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  • AcceptedSo Your Application Is Accepted! [I Have You LavE] But Remember I Love Sociable! Adds An In The Family! You Are Not Going To Write, To Write On The Wall And Gone Hell!))) Xq I Not Kidding! Your Kris!03:35

  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me I Want To Hold I Want To Be Close To You I Never Want To Let Go I Wish That This Night Would Never End I Need To Know Could I 04:21

  • CLAUDIA PAVELYou Are A Bad Boy, Dirty Boy I Know You Wanna See My Sexy Ass I’ll Be Your Love Toy All In Oil I Bet You’re Gonna Have A Blast I Got A Yummy On My Tummy And You’re Begging For Some Honey And I Know You Like To Shoot Me With Your Gun Dont Be A Dummy Come T03:42

  • We Have BandWhere Are Your People? (Eats Everything Rework)07:32

  • реп от брата сестре - МИНУС!!!!(Are You Really Here, Or Am I Dreamin'? I Can't Tell Dreams From Truth For It's Been So Long Since I Have Seen You I Can Hardly Remember Your Face Anymore).03:34

  • Benny Benassi - IllusionI Wanna Be Your Illusion To Make U Happy Tonight! Enjoy Ths Trip With Me! Sometimes I Wonder Why We Have No Limits. And Everything We Do Is Timed To Find Out Who We Are... We Won't Stop Playing...05:08

  • We Have BandWhere Are Your People? (Aashton & Swift Remix)05:41

  • RoxanneRoxanne You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light Those Days Are Over You Don't Have To Sell Your Body To The Night 03:12

  • Enrique Iglesias With Whitney HoustonOver And Over I Look In Your Eyes,You Are All I Desire,You Have Captured Me,I Want To Hold You,I Want To Be Close To You,I Never Want To Let Go...Could I Look Into Your Eyes?Could I Hold You For All Time?Could I Could I Have This Kiss Forever, Forever... 04:21

  • We Have BandWhere Are Your People (Kinema Remix)04:01

  • CosmoDr.Hoffman? I Have No Questions For You. Because Your Discovery Has And A Questions Of My Heart. So Simply Are You Like To Thank You For Your...discovery. I Not Only For Myself, But Only Heart Of All On My Family Here. Thank You For Ever08:43

  • Shania TwainFrom This Moment From This Moment, Life Has Begun, From This Moment, You Are The One. Right Beside You, Is Where I Belong, From This Moment On. From This Moment, I Have Been Blessed, And I Live Only, For Your Happiness, And For Your Love, I'd Give My 04:38

  • You Are Sad, Listening To Screaming MonkeysIn November People Have Feedback Of Your Memories04:28

  • Imagine Dragons We Are All Living The Same Way, The Same Way We Are Escaping The Same Way, The Same Way Circling We Are A Part Of The Same Play, The Same Play We Think We're Making Our Own Way, Our Own Way Circling You Don't Have To Hold Your Head Up High Round03:18

  • MolokoWhen You Are Ready I Will Surrender Take Me And Do As You Will Have What You Want You're Ways Always The Best Way I Have Succumb To This Passive Sensation Peacefully Falling Away I Am The Zombie Your Wish Will Command Me Laugh As I Fall To My Knees 05:04

  • • Evanescence• You ♡...When We're Together I Feel Perfect When I'm Pulled Away From You I Fall Apart All You Say Is Sacred To Me Your Eyes Are So Blue, I Can't Look Away..I Believe In You... I'll Give Up Everything Just To Find You... I Have To Be With You To Li04:38

  • Сергей ДанковYou Are Not Alone-2011, ( 1 How Deep Is The Ocean - How Deep Is Your Love? I Have A Love In My Eye's And How Do I Feel When You Can't Get Enough? Half-Way To Your Paradise Oh, My Love - Is Your Love Forever And A D03:29

  • Escenda Welcome To My World (Dan Kubo Remix)My Head Is Going Round And Round... What I Have To Do When You Everyday Around And My Thoughts Are Full Of Your Name. What I Have To Do? In My World Everything Is Different And It's Time To Confirm That I'm Sick07:17

