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  • The CardigansMy Favourite Game03:42

  • The CardigansDas Model (Kraftwerk Сover)02:53

  • The CardigansDon't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds)03:37

  • The CardigansMy Favourite Game [Top Gear Ost] 03:33

  • The CardigansMy Favourite Game (RealiX Feat. MuzMes Remix)04:28

  • The CardigansHigher04:34

  • The CardigansMy Favorite Game (dan Grassler 2014 Edit)06:59

  • The Cardigans Lovefool (Goshfather & Jinco Vs. Dr. Fresch Edition)02:48

  • The CardigansRise And Shine03:28

  • The CardigansLovefool (Goshfather & Jinco Vs. Dr. Fresch Edition)03:32

  • Cats In CardigansWoody Allen? - Let's Go!01:52

  • The Morning BendersLovefool (cardigans Cover)03:30

  • The CardigansLovefool03:13

  • The CardigansSo Kiss Me (OST Кухня, 3 сезон)03:19

  • The CardigansFor What It's Worth04:18

  • The CardigansYou Are The Storm03:53

  • Cats In CardigansHey Guys, Where Is Casper? (feat. Arak Bernal From Las Personas)02:26

  • Postmodern JukeboxLovefool - Vintage Jazz Cardigans Cover Ft. Haley Reinhart04:21

  • Delilah My Favourite Game (cover Of The Cardigans)02:45

  • The Cardigans My Favourite Game (Dan Grassler Edit)™06:21

  • Cats In CardigansAll Of Our LIKEs Goes To Dolphin01:36

  • The CardigansMy Favourite Game(Static Impulse D'n'B Remix)03:14

  • Cats In CardigansCatswitch Engage01:51

  • Cats In CardigansF.P.S.T.A.S.A. (Single Version)02:51

  • The CardigansAnd Then You Kissed Me06:05

  • Cats In CardigansYou Be Scorpion - I'll Be Sub-Zero01:38

  • The CardigansErace, Rewind03:38

  • The CardigansYou're The Storm03:53

  • The Cardigans Lovefool (Goshfather & Jinco Vs. Dr. Fresch Edition Remix)03:30

  • The CardigansLovefool (Goshfather & Jinco Vs. Dr. Fresch Edition)03:56

  • CardigansCareless (Nayio Bitz Remix)04:20

  • The CardigansLovefool (WLDCT Remix)04:04

  • The CardigansDas Model (Kraftwerk Cover)02:53