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  • Bell X1Careful What You Wish For04:32

  • Bell X1Starlings Over Brighton Pier04:50

  • Bell X1I Will Follow You03:38

  • Bell X1The End Is Nigh04:00

  • Bell X1A Thousand Downers04:50

  • Bell X1Feint Praise03:09

  • Bell X1Motorcades04:11

  • Bell X1Diorama04:46

  • Bell X1 The End Is Nigh04:03

  • Bell X1Drive By Summer03:18

  • Bell X1Tongue05:19

  • Bell X1I'll See Your Heart And I'll Raise You Mine05:19

  • Bell X1 Starlings Over Brighton Pier 04:44

  • Bell X1Flame (Chicken Lips Mix)06:08

  • Bell X1Eve, The Apple Of My Eye04:03

  • Bell X1Eve The Apple Of My Eye04:00

  • Bell X1Flame03:53

  • Bell X1Slowset03:54

  • Bell X1Rocky Took A Lover04:10

  • Bell X1Diorama04:46

  • Bell X1Light Catches Your Face03:25

  • Bell X1Velcro04:49

  • Bell X1Just Like Mr. Benn04:27

  • Bell X1I'll See Your Heart05:06

  • Bell X1The Great Defector04:40

  • Bell X1In Every Sunflower (Town Hall Theatre, Galway)05:53

  • Bell X1Nightwatchmen04:21

  • Bell X1Velcro04:49

  • Bell X1Rocky Took A Lover (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)04:27

  • Bell X1I Fought The Law02:35

  • Bell X1The Trailing Skirts Of God04:55

  • Bell X1Amsterdam Says06:32

  • Bell X1Eve, The Apple Of My Eye (cover By Evan.h)05:43

  • Bell X1Flame (chicken Lips Mix)06:08

  • Bell X1Night Watchmen04:21

  • Bell X1Manic Monday03:46

  • Bell X1Slowset03:49

  • Bell X1White Water Song02:38

  • Bell X1Built To Last (Swedish American Hall, San Francisco)05:26

  • Bell X1Flame (Chicken Lips Remix)06:10

  • Bell X1Flame (Divan Du Monde, Paris)04:32

  • Bell X1I'll See Your Heart And I'll Raise You Mine05:07

  • Bell X1Rocky Took A Lover04:08

  • Bell X1Bad Skin Day (Leeuwenbergh Kerk, Utrecht)06:05

  • Bell X1Eve, The Apple Of My Eye (Drake Hotel, Toronto)06:04

  • Bell X1Heartland (U2 Cover)03:59

  • Bell X1I'll See Your Heart And I'll Raise You Mine - Going Back (De Barras, Clonakilty)10:13

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