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  • Just Be Feat. Jess MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You (Magic Mix) 06:28

  • Just Be Feat. Jesse MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You (Dub)01:30

  • P.Diddy Feat. Keyshia ColeLast Night ....Tell Me The Words To Say,To Make You Come Back,And Work Me Like That. And If It Matters I’ll Rather Stay Home,With You I’m Never Alone.Don’t Want To Wait Till You’re Gone,Let Me Be, Just Don’t Leave Me.06:26

  • [ ♥ ] Hi, Baby, Here I Am Feel Like I'm Born Again You See It In My Eyes – My Heart Is On Fire Don't Hide Your Love Away – Don't Wait Another Day Show Me Your Love Show Me How Much You Care Talk To My Heart Whisper My Name Show Me Your Love I Need 02:55

  • Kingdome Come ℗ 2013 «Outlier»08. Don't Want You To Wait04:29

  • Just Be Feat. Jess MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You (Magic Mix)06:23

  • Kingdom ComeDon't Want You To Wait04:32

  • Daughtry - Ghost Of MeDon't Look Over Your Shoulder 'Cause That's Just The Ghost Of Me You're Seeing In Your Dreams, Wait, There's No Rhyme Or Reason, Sometimes There's No Meaning In The Visions When You're Sleepin', Don't Wake Up And Believ03:36

  • Danny CopeThere’s Nothing In The Way There’s Nothing Left To Say There’s Just A Perfect Day For Us To Use. There’s Nothing Else To See No Better Place To Be Now That You’re Here With Me And I’m With You. Why Don’t We Wait, Here. I Just Wanna Stay Here. Why Don’t 03:24

  • Elliott YaminSo Baby, I Will Wait For You Cause I Don't Know What Else I Can Do, Don't Tell Me I Ran Out Of Time, If It Takes The Rest Of My Life Baby I Will Wait For You, If You Think I'm Fine It Just Ain't True, I Really Need You In My Life, N04:17

  • Kanye WestYou Run And Tell Your Friends That You're Leaving Me They Say That They Don't See What You See In Me You Wait A Couple Months Then You Gon' See You'll Never Find Nobody Better Than Me 03:32

  • Правильная Музыка™Just Be Feat. Jess Monroe - Don't Make Me Wait For You (Magic Mix)06:30

  • Just Be Feat. Jess Monroe Don't Make Me Wait For You (Magic Mix)06:30

  • Just Be Feat. Jesse MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You01:30

  • Edward Maya-My Song Is LoveI Feel You Voice In My Head I Feel Inside That Love Your Heavy Heart Is Made Of Stone I Feel, Let You Don’t Care My Song Is Love, Is Love I Know The One Is Stand And Wait I Gonna Live Until To Late I Wonna Send And Say: I’ve Lost My Hear02:27

  • Just Be Feat. Jess MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You (Magic Mix) 06:21

  • Sawano HiroyukiI Don’t Want Nobody To Get Killed I’ll Come And Get You, I Am Always Ready To Fight So Don’t Take All Of The Blame We’re All As Bad Ah Wait, Don’t Take All Of It Away You Always Do We’ll Always Be Something You Cannot Control We Will Overcome – Your Sal04:04

  • Bruno Mars Feat. ClaudeGirl I Wait (Shouts) ( 2o11 ) Wish We Could Run It Off But We Can't Stop Time Seems The Clock Is Running Too Fast And Now I'm Feeling Lost And I Can't Read Your Mind But You Don't Have To Ask02:32

  • БумбоксLove, Love, LOVE... You Just Have To Wait... She Said LOVE... Love Don't Come Easy...05:34

  • The VeronicasI Can't Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie I Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Get Get What I Want Don't Stop Give Me Give Me Give Me What You Got Got Cause I Can't Wait Wait Wait Any More More More More Don't Even Talk About The Consequence Cause Right Now You&04:15

  • Icy FishI Don't Wait For You (DEMO)03:37

  • You Say Party! We Say Die!Don't Wait Up03:29

  • АдажиоI Don't Know Where To Find You I Don't Know How To Reach You I Hear Your Voice In The Wind I Feel You Under My Skin Whithin My Heart And My Soul I Wait For You Adagio All Of These Nights Without You All Of My Dreams Surround You I See And I Touch04:24

  • Lloyd Feat Lil Wayne- PushaYou're My Pusha Girl You Got The World But I Wanna Try Don't Wanna Break The Rules But I Get High Off Your Supply Don't Make Me Wait I'll Do What It Takes Your Love Is The Fix I Wanna Taste Her Love Is Like Cocaine Cocaine I'm Flying03:56

  • Just Be Feat. Jesse MonroeDon't Make Me Wait For You (Subb-an Remix)01:30

  • WeedekindWhy Don't You Wait (Stanisha Late Night Remix)08:08

  • Baby I Will Wait For You Cause I Don’t Know What Else I Can Do04:24

  • Armin Van Buuren Feat. Victoria Horn-I'm Waiting For YouSometimes There's A Moment…Sometimes We Don't See…Now We Stand To Frighten, Scared To Believe…Now I Wait For You…'Till You Wake Me, From My Sleep…And I'll Wait For You…Let My Voice Be, Yours To Keep…05:52

  • TEN «The Name Of The Rose» ℗1996 01 The Name Of The Rose 02 Wildest Dreams 03 Don't Cry 04 Turn Around 05 Pharaoh's Prelude: Ascension To The Afterlife 06 Wait For You 07 The Rainbow 08 Through The Fire 09 Goodnight Saigon 10 Wings Of The Storm 11 Standing In01:17:51

  • Icy FishI Don`t Wait For You03:34

  • Yeah Yeah YeahsWait, They Don't Love You Like I Love You03:49

  • Tom Boxer I Don`t Wanna Wait For You 04:21

  • Robert Skoro In Line ( Could Wait A While, Let Everything Have Its' Way, Crack A Secret Subtle Smile And Everything Will Be, Okay And I Promise You That I Won't Leave You Here I Couldn't Do That To Myself And, Not Again, Not With You, My Friend I Don'04:34

  • Elliott YaminSo Why Does Your Pride Make You Run And Hide? Are You That Afraid Of Me? But I Know It's A Lie What You Keep Inside This Is Not How You Wanted To Be....So Baby I Will Wait For You Cause I Don't Know What Else I Can Do Don't Tell Me I Ran 04:19

  • While You WaitThe Balance: Don't Look Back01:29

  • Thanks For ComingI've Never Been Able To Live Like A Normal Person So All I Do Is Wait For You To Come And Fall Asleep When You Don't02:24

  • Alan Pride And Jeremy Kalls I Don't Want To Feel Alone, Tell Me What Are You Feeling On? I Don't Want To Feel Alone, Don't Make Me Wait There Alone...03:09

  • Icy FishI Don't Wait For You (Voice Studio)03:33