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  • Ages ApartI'm Right Here03:26

  • Journey (OST Всегда говори ДА" -Separate Ways Worlds Apart Here We Stand Worlds Apart, Hearts Broken In Two, Two, Two Sleepless Nights Losing Ground I'm Reaching For You, You, You....Separate Ways Worlds Apart05:25

  • David-charvet-Leap-Of-Faith---And-if-we-are-oceans-apart-You-will-always-be-here-in-my-heart04:19

  • Chill Out - Headstrong Feat. Tiff LaceyI'm Gonna Fly Away From Here.Just Show My Mind And Disappear. I Want To Dance Into Sunrise. Show Me The Spark In Your Eyes Show Me The Love, Comes From The Heart Show Me The Love, The Bring Me Apart, Show Me The Love. Is It Waiting For Me? Show Me 03:40

  • Tony Burns/Данила КозловскийBiblical Baby If You Could Would You Go Back To The Start? Take Any Fresh Steps Or Watch It All Fall Apart, Again Play Another Song Here Then You Can Leave With Your Delicate Wings, I Use To Weave Maybe There's An Under-tow Pier. Or Maybe This Is Stu03:58

  • The SubmarinesYou, Me And The Bourgeoisie...Here I Am With All The Pleasures Of The First World Laid Out Before Me Who Am I To Breakdown? Everyday I Wake Up, I Choose Love I Choose Light And I Try, It's Too Easy Just To Fall Apart02:42

  • David CharvetLeap Of Faith - And If We Are Oceans Apart You Will Always Be Here In My Heart And I'll Always Wait For You04:40

  • Even If We Are Oceans Apart, You Will Always Be Here In My Heart.....04:40

  • Ktvsky...apart From Drinking, There Is Absolutely Nothing To Do Here06:30

  • Regina Belle & Jeffrey OsborneFar Longer Than Forever I'll Hold You In My Heart It's Almost Like You're Here With Me Although We're Far Apart Far Longer Than Forever As Constant As A Star I Close My Eyes And I Am Where You Are03:46

  • AlsouSolo (I'm Sitting Alone, Here In My Room Staring At Your Picture From Midnight Till Noon Counting The Hours Counting The Days You Know That I Miss You In A Million Ways.I Gave You My Heart You Tore It Apart But I'm Coming Back Strong I Know It Was02:48

  • Josh Henderson - Can You Tell Me It's OkayHere We Are, We Been Here Yes We Have Can You Tell Me, We're OK? We Face To Face But Are We Still Apart Can You Tell Me It's Ok You Case No Watch You Don't You Can't No Watch You Don't You Can Stay, You Can Go Still Or Never02:53

  • A Band ApartNothing Here Now (2011)02:14

  • Josh HendersonHere We Are, We Been Here Yes We Have Can You Tell Me, We're OK? We Face To Face But Are We Still Apart Can You Tell Me It's Ok 02:11

  • HereApart (I Was Drunk In Texas Remix)05:10

  • Oceans ApartHere Comes The Feeling04:05

  • ☆Scorpions ☆Here In My Heart That's Where You'll Be You'll Be With Me..Here In My Heart No Distance Can Keep Us Apart... Long As You're Here In My Heart04:20

  • Worlds ApartHere For You04:10

  • HereApart04:40

  • HereApart (Radio Edit)03:25

  • ♥♥♥•·Rabih Jaber (Swedish Idol 2009) он поёт как Ангел!!!You Are Not Alone....For I Am Here With You ,though We're Far Apart, You're Always In My Heart, But You Are Not Alone.02:10

  • …And Here I LieFall Apart04:00

  • DJ Tetris MafiaHere I Fall Apart (Intro)02:11

  • David CharvetAnd If We Are Oceans Apart! You Will Always Be Here In My Heart!04:05

  • HereApart04:40

  • Worlds ApartHere And Now04:06