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  • Emo Side ProjectEmo Paradise (Coolio)05:17

  • Emo Side ProjectOcean05:09

  • Emo Side ProjectKyoto (Yung Lean Cover)04:46

  • Emo Side ProjectLost At Sea06:01

  • Emo Side ProjectDream Girl05:08

  • Emo Side ProjectDo A Barrel Roll!05:11

  • Emo Side ProjectGoodbye Space04:34

  • Emo Side ProjectYou're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!04:15

  • Emo Side ProjectHow's The Weather?05:30

  • Emo Side ProjectMC Emo03:37

  • Emo Side ProjectSet Phasers To Love Me04:05

  • Emo Side ProjectBlaine's Charizard05:44

  • Emo Side ProjectThe Joie De Vivre Break Up Song02:53

  • Emo Side ProjectStrawberry Shampoop03:16

  • Joie De VivreSundays (emo Side Project)04:37

  • Emo Side ProjectYou Thought You Could Beat Me In A Game Of Skip-It. You Were Wrong.04:58

  • Emo Side ProjectA Letter03:30

  • Emo Side ProjectErika's Dragonair06:44

  • Emo Side ProjectLoveLetterTypewriter (Mineral)04:06

  • Emo Side ProjectAre You Afraid Of The Dark?04:05

  • Emo Side ProjectFor Sure (American Football)03:15

  • Emo Side ProjectI Guess Everything Reminds You Of Something05:09

  • Emo Side ProjectIt Could've Been Different03:50

  • Emo Side ProjectBirthday02:25

  • Emo Side ProjectRocket's Mewtwo05:18

  • Emo Side ProjectThere's No Such Thing As Destiny04:25

  • Emo Side ProjectA Clean, Well-Lighted Place03:28

  • Emo Side ProjectI Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)04:07

  • Emo Side ProjectRadio (Lana Del Rey)03:12

  • Emo Side ProjectLyin' Mayans05:01

  • Emo Side ProjectI Love You X1003:37

  • Emo Side ProjectGhost Whisperer04:44

  • Emo Side ProjectTJ Combo03:43

  • Emo Side ProjectLavender03:50

  • Emo Side ProjectSam Rudich02:34

  • Emo Side ProjectEarly Spring05:38

  • Emo Side ProjectSam Rudich (Snowing)02:34

  • Emo Side ProjectBlue-eyes White Dragon07:56

  • Emo Side ProjectDo A Barrel Roll!05:11

  • Emo Side ProjectWhy Do We Always Have To Resort To Pillows And Natalie Portman?05:16

  • Emo Side ProjectSeafoam03:51

  • Emo Side ProjectTeenage Dream (Katy Perry)04:01

  • Emo Side ProjectYou Know What Sucks? Everything04:32

  • Emo Side ProjectA Way I'll Never Be06:03

  • Emo Side ProjectIf Sorry Meant Anything You'd Still Be Here (Full Band Version)04:59

  • Emo Side ProjectSad Song04:00

  • Emo Side ProjectThis MegaHertz05:00

  • Emo Side ProjectI'm Just Crying And Watching Soccer03:08

  • Emo Side ProjectBoyfriend (Justin Bieber)03:02

  • Emo Side ProjectThe First Day Of School03:16

  • Emo Side ProjectWrestleMania XIII03:34

  • Emo Side ProjectEmo Elmo02:57

  • Emo Side ProjectThe End Of Something05:16

  • Emo Side ProjectSome Kind Of Cadwallader (Algernon Cadwallader)02:31

  • Emo Side ProjectBe Mine02:57

  • Emo Side ProjectLove07:10

  • Emo Side ProjectAn Idea Is A Greater Monument Than A Cathedral (Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate))06:49

  • Emo Side ProjectMarble Hornets04:23

  • Emo Side ProjectFriday (Rebecca Black) (Feat. Paul Wille)04:18

  • Emo Side ProjectAs Long As I'm Yours05:51

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