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  • Deception TheoryChameleon03:56

  • Theory Of NSting Chameleon Uses Bubble Crab's Very Essence As A Cheap Bathroom Product (MegaMan X2)03:50

  • Chameleon TheoryMoonflight (Lush Lounge Edit)03:46

  • Theory Of NStealth Chameleon (Sting Chameleon Vs. Blaze Heatnix)03:36

  • Theory Of NAt Least I Made Something (Sting Chameleon Vs. Toxic Seahorse)02:00

  • Phonetic Hero And Theory Of NStinging Clavi-Shuffle (Shieldner Sheldon And Sting Chameleon)03:36

  • Theory Of NChillin' Chamillion (Sting Chameleon Vs. Chill Penguin)02:59