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  • Sia - Titanium You Shout It Out, But I Can't Hear A Word You Say I'm Talking Loud, Not Saying Much I'm Criticized, But All Your Bullets Ricochet You Shoot Me Down, But I Get Up [Chorus:] I'm Bulletproof, Nothing To Lose Fire Away, Fire Away Ricochet, Yo03:30

  • Marina And The DiamondsYou’re Hard To Hug, Tough To Talk To, You Never Fall Asleep, When You’re In My Bed, All You Give Me Is A Heart Beat. I’ve Turned Into A Statue And It Makes Me Feel Depressed. Cause The Only Time You Open Up Is When We Get Undressed. 03:31

  • [♥]SugababesGet Sexy [Silly Boys, They Loving Me So Much...Silly Boys, You Can Look But You Can’t Touch..Silly Boys, I Ain’t Got No Time To Talk...Silly Boys, Just Shut Up And Watch Me Walk]03:09

  • The Get Up KidsDon't Hate Me02:54

  • Green_DayWake_Me_Up_When_September_Ends_Max_Anderson_ReMix_2010_w_(get-tune.net03:24

  • R. Kelly Ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-DreamGirl, You Make Me Wanna Get You Pregnant...Lay Your Body Down And Get You Pregnant... Knock You Up, Pregnant, Knock You Up...This Song Has Got Me Hungry, Baby, Baby... So Tell Me That You Want Me, Baby, Baby...06:00

  • MattafiksBig City Life Big City Life, Me Try Fi Get By, Pressure Nah Ease Up No Matter How Hard Me Try. Big City Life, Here My Heart Have No Base, And Right Now Babylon De Pon Me Case. People In A Show, All Lined In A Row. We Just Push On By, It’s Funny03:55

  • Leah LabelleMake Me Get Up (Produced By The Neptunes)03:47

  • Bei Maejor I I I I I Told You, Not To Wear That Dress At The Club Tryna Dance Up On Me I Told You, Not To Push That Thing On Me If You Know I Want It [Hook] It’s Gon’ Get You In Trouble (oooh, Oooh) It’s Gon’ Get You In Trouble (oooh, Oooh) It’s Gon’ G03:34

  • James BrownTry Me (Live) Ost Get On Up03:01

  • Feat. Britney Spears VS Deorro - Scream & Shout Get Me (Dj StiFFleR Mush-UP)04:26

  • Deorro Feat.Tess Marie&Bastian Van Shield-Come And Get Me(DJ Витя Smiley Mash-up) [] 04:47

  • GHOSTEMANE Get Up Offa Me Ft. SO6ix03:18

  • Tyrone Wells(1) Sometimes I Get So Tired, Just Trying To Find A Place, To Lay My Head, I Look Up To The Sky, I Feel The Warmest Light Comfort Me, I've Seen The Great Heights, Reminding Me... That I'm Alive, I Don't Wanna Die, I Don't Wanna Waste Anoth03:37

  • Madilyn Bailey Titanium (минус)[Sia] You Shout It Loud But I Can't Hear A Word You Say I'm Talking Loud Not Saying Much I'm Criticized But All Your Bull Is Brick Of Shame You Shoot Me Down, But I Get Up [Chorus] I'm Bulletproof Nothing To Lose Fire Away11:09

  • Hard Rock Sofa, Eva Shaw & David Guetta & Skylar Grey & W&W & MAKJ M35&Andrew Rayel Get Down Shot Me Down Bigfoot Revolution (explosion Mash Up)08:04

  • ✔Three Days GraceGood Morning Day.Sorry I Am Not There.All My Favourite Friends Vanished In The Air.Its Hard To Fly When You Cant Even Run.Wats Are Up In This World.I Never Get The World.If I Needed Someone To Control Me,if I Needed Someone To Hold Me Down.03:27

  • RihhanaCome Here Rude Boy, Boy Can You Get It Up Come Here Rude Boy, Boy Is You Big Enough Take It, Take It Baby, Baby Take It, Take It Love Me, Love Me03:43

