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  • KixDon't Close Your Eyes04:14

  • Virgin DustDon't Close Your Eyes04:53

  • Sam TinneszDon't Close Your Eyes04:50

  • Save SwitzerlandDon't Close Your Eyes04:41

  • DarkhausDon't Close Your Eyes03:46

  • Set Things RightDon't Close Your Eyes04:04

  • Mike WardDon't Close Your Eyes (Live)01:34

  • Take That - Rule The WorldYou Light The Skies, Up Above Me A Star, So Bright, You Blind Me, Yeah Don’t Close Your Eyes Don’t Fade Away, Don’t Fade Away- Oh Yeah You And Me We Can Ride On A Star If You Stay With Me Girl We Can Rule The World (OST 'Stardust')04:00

  • Nova RiseDon't Close Your Eyes03:13

  • Klaus Hallen (Slow Waltz)Don't Close Your Eyes04:41

  • James FigurineDon't Close Your Eyes05:00

  • Take A Breath, Rest Your Head, Close Your Eyes. You're Alright. Just Lay Down. Turn My Side. Do You Feel My Heat On Your Skin? Take Off Your Clothes, Blow Out The Fire. Don't Be So Shy. You're Alright You're Alright Take Off My ClothImany, Filatov & Karas - Don't Be So Shy 02:57

  • Chris YoungDon't Close Your Eyes 04:14

  • Hi!Call!ForgetChapter I. Don't You Dare To Close Your Eyes04:59

  • Marc JB, Polina GriffithDon't Close Your Eyes (Deluxe Club Mix) →

  • Lui Fill Don't Close Your Green Eyes (Original Mix)07:18

  • Sky TerminalDon't Close Your Eyes03:43

  • Sometimes Picture `s On The Phone When You Call Me. I `m So Happy But I Don `t Show It Now. Please Tell Me What Is The Problem? That I Miss Your Eyes, Because I Don `t Know. How? You Are So Close To Me But Tell Me How Can It Be? Refrain: Sometimes You Go Someti04:31

  • Jake WorthingtonDon’t Close Your Eyes (The Voice Performance)03:45

  • Mike WardDon't Close Your Eyes02:21

  • Please, Don't Leave Me NowHoney, Don't You Close Your Eyes03:37

  • Josh WoodwardDon't Close Your Eyes03:32

  • NickNack Ft. Mona MouaNickNack Ft. Mona Moua - Don't Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) [M]06:20

  • Mike WardDon't Close Your Eyes (Final)02:22

  • Marc JB Feat. Polina GriffithDon't Close Your Eyes (Manuel De La Mare & Joy (BG) Remix)07:25

  • Медленный вальсDon't Close Your Eyes02:37

  • Люблю тебя зайка)) я без тебя жыть не могу* я хотела бы бежать, умирать, или в любовь играть но только с тобой) потому что люблюDon't Close Your Eyes03:43

  • Lady TomDon't Close Your Eyes06:01

  • Keith Whitley Don't Close Your Eyes In The Style (minus)04:25

  • Set Things RightDon't Close Your Eyes03:49

  • Sky TerminalDon't Close Your Eyes04:05

  • The Cranberries - Analyse Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Breathe The Air Out There We Are Free, We Can Be Wide Open For You Open My Eyes To The Beauty I See We Will Pray, We Will Stay Wide Open Don't Analyse Don't Analyse Don't Go That Way Don't L04:06

  • MethwitchDon't Close Your Eyes03:40

  • Sasha Orlov, LisstallyDon't Close Your Eyes (PrototypeRaptor Remix)06:05

  • MendumStay With Me [NCS Release]03:05

  • Marc JB, Polina GriffithDon't Close Your Eyes (Manuel De La Mare & Joy (BG) Remix)07:36

  • CloudscapeDon't Close Your Eyes04:36

  • Klaus HallenDon't Close Your Eyes04:41

  • Hi!Call!ForgetDon't You Dare To Close Your Eyes05:03

  • FeroszDon't Close Your Eyes04:19

  • George Acosta Ft. The Voice In FashionDon't Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) 08:15

  • Radio Record |Exlusive| Roman Bellezzo & Slam DJ's Chorus You Are Frozen, So Frozen Just Close Your Eyes, Don't Open And You're Losing Candle Light Just Left Your World Behind 1st Verse Lonely Night, There's No Regret And No Delight. Empty Streets, Here I'm Standing, There You Go Coz I&02:39

  • Robert Glasper TrioDon't Close Your Eyes05:12

  • Parkway DriveDon't Close Your Eyes (2006) [Re-Issue] | Full Album42:42