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  • My Insanity Is AlonePhone Call, That Will Never Get An Answer03:44

  • Ian Carey Feat. Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony - Last NightLast Night, I Don't Remember Last Night I Said I'd Never Last Night. What Was I Thinking? I Really Need To Give Up Drinking. I'm Not Gon' Drink Again But Who Am I Kiddin'.. I'm About To Call My Friends Tonight And Do It Over Again03:24

  • Robert PattinsonI Should Never Think What's In Your Heart What's In Our Home So I Won't You'll Learn To Hate Me But Still Call Me Baby Oh Love So Call Me By My Name And Save Your Soul Save Your Soul Before Your To Far Gone Before Nothing Can Be Done I&04:29

  • TheFatRatYou, You're Gonna Break My Heart You're Gonna Tear It Apart No Matter What You Do I'll Still Be There For You And When You Call My Name I Won't Be Far Away No Matter Where You Go You'll Never Be Alone, Be Alone, Be Alone, No, You'l04:20

  • Time Is Ticking And We Can't Go Back (my O...What About The World Today ...What About The Place That We Call Home ...We've Never Been So Many And We've Never Been So Alone 02:57

  • I Threw A Wish In The Well, Don't Ask Me, I'll Never Tell I Looked To You As It Fell, And Now You're In My Way I Trade My Soul For A Wish, Pennies And Dimes For A Kiss I Wasn't Looking For This, But Now You're In My Way Your Stare Was Клёвая песня:-*so Call Me Maybe (русская версия )02:02

  • Melanie Waves Crash Like My Emotion. Life Has Begun, Now I Will Be Safe From The Storm. I Found The One. This Angel's My Salvation. I'm Feeling Strong. I'll Never Fall. You Are There When I Call.04:59

  • Anastacia - You'll Never Be AloneI'm Forever By Your Side And You Know If You Should Ever Call My Name I'll Be Right There You'll Never Be Alone.04:21

  • (№1)Robert Pattinson-never ThinkYou'll Learn To Hate Me, But Still Call Me "Baby" ..Oh Love.. So Call Me By My Name..04:31

  • Steve GoodmanYou Never Even Call Me By My Name04:20

  • Ace Of BaseUnspeakable (All I Wanna Say To You Is Na Na Na Na... Never Thought I Needed Someone To Call My Own. But Now That You've Got Me Don't Ever Let Me Go. You Leave Me Unwanting Your Silence Every Need. Nothing Is Missing No Love Is So Comlete.)03:14

  • Elvis Presley – You'll Never Walk Alone Label:RCA Camden – CDM 1088 Format:Vinyl, LP, Mono, Orange Country:UK Released:1971 Genre:Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country1 You'll Never Walk Alone 2 Who Am I? 3 Let Us Pray 4 (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 5 We Call On Him 6 I Believe 7 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 8 Sing You Children 9 Take My Hand, Precious Lord 10 Swing Down Sweet Chariot29:07

  • NVGRain Never Call My Name03:53


  • Dee Snider - (2000) Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down 2.Call My Name02:59

  • It Prevails [Melodic Metalcore/MDM 2009]Refusing To Live Under The Tyranny Of Others (I'm Reaching Out..., For The First Time. This Is My Call To The World. ...There Will Never Be A Last Time...)04:00