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  • EXO-M双月之夜 (Two Moons) (feat. Key Of SHINee)02:59

  • 엑소-M (EXO-M) Chipmunk Version双月之夜 (Two Moons) (feat. Key Of SHINee)01:36

  • EXO-M Tao (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee)02:59

  • EXO'K Vs EXO'MTwo Moons02:57

  • [Teaser] EXO-M (feat. Key Of SHINee) 双月之夜 (Two Moons)01:17


  • EXO-M Two Moons At JSTV Countdown 121231-13010101:44

  • EXO-MTwo Moons02:57

  • EXO-M Two Moons (Tao's Part)00:13

  • Eileenx EXO-M's Two Moons 02:51

  • EXO-K & EXO-M♥ Two Moons02:57

  • EXO-M双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee)02:57

  • EXO K & EXO MTwo Moons02:57

  • EXO-MTWO MOONS Reverce02:57

  • EXO-M双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee)00:19

  • EXO-M두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (TWO MOONS)02:59

  • EXO-M&K双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee) [mix By Lyosha]02:57

  • EXO-K Two Moons03:03

  • EXO-M TWO MOONS02:57

  • EXO-MTwo Moons (Tao's Part)00:13

  • EXO-M双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee)00:06

  • EXO-MTWO MOONS 00:35

  • EXO-mTwo Moons (teaser)01:24

  • EXO-M双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key Of SHINee)00:25