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  • MULTIVERSEHere I Stand03:38

  • NicklebackHero...And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us. Im Not Gonna Stand Here And Wait. I'll Hold Onto The Wings Of The Eagles. Watch As We All Fly Away.03:21

  • TVXQHere I Stand [Full Audio]04:09

  • Sara Bareilles - GravitySet Me Free, Leave Me Be. I Don't Want To Fall Another Moment Into Your Gravity. Here I Am And I Stand So Tall, Just The Way I'm Supposed To Be. But You're On To Me And All Over Me. You Loved Me 'cause I'm Fragile. When I Thought That03:52

  • Nickelblack HeroI Am So High. I Can Hear Heaven. I Am So High. I Can Hear Heaven. Oh But Heaven, No Heaven Dont Hear Me. And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us. Im Not Gonna Stand Here And Wait. I'll Hold Onto The Wings Of The Eagles. Watch As We All Fly Away. Som03:21

  • Yulia ZhukovaHere I Stand ( Usher Cover )04:34

  • LumiousAs I Stand Here02:00

  • ONE OK ROCKCome On! Come On! You Hear Me? Everybody Hello! Hello! Naa Kitto Kono Yo Ni Seikai Mo Hazure Mo Honto Wa Nai Hazu Dakara Wake Up! Right Now! Don't Turn Your Back On Me Come On! Come On! You Stand Here Alive The Answer I03:42

  • ♥Tokio Hotel - In Your Shadow ♥ I Hate My Life, I Can't Sit Still For One More Single Day. I've Been Here Waiting For, Something To Live And Die For. Let's Run And Hide. Out Of Touch, Out Of Time. Just Get Lost Without A Sign. As Long As You Stand By My Side, In Your Sha02:49

  • ☆☆☆.Nickelback-Hero.☆☆☆[And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us.I'm Not Gonna Stand Here And Wait.I'll Hold Onto The Wings Of The Eagles.Watch As They All Fly Away...Someone Told Me Love Will All Save Us...Now That The World Isn't Ending.]03:18

  • Solar FakeHere I Stand05:29

  • Неизвестный исполнительBreathe In, Hold It Hold It Go On, Begin To Let Go, Cause There's No Reason I'm Turning Myself Into Somebody Else Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down I'm Holding A Heart Here In My Hand Hey, Hey, Hey My Own Work Of Art Here Where I Stand Hey, Hey,03:32

  • In WhispersHere I Stand03:39

  • Lifehouse - EverythingYou're All I Want You Are All I Need You Are Everything, Everything And How Can I Stand Here With You And Not Be Moved By You Would You Tell Me How Could It Be Any Better Than This?03:10

  • Enrique IglesiasYeah What Did I Do But Give Love To You I'm Just Confused As I Stand Here And Look At You From Head To Feet, All That's Not Me Go 'head, Keep The Keys, That's Not What I Need From You You Think That You Know (I Do), You've Made Yoursel03:35

  • Near RuinHere I Stand03:20

  • Lonnie HolleyHere I Stand Knocking At Your Door03:31

  • Journey (OST Всегда говори ДА" -Separate Ways Worlds Apart Here We Stand Worlds Apart, Hearts Broken In Two, Two, Two Sleepless Nights Losing Ground I'm Reaching For You, You, You....Separate Ways Worlds Apart05:25

  • [Breakdown] For All EternityHere I Stand00:57

  • Near RuinHere I Stand03:20

  • UsherForever Young [Track 01 - Here I Stand]04:21

  • Park Wan KyuHere I Stand(tving OSL 2012 OST)03:30

  • Mystical FayaHere I Stand03:52

  • DBSK / TVXQHere I Stand02:57

  • Nick BlackHero -I Am So High I Can Hear Heaven I Am So High I Can Hear Heaven No Heaven, No Heaven Don't Hear Me [Chorus:] And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us I'm Not Gonna Stand Here And Wait I'll Hold Onto The Wings Of The Eagles W03:22

  • Lara FabianHow Can I Stand Alive, With Only Half A Life. How Can I Love So Hard, With Only Half A Heart. Where Do I Go From Here, How Do I Breathe In Here, I Guess It Must Be True, I'm Intoxicated By You.05:21

  • MetaprismHere I Stand05:39

  • Michael JacksonMuhammad (Nasheed) If You Ask Me. Why Do I Stand Here. So Unafraid. Of Everithing Around Me. Prodly I Will Say.I AM A MUSLIM! 03:46

  • ModwheelmoodAs I Stand Here04:21

  • For All EternityHere I Stand04:55

  • TVXQHere I Stand [World Tour 'Catch Me' Live Album]04:09

  • A-ha Here I Stand And Face The Rain (Afterglow)03:54

  • Tom Swoon, Cimo Frankel, KeranoHere I Stand Feat. Cimo Frankel (Original Mix)05:29

  • Ronan KeatingMy Love, Here I Stand Before You I Am Yours Now From This Moment On Take My Hand Only You Can Stop Me Shaking We'll Share Forever This I Promise You 03:52

  • Solar FakeHere I Stand05:27

  • Book Of SandI Can Stand Right Here, See My Face On The Other Side04:40