hopes And Fears (Old Ver.)03:59

  • KeaneShe Has No Time(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)04:43

  • ShakiraDreams For Plans... Can You Tell Me How I Used To Be? Have I Missed My Chance? Have I Changed My Hopes For Fears And My Dreams For Plans? Can You Tell Me How It Used To Be When We Really Cared? And When Love Was On Our Side.... 04:04

  • KeaneEverybody's Changing(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)03:30

  • KeaneAllemande (Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)04:33

  • 201. Neal AcreeHopes And Fears (Strings Only)02:57

  • KeaneCan't Stop Now(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)03:49

  • Art Bears 1978 Hopes And Fears01 On Suicide01:28

  • Ryan FarishHopes And Fears05:26

  • ShockwaveHopes And Fears05:19

  • EclipticSelftetHopes And Fears03:22

  • Eminence Of DarknessFears And Hopes04:31

  • KeaneSnowed Under(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)04:22

  • Goonies Never Say DieAlbum Preview: No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears09:04

  • Johannes ZetterbergThe Hopes And Fears03:26

  • Heroes Get RememberedHopes And Fears 03:38

  • KEANE Hopes And FearsEnd Of The Earth (live)03:05

  • Keane11 The Way You Want It (Fierce Panda Single 1) [Hopes And Fears, Deluxe Edition, CD2]03:17

  • BeeJuls Feat Shinro KorseHopes And Fears (Poor Ninjazzz Prod)03:29

  • DustboxHopes And Fears03:26

  • Art BearsFears And Hopes04:43

  • KeaneBend & Break(Live At Up Close Radio (HOPES AND FEARS TOUR,2004)03:34

  • LTN Hopes And Fears03:07

  • Keane14. Allemande (Fierce Panda Single 2) [Hopes And Fears, Deluxe Edition, CD2]04:23

  • G.F.Haendel - Belshazzar (3)01 Air - Alternative Hopes And Fears Distract My Mind - Simone Kermes04:26