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  • Glenn Yarbrough ("The Return Of The King")Frodo Of The Nine Fingers03:19

  • Glenn YarbroughLeave Tomorrow Till It Comes01:52

  • Glenn YarbroughMisty Mountains Cold / Gandalf's Reflection03:32

  • Glenn YarbroughWhere There's Whip, There's A Way01:41

  • Glenn YarbroughIt's So Easy Not To Try01:52

  • Glenn YarbroughIt's So Easy Not To Try01:55

  • Glenn YarbroughOrc`s Song01:40

  • Glenn YarbroughFrodo Of The Nine Fingers02:53

  • Glenn YarbroughRoads Go Ever On (The Hobbit)01:52

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Happy Whistler02:15

  • Glenn YarbroughDown, Down To Goblin Town01:30

  • Glenn YarbroughRoads, The Hobbit (1977) 01:54

  • Glenn YarbroughAngel Cake And Wine02:37

  • Glenn YarbroughVII. That's What Bilbo Baggins Hates / Misty Mountains Cold / Gandalf's Reflection. \\Hobbit, 1977//04:21

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Greatest Adventure02:13

  • Glenn YarbroughMisty Mountain Cold03:32

  • Glenn YarbroughMisty Mountains Cold02:07

  • Glenn YarbroughKaleidoscope02:44

  • Glenn YarbroughIn The Valley, Ha! Ha!01:47

  • Glenn YarbroughBaby, The Rain Must Fall02:20

  • Glenn YarbroughXII. In The Valley, Ha! Ha! (reprise). \\Hobbit, 1977//01:59

  • Glenn YarbroughOld Fat Spider02:23

  • Glenn YarbroughLonesome02:18

  • Glenn YarbroughFunny Little Things01:22

  • Glenn YarbroughDark As A Dungeon02:29

  • Glenn Yarbrough/Murray LawsBearer Of The Ring02:13

  • Glenn YarbroughA Good Woman Likes To Drink With The Boys04:07

  • Glenn YarbroughYou Know My Name02:46

  • Glenn YarbroughDown, Down To Goblin Town01:25

  • Glenn YarbroughOld Fat Spider (Hobbit, The (OST), 1977)02:23

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Greatest Adventure [1977. Хоббит]02:13

  • Glenn YarbroughGollum's Riddle02:16

  • Glenn YarbroughMisty Mountains Cold02:03

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Cracks Of Doom00:50

  • Glenn YarbroughII. In The Valley, Ha! Ha! \\Hobbit, 1977//01:51

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Tailor And The Mouse01:34

  • Glenn YarbroughThat's What Bilbo Baggins Hat04:18

  • Glenn YarbroughShe Touched Me02:59

  • Glenn Yarbrough (1980)Frodo Of Ninegingers (Return Of The King)02:53

  • Glenn YarbroughMisty Mountain Cold [The Hobbit 1977 OST]02:03

  • Glenn YarbroughRollin' Down The Hole01:29

  • Glenn YarbroughRed River Valley02:26

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Greatest Adventure (Instrumental)01:56

  • Glenn YarbroughWaltzing Matilda02:55

  • Glenn YarbroughThe Greatest Adventure02:18

  • Glenn YarbroughJohn Hardy02:22

  • Glenn YarbroughSeven Daffodils03:14

  • Glenn YarbroughVI. The Greatest Adventure (instrumental). \\Hobbit, 1977//01:58

  • Glenn YarbroughFunny Little Things01:19

  • Glenn YarbroughYou Can't Ever Go Home Again02:24

  • Glenn YarbroughLonesome Valley01:40

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