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  • Freedom For Your LifeTime As A Burden (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:28

  • AgathodaimonBurden Of Time04:08

  • The Burden LiftersBless The People Everywhere (VA - This May Be My Last Time Singing- Raw African-American Gospel On 45 RPM 1957-1982 2011)02:37

  • BurdenTime11:00

  • BurdenTime Tryeth Truth03:29

  • Beyonce - Stop Sign 'Cause You're Such A Burden, But You're The Weight Off Of My Shoulders. 'Cause Even Though I'm Hurting,it Still Feels Like It's Time I'm Growing. When I Thought That We'd Grow Up And Grow Together The Same Time, Guess I Pas04:05

  • EmbracingWinterburn (I Bear The Burden Of Time, 1996)04:41

  • AgathodaimonBurden Of Time04:10

  • Theater Of The Absurd06 - For Nostalgias Burden Part II In My Time Of Solace06:43

  • EmbracingI Bear The Burden Of Time03:17

  • Louder Than WordsThis Time Tomorrow - The Burden03:04

  • AgathodaimonBurden Of Time04:07

  • An DanzzaThe Burden Of Time04:39

  • Thy PrimordialThe Burden Of Time04:32

  • Boom ShakaBurden & Time ●

  • Burden Of Timeтум тум тум02:54

  • Burden Of TimeMoi Spirit04:04

  • Time Heals<><_><>The Burden Of Love (Acoustic Version) (EP Night Rush 2015)03:50

  • Burden Of TimeMoi Doo06:11

  • Evan ParkerThe Burden Of Time03:37

  • Evan ParkerThe Burden Of Time03:37

  • ScarcrossBurden Of Time04:59

  • EmbracingI Bear The Burden Of Time02:53

  • BurdenTime Tryeth Truth03:28

  • EmbracingI Bear The Burden Of Time03:17

  • George TarzanyanThe Burden Of Time02:43

  • AgathodaimonBurden Of Time (Demo Version)05:24

  • Boom ShakaBurden & Time05:22

  • AGATHODAIMONBurden Of Time04:08

  • Burden Of TimeTime Of Reaper00:57

  • AgathodaimonBurden Of Time04:05