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  • HumanChristina Perri Boy Epic Cover03:42

  • Deus Ex Human RevolutionIcarus (Epic Rock Cover)03:58

  • A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) (Boy Epic Cover)Say Something 03:44

  • Serious SamFight 2 (Ansia Epic Cover)02:40

  • Jacob's PianoInterstellar - Main Theme - Hans Zimmer (Epic Instrumental/piano Cover)04:47

  • Epic PopUmbrella (feat. Jazelle) (Rihanna Cover)03:55

  • UndertaleDeath By Glamour Epic Rock Cover02:17

  • ИзморозьКазачья (Сектор Газа Epic Battle/Pagan Black Metal Cover)03:49

  • Little V MillsUndertale - Bonetrousle "Epic Metal" Cover02:52

  • Organ / Piano Cover EpicInterstellar "First Step" Hans Zimmer04:11

  • Little V MillsDark Souls 3 Main Menu Theme Epic Metal Cover02:44

  • Little VThis Will Be The Day "Epic Rock" Cover/Remix03:14

  • LittleVMillsPacific Rim Theme (Epic Rock Cover)04:39

  • Hans Zimmer Interstellar - Main Theme (Epic Instrumental-piano Cover)04:47

  • Daft PunkGet Lucky "Epic Djent" Cover/remix (Little V) 03:58

  • LittleVMillsHopes And Dreams/SAVE The World "Epic Rock" Cover (Undertale OST)05:39

  • Little V MillsHalo Theme Epic Metal Cover03:35

  • Aeron TaleНу, погоди! (epic Metal Cover) V1.000:48

  • Interstellar "First Step" Hans Zimmer Soundtrack - Church Organ / Piano Cover EpicDavid Robertshaw04:11

  • Boy Epic Say Something (Cover)00:59

  • Михаил Собин (ProgMuz)Fallout 4 (epic Rock Cover)02:26

  • Little VSlender Man Song "Epic Metal" Cover/Remix 01:52

  • SpektrowskiCutie Mark Crusaders Song - Epic Metal Cover02:57

  • Little VDeus Ex Human Revolution "Icarus" Epic Rock Cover 03:53

  • Little V MillsDragon Age: Inquisition Theme «Epic Rock» Cover03:56

  • EquilibriumSkyrim: The Dragonborn Comes (Epic Metal Cover)01:45

  • LittleVMillsCleric Beast Theme "Epic Rock" Cover (Bloodborne)02:41

  • Little V MillsDOOM 4 - E1M1 "Epic Metal" Cover/Remix01:46

  • LittleVAttack On Titan - XL-TT "Epic Metal" Cover 03:52

  • Killer Instinct Main ThemeEpic Rock Cover04:55

  • Little V Feat. Jess SickAssassin's Creed Revelations Epic Rock Cover05:20

  • Boy EpicSay Something (Cover)03:44

  • Little V'Ezio's Family' Epic Rock Cover02:52

  • Nick Epic (Natalia Kills Cover)Wonderland02:30

  • "Epic Rock" Cover/Remix (Little V)Pacific Rim Theme 04:39

  • Little V MillsDeus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Theme "Epic Metal" Cover02:57

  • Asking Aleksandria – Epic Moment Cover00:27

  • Disney MedleyEPIC EDITION (Jervy Hou & Bri Heart Cover)05:11

  • LittleVFather Gascoigne Theme Epic Metal Cover (Bloodborne)03:32

  • Little VFTL Theme 'Epic Rock' Cover04:50

  • Ramin DjawadiEPIC Game Of Thrones Theme (Cover)04:54

  • Armin Van Buuren Ft Cimo FränkelStrong Ones (EPIC Piano Cover)03:46

  • Katy PerryUnconditionally (cover By Boy Epic)03:51

  • Church Organ / Piano Cover EpicInterstellar "First Step" Hans Zimmer Soundtrack04:11

  • The Evil WithinLong Way Down (Epic Rock Cover)04:19

  • Loony SpectreBats (Epic Metal Cover)03:40

  • Boy EpicCity Of Angels (30 Seconds To Mars Cover)04:37

  • SonicPulseMetal Theme Epic Power Metal Cover (Adventure Time)01:35

  • James MillsDust An Elysian Tail Abadis Forest (Epic Rock Cover)04:19

  • James MillsSkyrim Theme (Epic Rock/Metal Cover)05:06

  • Jacob's PianoInterstellar-Main Theme-Hanz Zimmer (Epic Instrumental, Piano Cover)04:43

  • Little VMaya Theme "Epic Rock" Cover (Killer Instinct)03:03

  • Boy EpicThe Heart Wants What It Wants (Selena Gomez Cover)03:30

  • LittleVMillsCarol Of The Bells 'epic Metal' Cover/remix03:35

  • Little VMass Effect 2 - Normandy Reborn Epic Rock Cover02:27

  • Logan Epic CantoBaba Yetu (Cover)03:27

  • АквалазыКолдунья (Epic Instrumental Cover)01:15

  • MachigeritaLet It Go (Epic Gothic Cover)04:11

  • Undertale OST Megalovania | Epic Rock Cover02:55

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