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  • [preview]Anivia Feat. Dina EveWhen Hope Is Fading (Soon On Cold Breath Records)03:57

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath (Original Mix) [PM]08:24

  • Two Steps From Hell (Miracles - 2014)15. Breath Of Cold Air04:23

  • A Diadem Of Dead StarsThe Cold Breath Of Infinite Mother 06:47

  • RisssingCold Breath05:10

  • Ben CocksOh, You Can Hear Me Cry See My Dreams All Die From Where You're Standing On Your Own. It's So Quiet Here And I Feel So Cold This House No Longer Feels Like Home. Oh, When You Told Me You'd Leave I Felt Like I Couldn't Breath My Aching Bod03:11

  • DrudkhПодих Холодної Чорної Землі (березень) (Breath Of Cold Black Soil (March))09:45

  • Katrin Souza Summer Night (ELGans Remix)[Cold Breath Rec]03:47

  • HalgrathCold Breath Of Mountains08:17

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath (Original Mix)08:24

  • Cold BlueParadise (Anhken Remix) (Личная коллекция The Breath Of Trance - лучшей Транс музыки планеты Http://

  • NiflheimThe Cold Wind Of My Breath Is Always Blowing05:32

  • GrisThe Cold Wind Of My Breath Is Always Blowing05:32

  • Katrin Souza & ScutariDown The River (Original Mix) [Cold Breath] Solaris International 40804:55

  • Hais & NaisCold Breath05:46

  • Gus GusCold Breath '79 06:42

  • GusGusCold Breath '7906:43

  • HalgrathCold Breath Of Mountains 08:57

  • DrudkhBreath Of Cold Black Soil09:45

  • Gregory Esayan Feat. Losing Rays Cold Breath (Original Mix)08:24

  • David StillCold Breath (Original Mix) []04:26

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath [Silk] @ Jaytech Music Podcast 05308:24

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath07:30

  • E.korolevFirst Breath Of Cold December Morning01:10

  • Two Steps From HellBreath Of Cold Air05:52

  • Naxos ProjectCold Fusion (JK Walker Remix) (Личная коллекция The Breath Of Trance - лучшей Транс музыки планеты Http://

  • Last Broken SilenceCold Breath04:34

  • Cold Breath Radio 009 With Bring Bliss [Jan 14 2014]55:35

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath (Original Mix) Special For FRESH ELECTRONIC MUSIC [25.04.2Q13] [Progressive House] 08:24

  • Faithful Breath Autumn Fantasia: Fading Beauty/Lingering Cold22:39

  • SoulFest Foundation [Cold Breath] @ Jonathan Brink - A Piece Of Heaven 030 [21 Feb 2016] On Pure.FM03:58

  • WolfheartNightburnt (Cold Breath, 1999)03:41

  • DimayCold Breath (Original Mix)07:15

  • EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (2003)01.First Breath After Coma09:33

  • Anivia Feat. Dina EveWhen Hope Is Fading (A.Zhakulin Remix)[Cold Breath Records]02:05

  • MufflerCan't Breath Ft. Sansa /Stone Cold [Drum & Bass / Trancestep]04:37

  • Cold Breath Radio 003With Bring Bliss [9 July 2013] On Pure.FM01:00:43

  • DJ BreathCold Summer03:48

  • HelHis Cold Breath02:51

  • BermudaCold Breath (Original Mix) LSD Music Dream™07:05

  • Cold Breath Radio 007With Harmonic Agenda58:45

  • Gultskra ArtiklerIn The Middle Of The Sixteenth Century In The South Of England A Group Of Orford Fishermen Caught A Strange Creature. Its Form Reminded Them Of A Man Completely Bald, But With A Long Dense Beard. They Put It In The Governer's Castle In The Dirtiest And Most Suffocative Dungeon, And Fed It With A Crude Fish, Which It Kneaded In Hands Before Eating. The Women Have Started To Have Strange Dreams, As If The Newcomer Comes To Their Bedrooms At Night, And Looks At Them In The Moonlight With His Empty Eye-Sockets, Filled With Cold, Demonic Laughter. The Next Morning They Found Their Beds Wet, Shrouded In Sea Water And Seaweed, And After A While It Appeared That All Women In The Castle Had Become Pregnant. In The Throes Of Agony, They Gave Birth To Ugly, Scaly Babies. In One Day The Creature Escaped From The People, Back To The Sea, And Nobody Saw The Babies. But Sometimes, When The Ocean Rages, Its Hoarse, Spiteful Breath Is Again Audible In The Dungeon, And The Women Have Those Same Dreams.03:16

  • Шаен A.k.a. Cheyenne12 Cold Breath (Холодное Дыхание) (ft. Killa Milla, Asaru One) (Cutz By Dj Joon) (Prod. By D.C.B.) (

  • Alexander Zhakulin Feat. LoonaIn The Dark (Creative 5 Feat Vlad&Vlad Ambient Mix)[Cold Breath Records]02:27

  • War Thunder Heroes Trailer SoundtrackFeel The Breeze Look At The Sky Sun's Heating My Cold Skin Take A Breath, Look Around See The World02:49

  • Losing Rays Pres. Wonderland 047Paul Legvand - Eltanin (Cold Breath Records)05:01

  • Bring Bliss And Katrin Souza One Hope For Love (Daga Remix) [Cold Breath Records]support @ Harmonic Agenda05:38

  • Alexandr FrostCold Breath (Original Mix)07:01

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing Rays Cold Breath (Kana Remix)08:11

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath (Original Mix)08:24

  • Gregory Esayan & Losing RaysCold Breath @ Anjunabeats Worldwide 293 - With Jaytech07:41

  • Cold Breath Radio 005 With Bring Bliss [10 Sept 2013] On Pure.FM01:01:52

  • The Liquescent HorrorThe Last Breath Is Cold02:38

  • MerlinCold Breath 03:51

  • DrudkhBreath Of Cold Black Soil09:45

  • AP2Cold Breath Of Sorrow01:32

  • White MorningIce Cold Breath04:04

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