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  • David RuffinPut A Little Love In Your Heart02:44

  • David RuffinSlow Dance04:25

  • David RuffinIt's Not That I Don't Love You (soho808 Edit)10:35

  • David RuffinI'm So Glad I Fell For You04:12

  • David RuffinIf Loving You Is Wrong04:37

  • David RuffinStatue Of A Fool ['Love']04:20

  • David RuffinWalk Away From Love05:23

  • David RuffinCan't Be Hurt (Galimatias Refix)03:46

  • David RuffinHey Woman04:07

  • David RuffinI Can't Stop The Rain04:24

  • David RuffinJust Let Me Hold You For A Night03:59

  • David RuffinI'm Jealous03:43

  • David RuffinLet's Say Goodbye Tomorrow03:11

  • David And Jimmy RuffinLo & Behold03:24

  • David RuffinI Wanna Be With You03:28

  • David RuffinYou're My Piece Of Mind04:33

  • David Ruffin6. Can We Make Love One More Time04:30

  • David Ruffin - Jimmy RuffinHold On To My Love (Hot & Rare 1980 Http://

  • David RuffinThere's More To Love03:57

  • David RuffinWalk Away From Love (Steve Williams Extended)08:43

  • SoufboiDavid Ruffin03:35

  • Fall Out BoyMy Name Is David Ruffin And These Are The Temptations (Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued)03:08

  • David Ruffin I Wish It Would Rain (Bootleg By UCP Berlin)06:15

  • David RuffinMake My Water Boil (Loving You Has Been So Wonderful)03:52

  • David Ruffin8. Don't You Go Home04:11

  • SoufboiDavid Ruffin03:34

  • David RuffinI Got A Thing For You03:50

  • David RuffinLove Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (Single Edit)03:12

  • David RuffinLove Supply04:05

  • David RuffinQuestions04:18

  • BizarreWest Side Ft. David Ruffin05:18

  • David RuffinI Pray Everyday You Won't Stop Loving Me02:59

  • David RuffinDon't You Go Home04:11

  • David RuffinNightmare05:30

  • David RuffinI Let Love Slip Away (1969) [Dreddy Kruger - Intermission 2005]02:33

  • David RuffinLove Supply Http://

  • David RuffinStill In Love With You03:06

  • David RuffinI Know She's Not A Manniquin02:54

  • 17 David Ruffin - I Don't Know Why I Love YouБез названия03:12

  • David RuffinRode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay)03:24

  • David RuffinI Let Love Slip Away02:33

  • Louis Benedetti & David Ruffin Jr.Show You My Love (dub) (Miguel Migs - Nude Tempo 001, 2002)04:42

  • Backpack JohnnyDavid Ruffin (feat. Leon Robinson)04:03

  • David RuffinLoving You Is Hurting Me02:48