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  • Marshall Hall - Gaither Vocal BandWhen I Cry04:25

  • Gaither Vocal BandGive It Away05:09

  • Neil Patrick HarrisBollywood (From "Neil's Puppet Dreams") [feat. Daniele Gaither]03:13

  • The Gaither Vocal BandPassin’ The Faith Along02:52

  • Gaither Vocal BandThe Love Of God (David Phelps, Larnelle Harris, Wes Hampton, Guy Penrod, Marshall Hall, Bill Gaither)04:12

  • Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gaither Vocal BandHoly Highway04:14

  • Bill GaitherBecause He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow08:06

  • Gaither Vocal Band I'll Pray For You 04:12

  • Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gaither Vocal BandOh! What A Time03:57

  • Gaither Vocal BandMy Journey To The Sky02:36

  • Gaither Vocal BandWhen We All Get Together With The Lord02:52

  • Gaither Vocal BandI Then Shall Live05:42

  • Gaither Vocal Band Greatly Blessed,highly Favored 03:00

  • Gaither Vocal BandLove Is Like A River (live)05:03

  • The Gaither Vocal BandThe Really Big News04:24

  • Gaither Vocal BandI Do Believe04:54

  • Gaither Vocal BandA Picture Of Grace05:34

  • Gaither Vocal BandHallelujah04:38

  • Gaither Vocal BandI Am Loved05:18

  • Gaither Vocal BandPlease Forgive Me03:54

  • ГейзерыGaither Vocal Band03:47

  • Gaither Vocal BandHoly Highway (live)03:46

  • Gaither Vocal BandLow Down The Chariot02:54

  • Gaither Vocal BandI'm Loving Life02:39

  • African Children's Choir/Bill & Gloria Gaither/Gaither Vocal Band/Homecoming FriendsLove Can Turn The World02:38

  • Gaither Vocal BandWhen He Talked About His Home04:40

  • AJ Gaither Old Truck04:43

  • Gaither Vocal Band O Love That Will Not Let Me Go03:32

  • GaitherI'm Gonna Sing03:32

  • AJ Gaither Whoa Goddamn02:20

  • Gaither Vocal BandShut De Do (feat. The Martins) [Medley] [Live]02:56

  • Gaither Vocal BandNew Wine (Jim Murray, Bill Gaither, Michael English, Gary McSpadden, David Phelps)02:31

  • Gaither Vocal BandOne Voice02:06

  • Gaither Vocal BandIn That Great Gettin' Up Morning02:33

  • Gaither Vocal BandBetter Day03:54

  • Gaither Vocal BandJesus Loves Me03:47

  • Bill Gaither Trio I Am A Promise03:29

  • Gaither Vocal Band Great Day (live)02:08

  • AJ Gaither Blackhole04:43

  • AJ Gaither Mama Said03:06

  • Правдивая История Красной Шапки (Hoodwinked!) - 200506. Benjy Gaither - Be Prepared02:46

  • Gaither Vocal BandGlorious Impossible04:57

  • GaitherI Stand Amazed (Live)04:32

  • Bill GaitherBecause Hi Lives03:58