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  • ДемонтажStickin' In My Eye (NoFX Cover)02:24

  • Korn Yeaaaarrrrr~укуреные Чич и Чонг)))))Earache My Eye (Cheech & Chong Cover)04:49

  • AmatoryDon't F**k With My Heart (The Black Eye Peace Cover) 03:48

  • Azamat AlabergenovApple Of My Eye (Abay Cover)01:52

  • Nina AlexyMy Minds Eye (cover Sirenia)03:37

  • Kemuri - Kemurified (2014)Stickin' In My Eye (NOFX Cover)02:25

  • Bell X1Eve, The Apple Of My Eye (cover By Evan.h)05:43

  • My EyeI've Been Set Free (Velvet Underground Cover)04:30

  • My Judas Priest Hellion|Electric EyeClassic Guitar Cover02:29

  • Абай // Санжар Асқарұлы - Sanzhar Askaruly CoverКөзімнің қарасы - Kozimnin Qarasy // Black Of My Eye01:37

  • SickSadWorldStickin In My Eye (nofx Cover) (Разжигай Костры На Обломках Мира EP)02:05

  • RancidStickin' In My Eye (NOFX Cover)01:49

  • The Loid Ft. Astral CakeSomething In My Eye (Cover V_0_2)01:28

  • Beady Eye & Bonehead & The CharlatansMy Sweet Lord (George Harrisson Cover)04:26

  • NO BrainStickin' In My Eye(cover NoFX)02:16

  • ArmorosEarache My Eye (Cheech & Chong Cover) 02:44

  • KornEarache My Eye ["Cheech & Chong" Cover]04:50

  • DFFStickin In My Eye (cover NoFX)02:37

  • SidekickStickin In My Eye (NOFX Cover)02:16

  • DanzigCaught In My Eye (the Germs Cover)04:14

  • KolBasSKA!Stickin In My Eye (NOFX Cover)03:08

  • MyYule Shoot Your Eye Out (cover Cut)00:25

  • KoRnEarache My Eye (Cheech & Chong Cover)04:50

  • CuffEarache My Eye (Cheech And Chong Cover)+Cuff Rap05:29

  • KoRnEarache My Eye (Cheech & Chong Cover)04:50

  • Sorrow Blinds My Eye Beauty And A Beat (Justin Bieber Cover)03:52

  • EYE OF THE STORMMy Cover01:50

  • KornMy Gift To You + Earache My Eye (Chee & Chong Cover)15:42

  • ScatterbrainEarache My Eye (Cheech & Chong Cover02:47

  • The Loid Ft. Astral CakeSomething In My Eye (Cover Demo)01:08

  • ScatterbrainEarache My Eye (Cheech And Chong Cover)02:47