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  • EladorTales Of Forgotten Kingdom03:26

  • Tales Of The ForgottenBelieve (feat. Jane Decker)04:47

  • Forgotten TalesFairytales05:11

  • Massive KontrolForgotten Tales (Original Mix)04:56

  • Forgotten TalesFar Away06:04

  • Forgotten TalesWord Of Truth05:23

  • JBC ArkadiForgotten Tales07:21

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]Que Sera02:44

  • Forgotten TalesThree Wishes08:47

  • Wax TaylorHow I Feel ■ Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies04:18

  • Blind Guardian The Forgotten Tales (1996) By Alister W.01:01:00

  • Ground ZeroTales Of The Forgotten 04:46

  • Quillava Forgotten Tales (Original Mix)~ANGE~08:20

  • Mr.WooXTales Of Forgotten Summers54:57

  • SteignyrTales Of A Forgotten Hero (2014)06:25

  • Forgotten TalesGuardian Angel05:09

  • Massive KontrolForgotten Tales (Original Mix)04:56

  • Forgotten TalesLady Of The Forest (Part II)05:00

  • Tales Of The ForgottenPrologue: Forgotten07:21

  • Forgotten TalesMagic Fountain04:28

  • Forgotten TalesAll The Sinners04:03

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]Our Dance 04:24

  • Forgotten TalesCold Heart04:52

  • Forgotten TalesThe Tale Of Neeris - Part II - Deadly Grasp04:12

  • NorthsongForgotten Tales07:10

  • Forgotten TalesAll The Sinners (Part III)04:02

  • LivarkahilForgotten Tales04:16

  • Wax TailorTales Of The Forgotten Melodies - Que Sera02:44

  • Forgotten TalesMy Soul06:42

  • EliwagarTales From A Forgotten Folk02:43

  • HDSounDIMost Epic Music Ever: Tales Of The Forgotten (Mix) - YouTube11:58

  • Dark Parables OSTForgotten Tales01:45

  • Forgotten TalesWind Oh Wind (Part IV)06:09

  • Forgotten TalesThe Tale Of Neeris (part 3 - Endless Dream)05:42

  • Forgotten TalesSanctuary04:16

  • Tales Of DarknordForgotten Evil 03:30

  • Forgotten TalesBroken Wings05:26

  • EliwagarTales From A Forgotten Folk02:43

  • Hell's GuardianThe Forgotten Tales01:15

  • Forgotten TalesThe Hideaway (Part I)01:53

  • Forgotten TalesMarch For Freedom (Part VI)04:25

  • UlfdisForgotten Tales08:56

  • Stu2f SoundForgotten Tales03:07

  • Blind Guardian - 1996 The Forgotten Tales04 Lord Of The Rings (Orchestral Version)03:56

  • LivarkahilForgotten Tales Http://

  • Forgotten TalesThe Massage (Part V)04:44

  • Tales Of DarknordForgotten Evil03:28

  • Wax TailorSeize The Day (Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies)02:42

  • Forgotten TalesGates Beyond Reality03:59

  • Forgotten TalesThe Reaper05:06

  • Forgotten TalesJeux D'enfants04:34

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]Am I Free06:01

  • Forgotten TalesWord Of Truth05:21

  • Forgotten TalesPagan Chronicles Part V - The Message04:45

  • Forgotten TalesDiviner06:21

  • The AenigmachineTales From My Forgotten Grave05:12

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]Where My Heart's At [feat. The Others]04:34

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]Hypnosis Theme [feat. Marina Quaisse]04:53

  • Wax Tailor [Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies,2006]I Don't Know03:39

  • Forgotten TalesHowling At The Moon05:19

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