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  • Chris Brown - ForeverIts Like I've Waited My Whole Life For This One Night It's Gon' Be Me You And The Dance Floor Cause We've Only Got One Life, Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun And Dance Forever (ever, Ever) Forever (ever, Ever) Forever (ever, E04:38

  • Slipknot - SurfacingFuck It All! Fuck This World! Fuck Everything That You Stand For! Don't Belong! Don't Exist! Don't Give A Shit! Don't Ever Judge Me!03:37

  • Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse Of The Heart And I Need You Now Tonight, And I Need You More Than Ever And If You'll Only Hold Me Tight, We'll Be Holding On Forever And We'll Only Be Making It Right, 'cause We'll Never Be Wrong Together We Can Take I04:16

  • Lisa Lavie - Angel Tell Me Am I Ever Gonna Find My Angel03:48

  • Susana Feat. Omnia & The BlizzardCloser (Original Mix) (touch The Agony In Me Then Bring Me Here The Melody...all I Ever Was, All I'll Ever Be When You're Near I Feel I'm Closer)04:37


  • The Ready SetGive Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)03:48

  • Lana Del Rey-Diet Mtn Dew You're No Good For Me Baby You're No Good For Me You're No Good For Me But Baby I Want You, I Want You [Chorus:] Diet Mountain Dew, Baby, New York City Never Was There Ever A Girl So Pretty Do You Think We'll Be In Love Forever? Do You Th03:39

  • NефтьDon't Ever Save Me04:39

  • RepublicaLove Me, Hate Me, Hurt Me And Break Me, Want Me, Take Me, But Don't Ever Leave Me...04:00

  • Glee CastAnd I Need You Now Tonight And I Need You More Than Ever And If You'll Only Hold Me Tight We'll Be Holding On Forever And We'll Only Be Making It Right Cause We'll Never Be Wrong Together We Can Take It To The End Of The Line Your Love Is 04:25

  • Smile Empty SoulDont Ever Leave Me Alone03:14

  • ATB Feat. Tiff Lacey - You`re My EverythingYou Are You Are All I’ll Ever Need You’re My Everything I Want To Thank You, For Not Giving Up On Me I Want To Thank You, For Believing What Could Be You See It Means So Very Much To Me I Want To Thank You, For Never Letting Go I Want To Thank Yo05:06

  • Хиты 80-90-х ACE Of BASE Unspeakable (All I Wanna Say To You Is Na Na Na Na... Never Thought I Needed Someone To Call My Own. But Now That You've Got Me Don't Ever Let Me Go. You Leave Me Unwanting Your Silence Every Need. Nothing Is Missing No Love Is So Comlete.)03:14

  • Christina Aguilera-Stronger Than Ever"How I Wish You, You Suffered Less Too It Tears Us Both Apart And It's Not Pretty The Way You Criticize Me And How It Breaks My Heart"(c)04:16

  • Nicole Scherzinger -You Are My Baby LoveIn A Minute Now We're Still Holding It Down Butterflies Everytime He Come Around You Make Me, So Crazy, Its Crazy, Ohh Baby I Don't Ever Wanna Be With No One Else You're The Only One That Ever Made Me Mad You're Special, Boy It's Your,03:34

  • Marcelo ZarvosDon't Ever Let Me Go (Ost Выбор)03:13

  • Sqz MeEver I Need You (Original Mix)04:48


  • NефтьDon't Ever Save Me (OST "Бой с тенью 3")05:03

  • Within Temptation - All I NeedI'm Dying To Catch My Breath Oh Why Don't I Ever Learn I've Lost All My Trust That I'm Sure We Try To Turn It Around Can You Still See The Heart Of Me All My Agony Fades Away When You Hold Me In Your Embrace Don't Turn Me Down For Al04:48

  • J.Faraday U Belong 2 Me.........4 Ever 02:57

  • Marien-ijIf You Ever Can Forget Me...03:21

  • NефтьDon't Ever Save Me (OST "Бой с тенью 3")05:00

  • Giles CoreyNo One Is Ever Going To Want Me08:14

  • La CrossSave Me (Swan Lake)Save Me, From The Rain And Hold Me Ease That Pain, Don't Rape Me And Leave Me Into Life (I Wll Save You) Don't Ever Take Me, The Must In Me And Make Me Feel Love Again So Free All The Things I've Got To Hide (Don't Leave03:52

  • ♥Katy PerryYou Make Me Feel Like I'm Living A Teenage Dream The Way You Turn Me On, I Can't Sleep Let's Runaway And Don't Ever Look Back, Don't Ever Look Back My Heart Stops When You Look At Me Just One Touch Now Baby I Believe This Is Rea03:47

  • Blaxy GirlsIf You Wanna Lie To Me If You'll Ever See Yourself Don't Come Back And Cry For Me 'Cause You've Gone Too Far If You Feel My Love Can You Hear My Thoughts Can You Feel Everything And If You Hear My Thoughts Can You Feed My Soul Can You Sav03:25

  • Igor Garnier Feat Syntheticsax & ManeForever & Ever (Dance With Me) (Radio Edit) 03:25

  • If You Ever Need MeI Will Be The One Who Stay, So I'm Waiting05:26

  • Bryan Adams And Hans Zimmer - Nothing Ive Ever KnownNow You're The One I'm Lookin For, You're The One I Need, You're The One That Gives Me - A Reason To Believe03:52

  • Crown CardinalsFooling Me Was The Worst Idea Ever (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:23

  • 비피팝 (BP POP)다퉜어 (Never Ever Let Me Go)03:33

  • Hanoi RocksDon't You Ever Leave Me04:06

  • Breaking BenjaminGive Me A Sign (Forever And Ever)03:44

  • The Ready SetGive Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) {OST Побег с планеты Земля / Escape From Planet Earth}03:48

  • In This World We Are Alone You Know I Love My Island Home Take This Ride Find Our Way Through This Mystery I Just Wanna Be Swimming In The Sea Now It's Just You And Me Forever-ever-ever I Just Wanna Be With You Feeling Free It's My Destiny Fore- I Just Wanna Be01:13

  • Ever Burning BrightStay After Me03:28

  • Basshunter "Angel In The Night" You Are My Light In The Dark You Are The Beating In My Heart But That Is Not Enough Will I Ever Be By Your Side Your Hair Is Dancing In The Wind Your Eyes Are Burning Off My Skin And I'm So Happy When I See That You Are Smiling Back At Me ...03:23