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  • Женя + Таня = Love For Ever!М@лышк@)) любимая моя, ты моё счастье, моя радость, Я ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЛЮ! =**Моя сладкая, любимая девочка!!! Я очень тебя люблю и скучаю по тебе!!! Ты в моем сердце!)Я очень хочу к тебе. Эта песня ДЛЯ ТЕБЯ!&a03:55

  • Slipknot - SurfacingFuck It All! Fuck This World! Fuck Everything That You Stand For! Don't Belong! Don't Exist! Don't Give A Shit! Don't Ever Judge Me!03:37

  • Stevie NicksHas Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (Piano) (American Horror Story: Coven)02:05

  • Ever After High (by Nozomi-J For BlogDolls)Хей, Принцесса, зажигай! (Power Princess Shining Bright RUS)03:07

  • Lana Del Rey-Diet Mtn Dew You're No Good For Me Baby You're No Good For Me You're No Good For Me But Baby I Want You, I Want You [Chorus:] Diet Mountain Dew, Baby, New York City Never Was There Ever A Girl So Pretty Do You Think We'll Be In Love Forever? Do You Th03:39

  • The End Of The OceanWorth Everything Ever Wished For05:54

  • ATB Feat. Tiff Lacey - You`re My EverythingYou Are You Are All I’ll Ever Need You’re My Everything I Want To Thank You, For Not Giving Up On Me I Want To Thank You, For Believing What Could Be You See It Means So Very Much To Me I Want To Thank You, For Never Letting Go I Want To Thank Yo05:06

  • [■ ▶ ▮▮] ® Taylor SwiftWe Are Never Ever Get Back Together (Synchronice Remix) ★ EXCLUSIVE! For Club5485048 ★ [track At ➨ 12.10.2012] -Dubstep04:34

  • One DirectionBest Song Ever, Live In Concert For The FIRST TIME!03:36

  • PLATINUM SELLERS BEATSFor Ever Being In My Blood Навсегда навсегда я буду помнить тебя! 04:50

  • DFM RADIOHave You Ever Walked On The Edge Of The Life As We Could, We Could Have It All Even Times Got No Power To Stop Us Here Tonight As We Could, We Could Have It All. It’s Just One Thing Left For Us To Do Before This Night Miss You Something That I Want From 03:50

  • Jessica CurryEver Mine (Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs OST)00:52

  • Полина ГагаринаLyrics To A Million Voices We Are The Worlds People Different Yet We're The Same We Believe We Believe In A Dream Praying For Peace And Healing I Hope We Can Start Again We Believe We Believe In A Dream So If You Ever Feel Love Is Fading Together Li03:07

  • Enrique Iglesias & Witny HustonCould I Have This Kiss For Ever04:21

  • Vladimir CosmaGon On For Ever03:46

  • Aim For The SunriseNot Then, Not Now, Not Ever03:38

  • ♥♥♥ Christina Aguilera (I Love U Christina)Stronger Than Ever (this Is The Best Song For Nowadays)♥♥♥04:16

  • Casiotone For The Painfully AloneJeane, If You're Ever In Portland02:29

  • Bryan Adams And Hans Zimmer - Nothing Ive Ever KnownNow You're The One I'm Lookin For, You're The One I Need, You're The One That Gives Me - A Reason To Believe03:52

  • Nickelbackღ I'd Come For You ...I Finally Know Just What It Means To Let Someone In Just See The Side Of Me That No One Does Or Ever Will So If You're Ever Lost And Find Yourself All Alone I'd Search Forever Just To Bring You Home..ღ04:22

  • WarpedFor Ever04:28

  • Марио & Тимати Mario: Girl I Wanna Get To Know You Better Maybe We Can Spend A Night Together First Love Will Last Forever And Ever Forever. Girl I Wanna Get To Know You Better Maybe We Can Spend A Night Together First Love Will Last Forever And Ever For04:21

  • Maria HaukaasToo Taboo (реклама орбит) I Might Be Too Taboo I Have Tried To Be A Girl With Good Intentions For Out To Speak My Heart Without Any Pretentions My Words Will Never Ever Leave You Now I Will See What All Force Is Abou-ou-out Oops Did I A Say03:11

  • Stage RockersI'm Waiting [Original Mix] [SM] If You Ever Need Me (You)Know That I Will Sing For You Every Step Have Let Me Took My Dream About You And It's Anything That You Would Find Me I'm Pray For Just To Waiting..wait If You Ever Need Me I Will Be 06:32

  • My Favorite Robot Feat. Northern LiteFor Ever More (Marvin & Guy Transition)13:23

  • And More Than Ever I Hope To Never Fall, Where Enough Is Not The Same It Was BeforeCome Feed The Rain, Cos I'm Thirsty For Your Love, Dancing Underneath The Skies Of Lust. Yeah Feed The Rain, Cos Without Your Love My Life Ain't Nothing But This Carnival Of Rust04:19

  • Broke For FreeAs Colorful As Ever03:54

  • ÑΣVΣR GΣ† U$ΣD †Ø PΣØPLΣLove For Ever03:31

  • Bowling For SoupShe Doesn't Think That It's Ever Gonna Work Out02:58

  • ℂ⋆ Нашиды восток Islam For Ever La Ilaha Ila Allah Mohammad Rasulo Allah05:12

  • Alex BandRest Of Our Lives(And If You Ever Need Me, I'll Be There For You)03:56

  • Eili HarboeIf I Ever (Kyss Meg For Faen I Helvete! OST) 03:42

  • Diamond SkiesFriends For(N)Ever (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:01

  • Breaks From 2DR Jungle2DR Monkee | THE WILDEST BREAKS EVER [Bboy Mixtape For 2015]01:02:33

  • БивниДивноморск - Анапа (ЮГ For Ever)02:30

  • Sound Deejays Feat. FarishaLove You For Ever (ChromaChords - Midnight Remix)07:15

  • Bring Me Flowers And Talk For Hours And Ooh I Like YouAnd Ooh I Like How You Make Me Feel Kiss My Face Your Warm Embrace And Ooh I Like You.I’m A Little Scared To Hold You Closer Cause I Just Might Never Ever Let You Go Caught Up In Your Smile I’m Happy As A Child03:48

  • BoomboxSing In Rain Sing In Joy And In Pain , Bring Me That Sunshine. Like A Fool , Like A Guy From High School , Fell In Love With You - Joy Of Mine , And Whatever Ever Ever Happens To The Weather Right Now , Baby Girl One Thing I Know For Sure And More , We ..03:34

  • Bryan Adams Where Ever You Go (I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You)04:17

  • Charlotte & Serge GainsbourgCharlotte For Ever03:56

  • EnglishTogether For Ever02:40

  • CoverHas Anyone Ever Written Anything For You 04:39