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  • The Chromium HeartDragged Down And Out04:35

  • AmneZiaDown And Out03:41

  • The CasualtiesDown And Out03:43

  • Ne-YoDown And Out (On A Friday Night)03:17

  • S7 Airlines And OK GoUpside Down & Inside Out03:12

  • The Chromium HeartDragged Down And Out 04:35

  • ⇑Krimma Down And Out04:36

  • Gloria GaynorI Will Survive =)))))))Go On Now Go, Walk Out The Door. Just Turn Around Now, Cause You're Not Welcome Anymore. Weren't You The One Who Tried To Hurt Me With Goodbye? You Think I'd Crumble? You Think I'd Lay Down And Die? Oh No Not I05:07

  • Jay-z Feat. Alicia KeysEmpire State Of Mind - Yea [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Yea I'm Out That Brooklyn, Now I'm Down In TriBeCa Right Next To Deniro, But I'll Be Hood Forever I'm The New Sinatra, And... Since I Made It Here I Can Make It Anywhere, Yea, They Love Me Every04:36

  • The Diary Of JaneSomething's Getting In The Way Something's Just About To Break I Will Try To Find My Place In The Diary Of Jane So Tell Me How It Should Be Try To Find Out What Makes You Tick As I Lie Down Sore And Sick Do You Like That? Do You Like That? There&a03:18

  • Missy ElliottWork It (LUNICE Remix)/ [Chorus] Is It Worth It, Let Me Work It I Put My Thing Down, Flip It And Reverse It It's (I Put Thing Down, Flip And Reverse It)*Backwards 2x* If You Got A Big [elephant], Let Me Search It To Find Out How Hard I Gotta Work Ya 04:31

  • Nina SimoneNobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Stereo)02:37

  • Rapsody-(Black_Attack)Heartless-Check It, Check It Now,Come On.The Real Game,Sex With Little Kids,Word Is Out,That It’s Good For The Biz,Demand Is High,Supply Is Low,You Need Mo’ Sex And Got No Mo’ Hos,Where Do You Go?Down To The Corner Store,You Need More Loot...03:56

  • Джон ЛенонNobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)05:08

  • Raccoon FighterDown And Out In A Diamond City02:33

  • Keri Hilson-I LikeSun Down, Friday Night, Uptown City Lights, Here I Go Start It Out, I Like, Dressed Up Out The Door So Damn Ready For One Night Maybe More, I Like, I Like, With Strobe Light Hot Cores Dirty Minds When You Cross My Way, I Like, I Like, Just You And I Touch03:36

  • The Chromium Heart Dragged Down And Out04:35

  • John LennonNobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out)05:05

  • Baptized In BloodDown And Out [2010]04:41

  • DestineDown And Out03:09

  • Love Is Colder Than DeathDown And Out03:13

  • The Chromium Heart Dragged Down And Out04:24

  • Booze & GloryDown And Out [As Bold As Brass - 2014]02:56

  • One Less ReasonShe Said I Wonder When It'll Be My Day,'Cause I'm Not Too Far From Breaking Down...And All I’ve Got Are Screams Inside,But Somehow They Come Out In A Smile...And I'm Wondering If I'll Always Feel This Way, This Way04:32

  • Bo Cendars And Sandy EstradaBring That Fockr Down (Mix In Mix Out)04:47

  • Ruth BrownNobody Knows You When You're Down And Out05:39

  • Max Schneider & ZendayaWhat Would I Do Without Your Smart Mouth Drawing Me In, And You Kicking Me Out Got My Head Spinning, No Kidding, I Can’t Pin You Down What’s Going On In That Beautiful Mind I’m On Your Magical Mystery Ride And I’m So Dizzy, Don’t Know What Hit Me, But I’l04:17

  • **Аврил Лавин**Tripping Out, Spinning Around I'm Underground, I Felt Down, Yeah I Felt Down I'm Freaking Out To All Am I Now Upside Down And I Can't Stop It Now It Can't Stop Me Now03:34

  • The GriswoldsDown And Out03:20