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  • SIXX: A.M.Prayers For The Damned (Live Unplugged OUI FM 01/06/2016)03:55

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Live)04:16

  • Sixx:A.M.Prayers For The Damned (Live Acoustic)04:19

  • ManowarGuyana (Cult Of The Damned) (Hell On Stage - Live (1999))07:31

  • Iron MaidenChildren Of The Damned (live)04:38

  • BauhausEndless Summer Of The Damned [Live]04:00

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2) (Live)04:23

  • Legion Of The Damned "Slaughtering... (Live)" 201001:11:33

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) (Live)03:10

  • Sons Of The DamnedWe Live With The Devil03:58

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980New Rose (Live)01:49

  • Jesus Christ Superstar Live Arena TourDamned For All Time - Blood Money05:56

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980Second Time Around (Live)01:46

  • KreatorChoir Of The Damned (Live At Wacken)00:39

  • Faint Sorrow Damned World (Live) 03:17

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) (Live Session EP)03:01

  • KornSystem (Live Recording Of The Song From The Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Recorded In Fargo, ND On May 18, 2010)04:41

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Live)03:55

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) (Live Session)03:03

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Acoustic Live At RMTV)03:15

  • Day OffDamned Attractive (Live)03:23

  • Marc Bolan & The DamnedGet It On (Live 1977)13:08

  • CansandoThis World Is Damned /by Mary Safonova (live)03:36

  • Iron MaidenChildren Of The Damned (Live At Brixton Academy 2002)05:02

  • TarjaDamned And Divine (Bonus Track - Tele-Club 2014, Russia) [Live]03:48

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980Plan 9 Channel 7 (Live)05:12

  • Rummy SharkDamned For All Time (live 30/12/10)05:40

  • Damned Nation/The Reason I Live05:00

  • KreatorChoir Of The Damned (Live At Wacken 2011)00:39

  • Dave GahanNew Rose (Live / The Damned Cover)02:57

  • IMMORTALDamned In Black (Live)07:40

  • Magic CircleThe Damned Man (Live)06:15

  • DyingDamned To Live04:21

  • Richard GibbLong Live Jesse (Score - Queen Of The Damned)01:13

  • Kreator :: Terror Prevails CD1Choir Of The Damned (Live)00:51

  • Дело В ШляпеLast Damned Poet Live 8.11,1203:09

  • The Damned-The Black Album-1980Love Song (Live)02:10

  • Tony VincentDamned For All Time (Broadway LIVE)05:18

  • The DamnedLife Goes On (Live 100 Club)04:16

  • DragonforceValley Of The Damned - Live In Japan 201507:16

  • Damned MaskТы снова одна(live)03:08

  • Damned MaskHymn To Battle(live)01:30

  • PrimusThose Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Live)07:02

  • [flash & DRIVE]Rulers Of A Damned * Live * 201603:08

  • Jesus Christ Superstar Live At The Etablissemant Ronacher Theatre, Wien 2005Damned For All Time - Blood Money04:06

  • Al. B. DamnedBats Of A Feather (Acoustic Live Studio Performance)03:35

  • All Time LowDamned If I Do Ya (Live Session EP)03:03

  • PrimusThose Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (live 1995-06-03)08:14

  • Tarja TurunenDamned And Divine (Live In Bucharest, Romania, 2009)04:56

  • D'espairsRay04 - DAMNED ~Spiral Case #15 LIVE~04:12

  • Iron MaidenChildren Of The Damned (Live)04:34

  • AidenScavengers Of The Damned (Live)05:10

  • Iron MaidenChildren Of The Damned (Live 2016-06-25)05:19

  • Al. B. DamnedNew Song(Live The Gaff, Holloway Road (14.10.09))03:20

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