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  • ♪ Sami Yusuf - A Thousand TimesWithout Your Warmth, Without Your Smile Without You, By My Side The World Was So Cold, I Felt So Lost Without Your Light, I Felt So Blind A Thousand Miles I’d Run And Walk A Thousand Times I’d Slip And Fall But For You I’d Do It Again A Thousand Times03:33

  • Emanuele Braveri Feat Hanna FinsenRun Baby (Dave Cold Remix)♫07:49

  • Imagine Dragons When The Days Are Cold G And The Cards All Fold Am And The Saints We See F Are All Made Of Gold C When Your Dreams All Fail G And The Ones We Hail Am Are The Worst Of All F C And The Blood's Run Stale G I Want To Hide The Truth Am I Wa8 Demons 03:01

  • Petri AlankoStill Waters (Run Cold And Deep) [Quantum Break OST]03:13

  • Blank And JonesI Miss The Mind Of The Wonderful I Let The Icey Thoughts Run Through Me Cold, And No One Knows I Keep The Pain Of A Broken Soul Wounds That Just Won't Heal No One Knows, Not Even You03:50

  • Sunlounger Feat. Kyler EnglandChange Your Mind (Chill Out Mix) When You Kiss Me, It Feels So Real Then The Daylight Comes, Off You Run, And I Don't Know How To Feel There's A Fire Underneath Your Skin But It's Getting Old, Out Here In The Cold, 06:15

  • Beauty Is The EndThose Days Run Cold02:28

  • Children Of The DamnedCold Sag Run04:14

  • Lee ScottCold Sag Run Ft Children Of The Damned04:11

  • DistrubedThen You Slowly Recall All Your Mind Why, Your Soul's Gone Cold, And All Hope Has Run Dry Dead Inside Never Enough To Forget That You're One Of The Lonely Slowly Recall All Your Mind03:17

  • Chamber Orchestra Of Moscow Conservatory, Conducted By Gennady CherkasovAntonio Vivaldi: Winter - Part 1. Allegro Non Molto. Strong Wind. Cold Makes People Run And Stamp Their Feet (To Get Warm); Part 2. Largo. Rain; Part 3. Allegro. On The Ice10:25

  • The Painted WhaleIf It's Cold In April I Want To Run Away With You (norhtern Fires)07:52

  • SnowyCold Run In (Sending For Merky Ace)01:55

  • Cold World HustlersRun So Fast03:58

  • Cold Star (UKR & RUS)Run This Town (Lucy Hale Cover)03:49

  • Sy & DemoTears Run Cold03:57

  • Run For The SkylinesCold02:50

  • Diva DestructionRun Cold04:18

  • Holly GolightlyRun Cold03:01

  • Joker Too ColdRun Up [Prod. By Doughboy]03:25

  • Children Of The DamnedCold Sag Run Marathon03:08

  • Emanuele Braveri Ft. Hanna FinsenRun Baby (Dave Cold Remix)07:55

  • IdiomCold Night Run03:31

  • Pzycho BitchCold Comfort (Run Level Zero)03:46


  • Beauty Is The EndThose Days Run Cold02:28

  • Kung Fu VampireDarkness We Run (Leon Freeze's Oh So Cold Remix) [HIP-HOP/RAP/FAST FLOW]02:49

  • NOAH23 X YungJZA Lvl.10RUN COLD03:39

  • Beauty Is The EndThose Days Run Cold02:28

  • Emanuele Braveri Ft. Hanna FinsenRun Baby (Dave Cold Remix)07:55

  • Avenue ARun Cold03:38

  • PzychobitchCold Comfort (Run Level Zero)03:46

  • A Run For The CoastCold Curb02:58

  • IncuraSweat Run Cold04:27

  • Sy & DemoTears Run Cold03:57