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  • Marc TerenziLove To Be Loved By You---I Can’t Believe I’m Standing Here Been Waiting For So Many Years And Today I Found The Prince To Reign My Heart You Changed My Live So Patiently And Turned It Into Something Good And Real I Feel Just Like I Felt In All My Dreams 03:58

  • N.L.Something Strange Is Happening And I Don't Know What To Do I Haven't Felt My Heart Beating Over 90 Years I Love The Way You Look At Me, When You're Thinking No One Else Can See I Feel Like Someone Different When You 05:41

  • Loïc Nottet. Love Me Again (John Newman Cover) (Live) I Know I’ve Done Wrong, I Left Your Heart Torn Is That What Devils Do? I Took You So Low, Where Only Fools Go I Shook The Angel In You Now I’m Rising From My Crimes Rising Up To You Feel With All The Strength I Found There's Nothing I Can’t Do! 02:16

  • Edward Maya-My Song Is LoveI Feel You Voice In My Head I Feel Inside That Love Your Heavy Heart Is Made Of Stone I Feel, Let You Don’t Care My Song Is Love, Is Love I Know The One Is Stand And Wait I Gonna Live Until To Late I Wonna Send And Say: I’ve Lost My Hear02:27

  • ˙·٠•●๑۩ Jakarta ۩๑●•٠·♥I Remember One Day Maybe Was The First Day Of My Life You Came To My Heart My Eyes Wide Open To You I Feel Warm Behind You Take My Hand Inside Kiss Me Kiss Me Me Again.I Feel You And That One Day I Start To Love Yes Girl, Yes I Love You 04:09

  • Celin DionYou Are Always In My Heart...You Are Always On My Mind.. I Want To Be Closer To You... Or Just Walk Away...Just Say Goodbye....Or Show My Broken Heart... Or The Love I Feel For You........04:59

  • Ray HortonI Got Your Letter From The Postman The Other Day So I Decided To Write This Song Just To Let You Know Exactly The Way I Feel To Let You Know My Love’s For Real Ref.: Because I Love You, And I’ll Do Everything I Give You My Heart, My Everything Because I 03:31

  • BrokencydeYour Eyes They Flow From All The Pain I Caused I Lost My Cause I Only Broke Your Heart Alone I Cry I Tried So Hard To Break You I Love You I Hate You Why Wont You Let Me Go? I, I Feel The Raindrops Fall These Tears Wont Take You Away, I'05:39

  • I Love You. I Still Love YouOur Relations Are Cut Into The Heart Of A Scalpel, Accurate, Constantly Nagging. But A Pleasure To Feel The Pain, Then My Heart Beats With You04:03