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  • She & HimHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me02:44

  • Colours Featuring DominoHold Me Kiss Me06:45

  • U2Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (From The Ground Up)05:18

  • Snuggelina Kiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me03:38

  • Colours Feat. DominoHold Me & Kiss Me (FNP Panpipe Mix)Zyzz03:40

  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me I Want To Hold I Want To Be Close To You I Never Want To Let Go I Wish That This Night Would Never End I Need To Know Could I 04:21

  • St. Lola In The FieldsHold Me Baby Tonight This Might Be The Last Chance For One Last Kiss Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me Baby This Might Be The Last Chance To Feel Like This04:28

  • Enrique Iglesias With Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever (Could I Hold You For A Lifetime...Could I Look Into Your Eyes...Could I Have This Night To Share This Night Together...Could I Hold You Close Beside Me...Could I Hold You For All Time...Could I Could I Have This Kiss Foreve04:25

  • Mel CarterHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me [1965]02:32

  • Whitney Houston & Enrique IglesiasOver And Over I've Dreamed Of This Night Now You're Here By My Side You Are Next To Me I Want To Hold You And Touch You Taste You And Make You Want No One But Me I Wish That This Kiss Could Never End Oh Baby Please..04:21

  • She And Him Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me02:44

  • Red QueenHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (U2 Cover)04:46

  • I Wasnt Jealous Before We Met, Now Every Women I See Is A Potential Threat!!!!!!=(I Still Get Jealous!When They Look At You!I May Not Show It!But I Do!It`s More Than I Can Bear!When They Start To Stare!Cause They Think You`re Too Good To Be True!I Still Get Jealous,when We Kiss Goodnight.Unless You Hold Me E03:15

  • Bring Me Flowers And Talk For Hours And Ooh I Like YouAnd Ooh I Like How You Make Me Feel Kiss My Face Your Warm Embrace And Ooh I Like You.I’m A Little Scared To Hold You Closer Cause I Just Might Never Ever Let You Go Caught Up In Your Smile I’m Happy As A Child03:48

  • Infarkto BeatsKiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me03:08

  • 50s Oldies-johnny MathisHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 03:00

  • -She Said: "hello Mister, Pleased To Meet Ya" I Want To Hold Her, I Want To Kiss Her, She Smell Of Daisies,She Drive Me Crazy,03:59

  • Colors Feat. Domino Hold Me, Kiss Me, Baby04:30

  • Red ElevenHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me04:20

  • Colours Feat. Domino Hold Me & Kiss Me (FNP Panpipe Mix)Zyzz02:59

  • FeverNever Know How Much I Love You Never Know How Much I Care When You Put Your Arms Around Me I Get A Fever That's So Hard To Bear You Give Me Fever When You Kiss Me Fever When You Hold Me Tight Fever In The Morning Fever All Through The Night.02:36

  • AkcentDelight-- [...I Really Wanna Feel The Way I’am On Tonight I Want U By My Side To Kiss And Hold U Tight I Wanna Stay Forever Here I Really Do It’s Gonna Be A Crazy Night For Me And You...]03:48

  • Ad AstraHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (U2 Cover)04:16

  • ArseniumLove Me, Love Me, Love Me La-la-la, Feel Me, Touch Me, Hold Me La La-la-la-la Take My Heart, I'm Lonely La-la-la-la, Kiss Me, Touch Me, Love Me, Love Me)03:28

  • When You Tell Me That You Love Me<3I Wanna Hold You Close Under The Rain I Wanna Kiss Your Smile And Feel The Pain I Know What's Beautiful Looking At You In A World Of Lies You Are The Truth04:04

  • When_you_tell_me_that_you_love_meI_wanna_hold_you_close_Under_the_rain_I_wanna_kiss_your_smile_An_(

  • Bobo & Alexey VorobyovYou Kiss Me You Hold Me02:44

  • Wendy ZofferHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me03:12

  • She & HimI Don't Like You,but I Love You. See That I'm Always. Thinking Of You. You Treat Me Badly. I Love You Madly. You Really Got A Hold On Me. I Don't Want You ,but I Need You. Don't Want To Kiss You,but I Need You (The Beatles)03:59

  • Madonna - Justify My Love I Wanna Kiss You In Paris I Wanna Hold Your Hand In Rome I Wanna Run Naked In A Rainstorm Make Love In A Train Cross-country You Put This In Me So Now What, So Now What?04:57

  • Colors & DominoHold Me And Kiss Me04:48