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  • Lawless Feat. Sydney WayserDear God (XTC Cover)04:31

  • Monsters Of FolkDear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)05:07

  • Lawless Feat. Sydney Wayser - Dear God04:16

  • Nick JonasDear God03:21

  • Crystal Lake Feat. BethDear God (Radio Edit)03:03

  • Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself03:06

  • Avenged SevenfoldDear God06:33

  • The TunicsDear God05:31

  • Crystal Lake Feat. BethDear God03:08

  • OverDoz.Dear God 04:42

  • Mnet [EXO 902014]수호가 재해석한 EXO 902014버전 God-어머님께 M-V - EXO SUHO's 'god - Dear Mom' M-V Remake04:28

  • Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself03:05

  • Michael Scott Dear God, No Techno Remix01:15

  • LogicDear God03:07

  • Barry AllenBarry Allen - Dear God - YouTube02:25

  • Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself03:05

  • Blaxy GirlsDear Mama - Every Word That Keeps My Smile Alive, You Were Always There To Set Me Free, Cause' You're There And Even Though I'm Blind, You Can Clear My Eyes Again To See. Thankin' God For All You Are And Been, And For Everything You Did To03:20

  • The Roots Feat. Monsters Of FolkDear God 2.0 (Zeds Dead Remix)02:56

  • Снатам Каур и Гуру Ганеша СингхHari Om? Dear Lord Sat Nam? Holy Name When I Call On The Light Within? I Go Home. There's Buddha, Nanak, Allah Too Jehovah, Rama, And The True Guru Jesus, Moses And Vishnu Krishna, Ram Das And The God In You Peace On Earth, Good Will To All 11:20

  • LawlessDear God04:24

  • SandraDear God ... If You Exist04:23

  • LogicDear God03:07

  • Crystal Lake Feat. BethDear God (Pavex Remix)04:15

  • The Warren BrothersDear Mr. God03:22

  • Avenged SevenfoldDear God (piano Cover)07:17

  • Crystal Lake Feat. BethDear God (Extended Mix)05:45

  • Record ChilloutSweet Coffee - Dear God Www.radiorecord.ru04:47

  • GodDear Mother04:28

  • Crystal Lake Feat. BethDear God (Pavex Remix) [Invisible Edition]02:58

  • Boys 2menDear God04:55

  • Zeds DeadDear God 2.0 By The Roots Ft. Monsters Of Folk (Zeds Dead Remix) | DUBSTEP IS MY DRUG02:56

  • X-fusionDear God04:47

  • Shyheim Dear God (feat. Pop ''The Brown Hornet'')04:24

  • Thomas PrimeDear God02:49

  • Noisy Sins Of The InsectDear God, I Don't Feel Alive02:26

  • Tim Steinfort Dear God03:19

  • The Roots Feat. Monsters Of Folk Dear God 2.0 (Zeds Dead Remix)00:27

  • Smokie NorfulDear God05:38

  • God ModuleDear Dead Flesh05:26