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  • Chae Yeon Shake03:18

  • 채연 (Chae Yeon)안봐도 비디오 (Feat. 허인창)03:15

  • (Chae Yeon)채연둘이서(Two Of Us)03:04

  • Chae Yeon(채연)안봐도 비디오03:14

  • (Chae Yeon)채연사랑인가봐03:04

  • Lee Chae Yeon, Lee Chae RyoungSwagger Jagger (Kpop Star 3)01:46

  • All Chae (Lee Chae Young, Lee Chae Ryoung, Lee Chae Yeon)Upside Down (Kpop Star 3)04:21

  • 채연 (Chae Yeon)Runway (Feat. 가희)03:21

  • 예지 (Yezi), 정채연 (Jung Chae Yeon) Shadow (Wanted OST Part.3)04:02

  • Chae Yeon둘이서 (The Two Of Us)03:03

  • 채연 Chae Yeon04.봐봐봐(Look Look Look)03:17

  • Lee Chae Yeon, Lee Chae RyeongIt's Raining (Kpop Star 3)02:02

  • Chae YeonShake (DJ Koo Club Extend Re-Mix)04:10

  • 채연 Chae Yeon06.Ma Lover (feat. A.minor)03:10

  • Chae Yeon(채연)위험한 연출(Dangerous Love)04:10

  • Chae Yeon (채연)안봐도 비디오 (Feat. 허인창)03:15

  • Chae Yeon Feat. Jaehyo (Block B) Even If I Dont See03:28

  • All Chae (Lee Chae Yeon, Lee Chae Ryeong, Lee Chae Yeong)See Ya (Kpop Star 3)00:51

  • Chae YeonBaboya03:00

  • (Chae Yeon)채연다가와(DaGaWa-Come Closer)03:42

  • Chae Yeon(채연)행복한 눈물03:23

  • 채연 | Chae Yeon오직 너 | Only You03:27

  • Bomi & Namjoo [Apink] , Chae Yeon, LE (EXID) , Seo In Young, Lee Suk Hoon, Taewoon, Yang Da Il, Brother Su, Chancellor, Kang Min Hee [Miss $] Merry Summer 03:02

  • (Chae Yeon)채연욕심쟁이03:50

  • Chae YeonThe Two Of Us03:03

  • Chae Yeon I Believe04:09

  • 사랑인가봐 (Sarangingabwa) 채연 (Chae Yeon) (cut)01:11

  • Chae YeonMy Love03:48

  • Chae Yeon (채연)Runway (Feat. 가희)03:21

  • (Chae Yeon)채연욕심쟁이(Greedy One)03:50

  • Chae YeonLook Look Look03:26

  • Chae Yeon请我跳舞(Shake) Chinese Ver.03:07

  • Chae YeonShake03:19

  • 채연 Chae Yeon01. 요즘 여자 [Nowadays Women]03:30

  • 채연 Chae Yeon03.거짓말 (Lies Feat. A.minor)03:36

  • Jung Chae Yeon (DIA), Yezi (FIESTAR)Shadow (그림자) (Wanted OST Part.3)04:01

  • 채연 Chae Yeon02.Come And Get Me03:27

  • (Chae Yeon)채연 미궁(Labyrinth)03:51

  • Chae YeonGame03:31

  • (Chae Yeon)채연너땜에03:10

  • Chae YeonSubtle Waiting03:50

  • Chae YeonDuriseo (The Two Of Us)03:07

  • Chae YeonOoh La La03:35

  • Chae YeonSarang In Ga Boa03:03

  • Chae YeonTell Me03:10

  • Chae YeonParty Tonight03:23

  • 정연승 (Jeong Yeon Seung)좋았던 추억도. 아팠던 기억도. (With Noh Young Chae 노영채, 송인애)05:48

  • (Chae Yeon)채연사랑이 오려나 봐( Maybe Love Is Coming)03:33

  • 채연 | Chae Yeon세번째 사랑 | Third Love03:15

  • Chae YeonFeeling Of Love03:58

  • (Chae Yeon)채연오직 너 (디스코클럽)(Only You Disco Club Remix)03:25

  • Chae YeonRequest03:26

  • (Chae Yeon)채연덫(Trap)03:18

  • Chae YeonChange Of Mind04:02

  • (Chae Yeon)채연You03:31

  • Chae Yeon 不再愛我 [You Don't Love Me Anymore]04:18

  • Chae YeonTell Me03:10

  • (Chae Yeon)채연하얀 눈(White Snow)03:58

  • (Chae Yeon)채연나쁜여자(Bad Girl)03:45

  • Chae Yeon可能是爱情要来了03:33

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