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  • Maddi Jane - Jar Of HeartsI Know I Can’t Take One More Step Towards You Cause All That’s Waiting Is Regret And Don’t You Know I’m Not Your Ghost Anymore You Lost The Love I Loved The Most I Learned To Live Half Alive And Now You Want Me One More Time And Who Do You Think You Are04:16

  • Take That - How Deep Is Your LoveAnd Its Me You Need To Show, How Deep Is Your Love, I Really Need To Learn, Cause Were Living In A World Of Fools Breaking Us Down, When They All Should Let Us Be, We Belong To You And Me...03:43

  • Armin Van Buuren Vs Sophie Ellis-BextorLet’s Bring It Back To You And Me There’s No One Else Around Now Don’t Get Lost In Gravity ‘Cause I Want You To Hold Me Now Nothing Else Matters It’s Just The Two Of Us And If It All Falls Down Nothing Else Matters I Know We’re Strong Enough...02:53

  • MDB Ft. Yuri KaneI Was Wrong To Say I Wouldn’t Change A Thing Cause In The Story Of Our Lives The Best Of Times Through Colour Glass And If You Should Call It’s No Trouble, No Trouble At All I’ll Paint Out The Sun Back Where We Begun Again Time, Goes On Enough To Let Me03:23

  • Tom DicePeople Always Say: "Tom, This Is Going Too Far" I'm Not Afraid To Change My Dreams Just Me And My Guitar And No One May Ever Know The Feelings Inside My Mind 'Cause All Of The Lines I Ever Write Are Running Out Of Time03:03

  • What Day Is It? And In What Month? This Clock Never Seemed So Alive I Can't Keep Up And I Can't Back Down I've Been ...Cause It's You And Me And All Of The People With Nothing To Do, Nothing To Lose And It's You And Me And All Of The People And I Don't Know Why, I Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You...03:14

  • ♥ Smokie ♥Lay Back In The Arms Of Some One You Love (So Baby Just Call On Me When You Want All Of Me I'll Be Your Lover I'll Be Your Friend And There's Nothing I Won't Do 'Cause Baby I Just Live For You With Nothing To Hide No Need To Pretend)04:11

  • НеизвестноAll My Life I'd Been Waiting To Show The World Cause It's My Life Gonna Let You Know Just What I'm Made Of And Now That I See My Destiny Must Have Been Waiting Here For Me Now I'm Gonna Make It Right It's My Life03:43

  • JaelWalking Down These Empty Streets Where Are You And Now I'm Feeling Down 'Cause Half Of Me Has Gone. I'm Feeling All These Tears From You Now That I Am Alone They're Streaming Out How Can I Go On? 03:48

  • You Are The Sun In My Sky Even When The Stars Would Die You Are Gonna Make Me Shine You Make Me Shine Cause I'm Born For Every Young Guy For All Of My Life I Will Be By Your Side And I'll Be There When You Fall, Yeah And There'll Be No Pain AtShelter (feat. Roxanne Emery) [Photographer Remix]07:03

  • Karl Wolf Ft. Taio CruzYour Crazy Girl All Ii Ever Wanted Was To Love Ya Your Crazy Girl There Was No One Else Above Ya Cause You Text Me On My Blackberry Every Minute Taking Advantage Of My Love Love04:24

  • NeverShoutNever!Lovesick [You Tell Me That You Love Me, Then You Go And Leave Me. Why You Do This To Me Baby? I'm Lovesick, I Just Can't Sleep, Just Can't Eat, Can't Do Much Of Anything At All. 'Cause Im Sick And In Love With You]01:56

  • ˙·٠•●Morning Is Breaking In Front Of Me I Know It's Different 'cause You're Not Here All Leaves Are Drifting Around Me Something Is Different 'cause You're Not Here This Morning I Woke Up Right Before Break Of Dawn I Reached Out To You'03:42

  • Gwen StefaniThe Sweet Escape (Raadio Uuno) [Gwen] If I Could Escape I Would But, First Of All, Let Me Say I Must Apologize For Acting Stank & Treating You This Way Cause I've Been Acting Like Sour Milk All On The Floor It's Your Fault You Didn't Shut04:06

  • ●Armor For Sleep - Awkward Last Words'Cause All I Do Is Push You Far Away From Me All I Do Is Push You Far Away From Me Out Of Time And I Can't Breathe I Told You Not To Believe In Me...03:48

  • Ernan RochCause Of Love + All Right-It's Gonna Take Time + Give A Me Peace11:20