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  • Get ScaredBuilt For Blame04:14

  • Get ScaredSetting Yourself Up For Sarcasm03:26

  • Get ScaredDon't You Dare Forget The Sun03:13

  • Get ScaredProblematic03:08

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:30

  • Get ScaredDance With The Dead04:07

  • Miley CyrusI Get So Scared03:53

  • DMXI Get Scared (feat. Rachel Taylor)03:55

  • Get ScaredAt My Worst (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:40

  • Get ScaredSuffer03:37

  • Get ScaredDon't You Dare Forget The Sun03:13

  • Get ScaredBuried Alive03:05

  • Get ScaredBadly Broken03:23

  • Get ScaredAddict03:23

  • Get ScaredDeepest Cut03:21

  • Get ScaredCynical Skin03:09

  • Get ScaredDemons04:19

  • Get ScaredFor You03:40

  • Get ScaredSarcasm (Nightcore Remix)02:47

  • Get ScaredTold Ya So03:31

  • Get ScaredMy Nightmare (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:54

  • Get ScaredStumbling In Your Footsteps03:45

  • Get ScaredWhat If I'm Right?04:03

  • Get ScaredProblematic03:06

  • Get ScaredKeep Myself Alive03:36

  • Get ScaredSuffer03:37

  • Get ScaredWhen We Were Strong03:45

  • Get ScaredThe Devil's In The Details03:38

  • Get ScaredUnder My Skin03:38

  • Get Scared Stumbling In Your Footsteps Lyrics03:27

  • Get ScaredTake A Bow04:04

  • Get ScaredGod Damn Liar (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:08

  • Get ScaredMy Own Worst Enemy03:01

  • Get ScaredDon't You Dare Forget The Sun (Post-Harcore.RU)03:13

  • Get ScaredR.I.P. (Post-Hardcore.COM)03:37

  • Get ScaredCunning, Not Convincing (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:26

  • ► Get ScaredLock The Doors03:30

  • Get ScaredStart To Fall03:31