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  • ♫ Plumb ♫Hang On! When The Water Is Rising Hang On! When The Waves Are Crashing Hang On! Just Don’t Ever Let Go03:07

  • RAVEN K-ON!Opening Don`t Say You Are Lazy Rus01:30

  • DisturbedWarrior/Come On Bring It Don’t Sing It Better Believe It Broken Down Till Your Hope Has Died Beat Down Till Victory’s Mine Stand Up And Show Me Some Pride And Now, Are You Ready? Chorus: I’m The One With The Warrior Inside My Dominance Can’t Be Denied 03:25

  • Sometimes Picture `s On The Phone When You Call Me. I `m So Happy But I Don `t Show It Now. Please Tell Me What Is The Problem? That I Miss Your Eyes, Because I Don `t Know. How? You Are So Close To Me But Tell Me How Can It Be? Refrain: Sometimes You Go Someti04:31

  • Toni Braxton - Yesterday[...You, You Are So Yesterday Never Thought You’d Loose My Love This Way Now You Come Begging Me To Stay. Say, You, You Are So Yesterday I Won’t Let You Rain On My Parade Don’t Wanna Hear A Thing You Say So Yesterday...]03:48

  • RoxanneRoxanne You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light Those Days Are Over You Don't Have To Sell Your Body To The Night 03:12

  • StarsailorI Don't Know What Love Is But I Think I Had It See That Poor Girl With The Glint In Her Eye She Could Turn You That Way If You're Willing To Try Don't You Worry About Your Friends And The Time They're Having They Are On The Outside And Th03:21

  • Marlon RoudetteNew Age......If Love Was A Word, I Don’t Understand. The Simplest Sound, With Four Letters. Whatever It Was, I’m Over It Now. With Every Day, It Gets Better. Are You Loving Pain, Loving The Pain? And With Everyday, Everyday I Try To Move On. Whatever 04:32

  • CL (feat Diplo)Can You See It? The Worst Is Over The Monsters In My Head Are Scared Of Love Fallen People Listen Up! It's Never Too Late To Change Our Luck So, Don't Let Them Steal Your Light Don't Let Them Break Your Stride There Is Light On The02:35

  • Plumb" Hang On When The Water Is Rising Hang On When The Waves Are Crashing Hang On Just Don?t Ever Let Go I'm So Stubborn It's How I Got Here So Alone Feels Like Forever Wanna Swim Away And Breath The Open Air I Feel So Afraid T03:10

  • Stars On 45Stevie Wonder Medley: Uptight/My Cherie Amour/Yester-Me, Yester You/Yesterday/Master Blaster/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/Isn't She Lovely/Stars On Jingle/Sir Duke/I Wish/I Was Made To Love Her/For Once In My Life/Superstition/Sir Duke/Don't Yo07:49

  • SAMANTA JADE - SOLDIER.I'm Lying Here In The Darkness The Middle Of Nowhere, There's No One In Sight Caught In The Madness, Don't Wanna Be Like This I'm Losing My Mind Wanna See Inside Your Head What's Going On In There? Tell Me Where You Are So I Can Stop03:19

  • Katy Perry - PeacockAre You Brave Enough To Let Me See Your Peacock? Don't Be A Chicken Boy, Stop Acting Like A Beeotch I'ma Peek Out If You Don't Give Me The Pay Up Come On Baby Let Me See What You're Hiding Underneath03:55

  • Jon ForemanYou Don't Know How Beautiful You Are {OST Написать любовь на ее руках» / To Write Love On Her Arms}03:36

  • We Are The OceanDon't Take Chances On Me02:55

  • InnerpartysystemDon't Stop [This Is Entertainment Lives Are Entertainment You Are Down On Your Knees Begging Me For More. (Begging Me For More) Begging Me For More]04:46

  • [●..Sick Puppies..●][●..I Hate You When You're Gone I Hate You Turn Me On I Hate The Way I Need You When I Don't Know Where You Are I Love It Even More When I Find You On The Floor I Know You Think You Hate Me But I Will Always Hate You More..●]03:28

  • EnigmaSitting On The Moon, I Came From Very Far, A Little Unknown Star, Hello, I Don't Know What To Do, It Is So Cold And Blue, Without You , Where Are You, I'm Missing You..04:21

