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  • GotthardCupid's Arrow03:48

  • 준호 (Junho) [2PM], 이유비 (Lee Yu Bi)취향저격 (Cupid's Arrow)03:29

  • [Twenty] Junho (2PM) & Lee Yoo BiCupid's Arrow03:29

  • Wedge Of Light.The Cupid's Arrow.05:12

  • SayWeCanFlyCupid's Arrow03:04

  • Midori8. Cupid's Arrow06:41

  • Frank McCombCupid's Arrow04:52

  • Lena Meyer Satellite-Love, My Aim Is Straight And True Cupid's Arrow Is Just For You I Even Painted My Toe Nails For You I Did It Just The Other Day02:54

  • Junho (2PM) & Lee Yubi – Cupid's Arrow Cupid's Arrow03:32

  • Eva Eastwood & The Major KeysCupid's Arrow03:10

  • Danny ElfmanTa-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay; Cupid's Arrow; Change Of Expression (Scrooged OST)01:32

  • Duncan WattValse Immorale (Cupid's Arrow)01:12

  • GotthardCupid's Arrow03:47

  • Junho & Lee Yubi Cupid's Arrow (Inst.)03:29

  • RZA Feat. Xavier Naidoo ...You Know They Say In Every Man's Life, There Comes A Time When You Get Struck By The Arrow Of Cupid By The Love Of God, Or The Beauty Of A Woman Sometimes This Love, Brings Thunder Into Your Life And It Brings The Storm, Sing About It...05:13

  • Александр РыбакCupid's Arrow04:20

  • GotthardCupid's Arrow03:46

  • GotthardCupid's Arrow03:46

  • GotthardCupid's Arrow03:50

  • Brandon*Cupid's Arrow (Beau's Song)02:57

  • Mike GoudreauCupid's Arrow Found Me That Night03:15

  • Александр Рыбак Cupid's Arrow / Стрела Амура02:07

  • Jennifer BattenCupid`s Arrow13:50

  • Basse WickmanCupid's Arrow04:08

  • Del MarinoCupid's Arrow02:44

  • Jennifer BattenCupid's Arrow05:31

  • SaydahCupid's Arrow03:27