  • Janet Jackson Vs VivantGet It Out Me (Dj Neeles Boot-up) 05:24

  • Death Grips − Come Up And Get MeBoiler Room X Ray-Ban Live Show 201305:26

  • DJ FreshIt's Like Gold Dust Ya Hear Me Coming Through Your Spe-ea-kers, You See Me Mashin Up Your Air Waves, I Know You Can't Get Enough Of My Sound It's Like Gold Dust Ya Hear Me Coming Through Your Spe-ea-kers, You See Me Climbing Up Your Air Waves,03:11

  • Franz FerdinandGet Up And Use Me02:41

  • Pain - Bye/DieTell Me What Do You See When You See Yourself I Don't Really Get It How Do You Make It Through The Day Without Killing Yourself Bye Bye, Why Don't You Go And Die Die, I'll Fuck You Up You Want Me On My Knees But I'm Not Going Down Bye By03:02

  • Djent GripsCome Up And Get Me04:16

  • Booty LuvSome Kinda Rush (Club Mix)Feels Like Some Kinda Rush Yeah Yeah, So Good Wanna Show You How I Feel Can't Get Enough, Turn It Up It's Like Some Kinda Drug Irresistable Lust It Flows Through My Body, It's Lifting Me Up So Outta Control, Taking O05:33

  • I Think I Love Don't Think I'm Crazy When I Tell You This...but If You Ever Hurt Me, I'll Fucking Kill YouYou Never Thought, That A Bitch Like Me, Would Fuck You Up If You Cannot Please So You Betta Bow Down And Get On Your Knees, Pull The Diamonds Out, Gimme What I Need.02:52

  • Allie X Gonna bake you, make your dinner  Could be your cook  You can bring me home my bacon,  Chop the wood  Steal my bed, steal my heart  Whatever it takes to get you up  I'm your bitch  You're my bitch  You you!   In my thoughts, in my Bitch03:27

  • GorillazMelancholy Hill (Up On Melancholy Hill There’s A Plastic Tree Are You Here With Me Just Looking Out On The Day Of Another Dream Well You Can’t Get What You Want But You Can Get Me So Let’s Set Up And See ‘Cause You Are My Medicine When You’re Close To Me04:15

  • Deorro Feat. Tess Marie Vs. Morris & Dj Mad Come And Get Me Lover (Dj Alexx Slam Mash Up ) 04:27

  • P.Diddy Feat. Keyshia ColeLast Night, I Couldn’t Even Get An Answer. Tried To Call, But My Pride Wouldn’t Let Me Dial. And I’m Sitting Here, With This Blank Expression. And The Way I Feel, I Wanna Curl Up Like A Child. I Know You Can Hear Me I Know You Can Feel Me I Can’t Live Wi06:26

  • FERRY CORSTEN Feat. GURUHungry So It's Gonna Get Ugly, I'm Feeling Like Nobody Loves Me. Funky And I'm A Microphone Junky, Tearing Up From Country To Country05:30

  • DJ Alex Nepster @ Royal Music Spb Mash UpVanilla Ace & Pantheon - Get Close To Me (Alex Nepster Mash Up 2014)04:22

  • Stanton Warriors VS 2 Bad MiceBombscare Don't Get Me Down [Davey Boy Mash Up] [] 04:44

  • Bomb The Bass, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, The Charlatans, The Prodigy, Jane’s Addiction, Tim Dog Featuring KRS-OneBug Powder Dust (1994) / Pump Me Up (1984) / How High (1997) / Poison (1995) / Been Caught Stealing (1997) / Get Wrecked (1993)06:45

  • Stars On 45Disco 80's Medley "Let's Dance" - Dolce Vita, Hand's Up (Give Me Your Heart), Ring My Bell, Feels Like I'm In Love, Do You Wanna Funk?, Menergy, Use It Up And Wear It Out, One For You-One For Me, Don't You Want My Love, On The Beat, Boogie Nights, Once You Get Started, Stars Theme "Let's Dance"05:40

  • SKisM & DC Breaks Ft. Dee Freer Vs. Delta Heavy Vs. Ian JayKiller Vs. Get By Vs. Hold Me (Ian Jay Mash Up)04:20