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  • John LegendWho Did That To You? Now I'm Not Afraid To Do The Last Work, You Say Vengeance Is Here, But Imma Do It First. I'm Done Handle My Business In The Name Of The Love. Now If He Made You Cry, Oh, I Gotta Know, If He's Not Ready To Die, He Best P03:45

  • Within Temptation - FrozenYou Tell Me I'm Frozen, But What Can I Do... Can't Tell The Reasons, I Did It For You!.. When Lies Turn Into Truth, I Sacrifice For You... You Say That I'm Frozen... But What Can I Do?..04:28

  • How, Could I Live With Myself Knowing That I Let Our Love GoWhat Did You Say03:42

  • Eminem Just I Love You Why You Did That To Me I Dont Like To Say Good By 03:56

  • CharliefreaknzI Promised I Wouldn't Say That I Loved You (Before You Did) |

  • Nick CarterComa [Are You Feeling Better Now That We Aren't Together?... It’s Like I’m Standing On The Edge Of A Cliff And You’re Pushing Me. Well, Never Say Never, Or Did You Mean Forever...] 03:29

  • Frank Sinatra - My WayTo Think I Did All That; And May I Say – Not In A Shy Way, «No, Oh No Not Me, I Did It My Way». Подумать только, я делал все это, И, если мне будет позволено сказать, без ложной скромности, «Нет, не простите меня, Я делал это по-своему». 04:35

  • Times 4Did I Say That Out Loud?08:30

  • Meat Loaf (Live German Promo)Did I Say That07:17

  • Meat LoafDid I Say That04:21

  • Matthew ShippDid I Say That02:50

  • «-=IfWhat Did I Say About That Box, Jack?=-» (cut)02:57

  • BlackbirdDid I Say That I Loved You?03:04

  • US ProsDid I Say That04:58