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  • DustzSpiral (Blood-C OP)03:39

  • Cold Sequence Feat.C-LekktorDark Blood05:00

  • Imagine Dragons When The Days Are Cold G And The Cards All Fold Am And The Saints We See F Are All Made Of Gold C When Your Dreams All Fail G And The Ones We Hail Am Are The Worst Of All F C And The Blood's Run Stale G I Want To Hide The Truth Am I Wa8 Demons 03:01

  • DustzSpiral (OP Кровь-С Blood-C)03:18

  • Satou Naoki Tokyo Kessen(Ost Blood-C: The Last Dark)02:35

  • DelainWhere Is The Blood (Feat. Burton C. Bell)03:17

  • Кровь - с / Blood - C опенинг ( Spiral )01:29

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkTou02:46

  • Blood-C OSTDestiny01:59

  • аниме рингтонColors Of The Heart-Blood C+00:23

  • Blood-C OSTHakai No Wa01:30

  • Blood Stain ChildC.E. 007904:42

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkNigero!!04:02

  • [ED][Anime][Blood-C ~The Last Dark~]Mizuki NanaMETRO BAROQUE04:32

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkIkari No Hitotachi02:51

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkKazoku No Shouzou04:40

  • C 21 FX Blood Red Roses03:27

  • Nana MizukiJunketsu Paradox (OST Blood-C (Ending))04:08

  • DelainWhere Is The Blood (Feat. Burton C. Bell) (2012)03:17

  • M Y C H A E L D A N N A @ J E F F D A N N AThe Blood Of Cu Chulainn04:07

  • Turmion KätilötU.S.C.H.! (Remixed By Blood)03:03

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkMission Start03:02

  • SuicideboysReign In Blood ( C&S By Λ'כΔPPĒĿĿΛ )04:57

  • D/C Train BandIf You Wanna Blood (you've Got It)05:02

  • DelainWhere Is The Blood (Feat. Burton C. Bell)03:16

  • DUSTZSpiral (OST Blood-C (Opening)) (Full Ver.2)03:39

  • Chef Raw C BeatzBlood Sweat And Tears ("stay Ready" Instrumental)04:46

  • Vinnie PazAnd Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun (C-Lance Remix) (ft. Immortal Technique, Poison Pen) 04:43

  • Kanye West Blood On The Leaves (C&S By Purple Soup)06:41


  • OST Blood-C OpeningDUSTZ Spira03:18

  • Naoki SatouTokyo Kessen [part 2] (Blood-C The Last Dark OST)02:23

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkUkishima No Higeki04:16

  • Blood-C OSTKaru Hikari02:40

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkKimi Wa, Nani Mono!?01:59

  • Michael C. HallBlood Theme (OST Dexter)02:25

  • Satou NaokiShousha Ni Wa Houbi Wo, Haisha Ni Wa Batsu Wo (OST Blood-C)03:12

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkDonna Kekka Ni Natte Mo02:05

  • Delain - We Are The Others [2012]07. Where Is The Blood [feat. Burton C. Bell]03:16

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkHyou To Ura03:19


  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkTenshu To Kyaku01:38

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkSennyuu03:27

  • DJ MingistBlood In, Blood Out [S&C By Lil' Ca$h]05:33

  • Nana MizukiJunketsu Paradox ( Кровь-С ( Blood-C ) ED №1 )04:08

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkItsuka Mata...02:27

  • BLOOD-C The Last DarkTaiji01:24

  • C.O.B.R.A.Mary's Blood05:45

  • Ghost B.CBody And Blood00:29

  • BLOOD-C The Last Dark時空サファイア03:28

  • Blood Stain ChildC.E. 007904:42

  • C.R.K.Blood On My Drumset05:33

  • B.C. CamplightBlood And Peanut Butter03:57

  • Celph Titled & BuckwildThere Will Be Blood (Feat. Sadat X, Grand Puba, A.G., O.C. & Diamond D)04:12

  • Oscar AraujoDying For A Drop Of Blood (C: LoS 2 OST)03:30

  • Bison B.C.04. Blood Music ( Stoner Metal / Sludge ) (CBR 320 Kbps) (2012)10:45

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