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  • Eye Sea IOf Burden Feat. Serj Kravchenko Of Oceans Red04:22

  • Burden Is BurningI Divine03:31

  • Eye Sea I Of Burden 04:23

  • Hollow, I AmThe Burden (feat. Dan Whittaker Of Living In Fiction)04:28

  • крипер Came To Dig Dig Dig Dig I'll Build A City Oh So Big Big Big Big Wait Just A Sec, Gotta Kill This Pig Pig Pig Pig Cook Me Some Bacon And Take A Swig Swig Swig Swig Yeah, Yeah There Must Be Something I Can Craft To Ease The Burden Of This Task Yпесня про крипера03:21

  • Burden Of A DayI'm Only Laughing On The Outside04:25

  • Eye Sea IOf Burden (feat. Serj Kravchenko)04:23

  • What I ReflectI'm A Burden... (Depression)03:04

  • Sven LauxAm I A Burden? 07:37

  • Pistol Pete WearnWhen I Lay My Burden Down02:47

  • Barbara Hendricks - Negro Spirituals8. When I Lay My Burden Down (Когда сниму с себя тяжелое бремя)01:57

  • Burden BrothersI Am A Cancer04:57

  • ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █♫♪ ►Darkseed (замедлен) My Burden (

  • Othar TurnerWhen I Lay My Burden Down04:08

  • Burden Of LifeDead Inside - The Severance Cantata Pt. I04:30

  • Mississippi John HurtSince I've Laid My Burden Down02:43

  • Magnificent Seventh's Brass Band As I Lay My Burden Down03:55

  • I Died A HeroBurden In Vain03:34

  • Burden Of A DayIt's Lonely At The Top (Or So I've Heard)03:41

  • I, The BurdenThe Crave Collective03:03

  • I Shot The SheriffBurden03:01

  • Mississippi Fred McDowellWhen I Lay My Burden Down01:44

  • I, The BurdenNo Rations For The Rationed03:21

  • I, The BurdenHalf Past Empty02:40

  • Burden Of A DayDon't Turn Your Eyes If You Leave Now You Won't Remember Me You Weren't Meant To Do This On Your Own Just Stay Close And I'll Keep You From Leaving Just Move Slow And I'll Keep You Breathing03:38

  • Burden Of A DayI'm Only Laughing On The Outside04:25

  • Joseph SpenceGlory, Glory (I Lay My Burden Down)04:50

  • Beyonce - Stop Sign 'Cause You're Such A Burden, But You're The Weight Off Of My Shoulders. 'Cause Even Though I'm Hurting,it Still Feels Like It's Time I'm Growing. When I Thought That We'd Grow Up And Grow Together The Same Time, Guess I Pas04:05

  • Jo Ann KellyWhe I Lay My Burden Down04:02

  • Unholy TriumphantDiabolic Confession Act I - Burden Of Freedom07:22

  • Obsolete BurdenOnly I Could Have Prevented This02:27

  • Burden Of LifeI, My Demon, His Wrath03:55

  • KamelotProdigal Son (Pt. I - Funerale, Pt. II - Burden Of Shame, Pt III - The Journey)08:52

  • Grails - The Burden Of Hope (2003)2. Lord I Hate Your Day01:49

  • I, The BurdenReaktsiya03:28

  • EmbracingWinterburn (I Bear The Burden Of Time, 1996)04:41

  • Roy AcuffWhen I Lay My Burden Down03:03

  • Pallbearer 'Foundations Of Burden' 2014The Ghost I Used To Be10:17

  • CIRCLE II CIRCLE ''Burden Of Truth'' [2006]Who Am I To Be05:03

  • NecroK.I.L.L.DozerAgonizing Burden00:58

  • I, The BurdenStrangers On The Sidewalk, Pt. II02:47

  • Mississippi Fred McDowell17 - When I Lay My Burden Down - 1995 - My Home Is In The Delta - Blues And Spirituals (1963-1964)02:23

  • Theater Of The Absurd05 - For Nostalgias Burden Part I Our Quiet Fears07:07

  • I Shot The SheriffBurden (Breakdown)00:34

  • RNG Featuring Lance BurdenRoof Raiser (Part I + II)07:56

  • Turner Junior JohnsonWhen I Lay My Burden Down03:28

  • Rev. Gary DavisI Cannot Bear My Burden By Myself02:51

  • Anthology Of American Folk Music, Vol. 2 B08 Elders Mcintorsh & Edwards' Sanctified Singers - Since I Laid My Burden Down03:19

  • Turner Junior JohnsonWhen I Lay My Burden Down03:27

  • Turner Junior JohnsonWhen I Lay My Burden Down03:27

  • EmbracingI Bear The Burden Of Time03:17

  • M O U N T A I N The Burden 06:18

  • I Walk The LineVagrant's Burden04:20

  • Burden Of Life05. Dead Inside - The Severance Cantata Pt. I04:30

  • Cat IronWhen I Lay My Burden Down01:44

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