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  • The DearsBlood04:08

  • Panic! At The DiscoThis Is Halloween.|This Is My World. Wellcome,my Dears|03:37

  • The DearsOmega Dog05:00

  • The DearsThrones04:33

  • The DearsLights Off (OST Сплетница 2 сезон)08:03

  • The DearsWe Can Have It05:42

  • The DearsI Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall05:32

  • The DearsWe Lost Everything03:45

  • The DearsNo Cities Left05:23

  • The DearsLights Off08:03

  • Under 17Love Slave (Dears OP)04:30

  • The DearsLights Off02:58

  • The Dears22: The Death Of All The Romance05:55

  • The Dears5 Chords03:34

  • The DearsGalactic Tides04:38

  • The DearsFind Our Way To Freedom04:26

  • The Dears185405:23

  • D'LOREInvisible Moral For Dears03:52

  • The DearsNever Destroy Us04:29

  • The DearsSomeday All This Will Be Yours03:50

  • The DearsTiny Man05:04

  • The DearsOmega Dog05:14

  • Sel'mDears03:20

  • The DearsOmega Dog05:01

  • The DearsThere Is No Such Thing As Love [End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story : 2000]10:06

  • The DearsLost In The Plot04:50

  • The DearsWhere The World Begins And Ends [End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story : 2000]06:19

  • Champions LeagueMy Dears04:03

  • The DearsWho Are You, Defenders Of The Universe03:42

  • GACKT Dears04:18

  • 3.09 The DearsYou And I Are A Gang Of Losers04:51

  • The DearsHere's To The Death Of All The Romance03:13

  • GACKTDears~LLV~06:58

  • The DearsHell Hath Frozen In Your Eyes04:28

  • D'espairsRayDears03:51

  • GacktDears04:41

  • The DearsBlood04:09

  • The DearsOnward And Downward03:41

  • DespairsrayDears03:51

  • [Dears] PoppinSHAPPY COSMOS04:15

  • The DearsLights Off02:28

  • The DearsWhites Only Party03:10

  • The DearsTo Hold And Have05:32

  • GCHM/Vo. みぃThank You For Dears.05:26

  • GacktEmu - For My Dears06:04

  • The DearsYou And I Are A Gang Of Losers04:57

  • Champions LeagueMy Dears04:03

  • The DearsDeathrow Or Heathrow 04:26

  • Darling DearsAnd I Love You03:32

  • The DearsHate Then Love04:44

  • The DearsLost In The Plot04:50

  • The DearsYou Can't Get Born Again04:11

  • DearsMy Dears03:46

  • GACKTDears (Live Version)05:14

  • The DearsLights Off08:03

  • The DearsDream Job (Missiles, 2008)04:32

  • Darling DearsI Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another03:50

  • D'espairsRayDears03:51

  • The DearsFace Of Horrors04:07

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