  • Ruslana ( Dances (part2))))))))))) I Am Your Dream Tonight, The One That You Can't Fight, The Stars Are Clear And Bright, And I Will Dance For You All Night. Tell Me, Have You Ever Been To Magic Land? Tell Me, Have You Ever Seen The Magic Dance? 04:01

  • Vbots.ruEverybody Knows Shit's Fucked I Don't Give A Good Goddamn Your Uncle Sam Is A Motherfucker I Don't Wanna See Him Again Have To Pretend Count To Ten You Blew Up Your Towers To Justify A War I Don't Really Care What Your Arms Are For More Money On Defence Fuck Hospitals Fuck Human Beings Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity00:21

  • Erick Morillo Feat. Eddie Thoneick & Shawnee TaylorLive Your Life (Chill Out Mix) [Sometimes You Just Need To Let Go Don't Keep It All Inside Sometimes You Just Have To Let The Whole World Know That You Are Going To Be Alright]03:57

  • Nicole ScherzingerPower's Out (feat. Sting) [I Got A Shoulder Built For You Just In Case You Need It To Lean On These Hands I Have Are For You Just In Case You Need Help To Hold On The World Is Just A Super Sized Merry Go Around Sometimes Your Finger Loose Their Grip,04:08

  • Tanita Tikaram "And I Think Of You"("... I Don't Know Where Your Days Are Spent, Your Lovers And Your Friends, But I Know For Sure Of Whom You Have Been Thinking...")04:19

  • ColdplayHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Let Your Heart Be Light From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Out Of Sight Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Make The Yuletide Gay From Now On Our Troubles Will Be Miles Away Here We Are As In Olden Days Happy Gold02:18

  • We Have BandWhere Are Your People? (Eats Everything Rework)07:32

  • Jesper Mechlenburg - I Just Wanna Blow Your MindCan't You See That Things Are Starting To Go Wrong Don't Know How It Happened But Its Been Too Long We've Been Treading Water Where Others Have Sunk Down Even Though We're Still Alive I Feel Myself Drown I Just Wanna Blow Your 04:13

  • Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - All That We Have Now [2012]04 How Old You Are Never Forget Your Dream03:57

  • Bird YorkHave No Fear Have No Fear In Your Heart Though You Feel You've Been Broken And Lost There's A Place Where We Will Meet Up Again There's A Place That Mends Your Hurt And Takes You In There Are Times Faced Alone When You Find All Th02:23

  • WAI..WHAT'S THE SONG FROM USIII!!!!!!!!! I Am Georgian, Are You Armenian And Caucasus Well, We Have One Neighbor You're My, You're A Countryman Of Wine I Drink, You Brandy Is Our Dancing As The Fire And Lezginka And Cocag Our Shares, Your DUDUK, You're My Friend And I'm Your Fri04:48

  • Nuclear ManiacWar Has Come To Your Home Now It Lies Destroyed Nuclear War, The Final War The End Of All Man's Dreams No One Wins In This Game Both Sides Have Lost Who Has Won When All Are Dead Except For The Machines Looking At The Future There's 04:46

  • ✿ܓ Ultra NateYou Are Do What You Want To Do! You Have Got To Live Your What You Want To Do!08:57

  • KasabianDays Are Forgotten Aaaahh Aaaahahahahaaa Aaaahh Aaaahahahahaaa Hey Son I'm Looking Forward You're Leaning Backwards Of This I'm Sure Have You Had Enough? Are You Feeling Rough? Does Your Skull Hurt? Well If It's Warm Cos I Am Taking Bac04:04

  • ♫ Enrique Iglesias & W. HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever (Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me)03:48

  • Busta Ft TatiI Ask You Just Do Not Lie To Yourself, You Have The Floor, I Floor You, But We Are Not Whole, And Not Friends And Enemies ... I'm Your Disadvantage, You Are My Universe!03:31

  • Remy ZeroLook Into The Sun And See Your Soul Is Dying. Used To Feel The Faith, But Now You№re Tired Of Trying. Should Have Left Alone What You Have Stolen From Everyone. How Are You Feeling? You Seem A Little Sick To Me Now.03:24