  • Fm Static Here We Are, In The Best Years Of Our Lives. With No Way Of Knowing, When The Wheel Stop Spinning Cause We Don't Know Where We're Going And Here We Are, On The Best Day Of Our Lives. And It's A Go, Lets Make It Last, So Che03:46

  • Celeste Prince (Сладкий ноябрь)Wherever You Are. Time Has Come, What's Done Is Done It's Time To Move On To Another Place, Another Space, Maybe Circling Some Other Sun Don't Ask Why, Don't Ask How I Still Can't Explain To Say Goodbye, Goodbye For Now04:17

  • Vbots.ruEverybody Knows Shit's Fucked I Don't Give A Good Goddamn Your Uncle Sam Is A Motherfucker I Don't Wanna See Him Again Have To Pretend Count To Ten You Blew Up Your Towers To Justify A War I Don't Really Care What Your Arms Are For More Money On Defence Fuck Hospitals Fuck Human Beings Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity Fuck Humanity00:21

  • Player & RemadyI Aint No Superstar, I'm Just Like You Were There's No Spotlights Shining On Me...I Aint No Superstar, I'm Just Like You Are Don't Need No Diamonds Or Anything I Do My Own Things...05:18

  • Би-2Теперь ты знаешь(Do You Believe In Heaven Above, Do You Believe In Love? Don't Tell A Lie; Don't Be False Or Untrue. It All Comes Back To You. Open Fire On My Burning Heart. I've Never Been Lucky In Love. My Defenses Are Down. A Kiss Or A Frow04:42

  • Samantha JadeBoy, No Matter What We Go Through You Step Up I"ll Step Up Too It Don"t Matter What The Haters Say As Long As You Are My Boo And No Matter How Hard It Gets This Love Will Have No Regrets As Long As When We Steppin On The Dancefloor It"s Me 03:18

  • Toni Braxton-YesterdayYou You Are So Yesterday, Never Thought You'll Loose My Love This Way,Now You Come Begging Me To Stay,See You You Are So Yesterday,I Won't Let You Rain On My Parade,Don't Wanna Hear A Thing You Say,So Yesterday...03:48

  • The Dreams-Under The SunWe Are All Under The Sun Under The Same Sky So Why Do I Feel All Alone ? Under The Sun Under The Same Sky We Don´t Need To Be On Our Own03:51

  • ♥ ATBYou Are My Everything...I Wanna Thank You; Not Giving Up On Me I Wanna Thank You For Believing What Could Be 'cause You Mean So Very Much To Me I Wanna Thank You For Never Letting Go I Wanna Thank You For Waiting In The Car I Don't Think You 05:06

  • Squidward Tentacles Feat. Sponge Bob Square Pants & Patrick StarP. What Are You Fuckin' Doin' Here? Diggin'! What For Put On Da Cap? Don't Know!! (russian Version)04:01

  • Ten SharpYou.. You Were Always On My Mind...It's Alright With Me As Long As You Are By My Side, Talk Or Just Say Nothing, I Don't Mind Your Looks Never Lie.04:33

  • Ex Milli VanilliYou Don’t Hold MeYou Won’t Show MeBut I’m Stil In Love With YouIt’s Like A First TimeI Got You On My MindGirl You Know This Love Is TrueYou Don’t Wanna Lie To MeI Won’t Lie To You GirlI Will Never Let You GoBecause You Are My World...03:50

  • Alan Pride And Jeremy Kalls I Don't Want To Feel Alone, Tell Me What Are You Feeling On? I Don't Want To Feel Alone, Don't Make Me Wait There Alone...03:09

  • Cinema Bizarre Don't Go Wastin Time On Somethin 'else... If You Lose Me Now, I'll Lose Myself... Hey It's Just You And Me Now... Hey It's Just You And Me Now.... You Are Circulating In My System.... Takin Over My Transmission... Circulating In 03:36

  • The Jackson 5I Like You The Way You Are (Don't Change Your Love On Me)02:54

  • PlumbHang On When The Water Is Rising Hang On When The Waves Are Crashing Hang On Just Don't Ever Let Go..Hang On When You Are Barely Breathing Hang On When Your Heart Still Beating Hang On Just Don't Ever Let Go 03:10

  • Wings Of An AngelDon't Be Surprised That You Are So Easily Bored On Your Birthday, Because That's What Ambient Music Is All About23:31

  • Ashley Tisdale, I Congratulate... You Are Accepted On My Page... Write And At All Don't Forget, I Love, Your Eshli...Kiss The Girl03:27