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  • SilversteinHelp (The Beatles Cover)02:17

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:23

  • Noize MC Feat. КарандашПомогите! (cover "The Beatles - Help!") [Запись!01:24

  • The BeatlesHelp, I Need Somebody!02:21

  • The BeatlesHelp! (альбом !!!)33:55

  • The Beatles - 1965 - Help! (Stereo)I Need You02:27

  • The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)02:44

  • |Flit||Help! (cover The Beatles)|02:40

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:16

  • The Beatles Help Me 02:18

  • The Beatles (1965 UK - Help)01. Help!02:19

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:22

  • The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends02:43

  • 2-70 The Beatles - (Help!) 1965г.Yesterday - Вчера 02:07

  • LounaHelp! (The Beatles Cover)02:05

  • The BeatlesThe Night Before (1965_08) Help!02:33

  • The BeatlesHelp! (1965)33:04

  • WeavesHelp! (The Beatles)02:48

  • Violent EveHelp (Beatles Cover)03:59

  • SilversteinHelp (The Beatles Cover)02:19

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:18

  • The Beatles With A Little Help From My Friends02:35

  • The Beatles - Help минус бэки без гитарыTrack 302:48

  • LOUNA - Help! (The Beatles Cover)LOUNA - Help! (The Beatles Cover)02:16

  • The BeatlesHelp! (Full Album) 196534:42

  • The Beatles-Help !-1965Help !02:23

  • RoxetteHelp! (The Beatles Cover)02:53

  • ФлитHelp (Beatles Cover)02:40

  • Big Time RushHelp (Beatles Cover)02:12

  • McFlyHelp (the Beatles Cover)02:22

  • The BeatlesHelp02:21

  • Cloud CultHelp (Beatles Cover)03:50

  • ФлітHelp (Beatles Cover)02:40

  • Apple Jam _fontanka.fmThe Beatles - Help. История создания 57:31

  • The BeatlesHelp! (Live At Shea)03:09

  • The Beatles - If I FellIf I Fell In Love With You Could You Promise To Be True And Help Me Understand 'Cause I've Been In Love Before And I've Found That Love Is More That Just Holding Hands02:20

  • ЛюбэHelp! (The Beatles Cover)02:07

  • BeatlesHelp! (минус)02:18

  • The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends * 304th The RS 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time02:34

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:19

  • Alvin And The Chipmunks (Beatles)Help (guitar)02:18

  • The BeatlesHelp!02:21

  • The Beatles - With A Little Help From My FriendsDo You Need Anybody? I Need Somebody To Love. Could It Be Anybody? I Want Somebody To Love!! =) Would You Belive In A Love At First Sight? Yes, I'm Certain That It Happens All The Time......02:43

  • Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends (cover The Beatles)04:57

  • The BeatlesIt's Only Love (1965 - Help!)01:56

  • The BeatlesHelp! [Help, I Need Somebody, Help, Not Just Anybody, Help, You Know I Need Someone, Help]02:21

  • The BeatlesHelp!06:00

  • The BeatlesHelp минус02:18

  • ЛюбэHelp (The Beatles Сover) 02:06

  • The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Оцифровка раритетного английского винила 1973 года : Label:Parlophone – PCS 7027A1 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band A2 With A Little Help From My Friends A3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds A4 Getting Better A5 Fixing A Hole A6 She's Leaving Home A7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite 19:11

  • The BeatlesHelp! (Instrumental)02:24

  • Papich - The BeatlesHelp! 02:25

  • The BeatlesI've Just Seen A Face ( Album , "Help!" , 1965 )02:07

  • Howie DayHelp! (The Beatles Cover)03:33

  • The BeatlesWith A Little Help From My Friends02:44

  • Glee CastHelp 5x01 (The Beatles Cover)02:19

  • The BeatlesHelp (минус, Instrumental)02:24

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