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  • The DeftonesMy Own Summer (Bassnectar Remix)03:26

  • FightstarMy Own Summer (Shove It) (Deftones Cover)03:36

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer / Shove-It (Vein Remix)05:15

  • AtreyuMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:33

  • Demented DimensionsMy Own Summer (Deftones Remix)04:05

  • EmesareMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)05:16

  • Deftones My Own Summer 01:57

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Show It)03:35

  • Drowning SusanMy Own Summer (Shove It) - A Deftones Cover04:29

  • Nine Inch NailsMy Own Summer(Deftones Cover)03:52

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Instrumental)03:45

  • Mindalevidnoe TeloMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:39

  • Linkin ParkMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover) (Live @ The Nassau Coliseum 2002)04:31

  • KittieMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)02:56

  • Crisdey My Own Summer (Deftones Cover) 03:13

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It) (acoustic)03:38

  • AtreyuMy Own Summer (Shove It) (Deftones Cover)03:33

  • Linkin Park (Deftones Cover)My Own Summer (Shove It) [Live In Virginia 2002]04:30

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Terravita Club Mix)(Cut)01:46

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Live - Family Values Tour 2006)04:03

  • The Vitamin String Quartet VsqMy Own Summer (tribute To Deftones Ost The Matrix)03:29

  • Atreyu, Chiodos, Blessthefall, Architects, Endless HallwayMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:33

  • Kittie To DeftonesMy Own Summer03:08

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It) (Bar9 Mix)04:45

  • LisnovaMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover) (My Cover Guitar | Schecter Demon 6 + Line 6 UX2)03:21

  • SIRUSMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)04:33

  • Mindalevidnoe TeloMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:40

  • Demented Dimensions My Own Summer (Deftones RMX)04:05

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It)03:35

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer(1)00:30

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (минус)03:41

  • KittieMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)02:56

  • E.Y.My Own Summer ( Deftones Instrumental Cover)03:37

  • Phenomenon My Own Summer (Deftones Live Cover 2011)03:35

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer(2)00:30

  • Mindalevidnoe TeloMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:40

  • SeetherMy Own Summer (Shove It) (Deftones Cover)04:38

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It) (Instrumental)03:35

  • B.K.S. My Own Summer (Cover From Deftones)03:39

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer(3)00:30

  • Breaking BenjaminMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover) [Feat. Kevin Matisyn & Evans Blue]03:35

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It) [8-Bit Cover]18:46

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (SawJaw Dubstep Remix) Demo01:28

  • Biophobic Feat.Synx(DEFTONES)My Own Summer(shove It)(cover)04:27

  • DeftonesMy Own Summer (instrumental Cover)03:39